Tenkiller's House- Tipping Point, Day 2

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She said nothing for awhile, knocking back more of the whiskey. “Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. All I know for sure is that we make the best choices we can with the information and skills that we have in that moment. And sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we don’t. I’ve messed up lots in my life. I have regrets. And sometimes I can look back in hindsight and see that yes, I could have made a different decision. But we’re not the same person from one moment to the next. We learn, and grow, and change. You aren’t the same person you were in Starfleet, and neither us are the same as we were yesterday. Yesterday I couldn’t even make a simple decision. Today, I can. And the way I see it you have some choices now. You can sit in self-recrimination, or you can take this new knowledge and apply it in the future. Use it to inform the way you handle a situation like this, Gods forbid you ever have to again.”

Eela turned more, her hazel eyes fixed on him, regardless if he chose to meet her gaze or not. “I accept your apology.” She gave him a playful nudge of her elbow. “And, I’ll admit to you that there was something rather satisfying about seeing his sorry ass hauled through that hotel and for once it being his head lowered and not mine. So… thank you for that. I needed it more than I realized when I first saw it.”


He nodded and took a drink. “Yeah… sure thing.” he said as he stared at his now mostly empty glass before grabbing the bottle and filling it. He took a nother drink and then said “And regardless of what words were said… you are still welcome to stay. Now and anytime.” He took a large drink and then stood up and said “Now if’n ya don’t mind, I gotta go talk to a guy about a horse.” and he set down the glass, picked up the bottle, and started walking towards the trees. He didn’t look back.


Like a lot things right now, progress was something and better than nothing. Eela had no idea if anything she said had helped but it did seem like they were okay and for now that would have to be good enough. With a sigh, Eela emptied her glass and carefully pushed herself upright. Two glasses in quick succession were definitely having an effect but in this instance she felt it was a definite improvement over before.

Moving back into the house, she closed the door and wandered back into the kitchen, refilling her glass again. “How’s it coming along?” she asked.


Yavia looked up from the stove. “Only had to take it off the heat once. Seems to be doing okay.” She stepped out of the way and picked up her drink, that didn’t seem to have been touched since the first sip. She gazed at the door waiting to see if it would open again, and when it didn’t she downed over half her glass.


Eela peered into the pot and nodded. It needed a little bit longer. She took a deep drink of whiskey and turned to Yavia, deeply felt remorse reaching her eyes. “If I could take back the words, rephrase things somehow, I would. All I can do is apologize for causing hurt. But I need everyone to understand that I do have a reason to be upset, even if the intensity of it has passed.” She gestured with her head towards the door. “I think we’re okay, or we will be. But I don’t know about everyone else. And I would completely understand if any of you had had your fill of the chaos, because I can’t promise it’s over with. I wish I could, but I have no powers of precognition.” Her rage-session with the holographic glasses had at least helped to shift everything, even if she still felt as off-kilter as ever.


Yavia gave her a hard stare. “No one said you didn’t have a reason Eela.” Yavia finished her glass and walked off into the bar, which with transparent walls, it was easy to see and talk. Yavia poured herself another glass to occupy herself, rather than saying things she shouldn’t. She drank again and sighed, “You know, they don’t have precognition either.”


The exact words had not been uttered, not, but until Charles had said so, no one had acknowledged that her anger had had a place in that scenario. It was fine but only so long as it was directed at Cory. Strangely, it actually had been in its own way. “None of us do,” she agreed. Lips, glass, repeat. Eela turned off the burner to leave the mixture to cool.

How to explain? Could she even? “I’m always on the defensive. I have been for a very long time, probably even before my accident. I’m always reacting to Cory, to what he does and says. He’s not even on the damn planet and he’s still forcing my hand, forcing me to react to him. It’s always about him, even when he’s not on the damn planet anymore,” she said with a bitter laugh before drowning it in whiskey.


“That’s how mentally abusive people are. They get in your head and stay there, even when they aren’t there.” Yavia knocked back another measure. “You are allowed to be angry Eela, you’re allowed to be angry at whomever you want to be. You are in a home with two exceptional empaths, if I do say so myself, and one who is incredibly powerful, but that doesn’t mean we get it right all the time, no matter how pure our intentions and efforts.” Then she put the glass down before she drank too much. She moved back into the kitchen and took out a bottle of water, unscrewed the cap and took a long guzzle. Then she waved the bottle at the counter and Eela’s book. “What’s next?”


Eela set down her glass and let out a large exhale. She closed the distance stood before Yavia and simply lifted her hands to the woman’s face, exuding all the warmth and affection she felt for this new friend. It was a way to show that they were okay if Yavia through they were. They were on Eela’s end.

Yavia placed her hands over Eela’s. The connection was accepting and understanding. Yavia understood there was a lot going on for Eela. She released the contact allowing Eela to do the same. What Eela didn’t know was the struggles going on other than her own. That was not Eela’s fault or influence. It just added layers to the situation.

Dropping her hands, Eela looked at the stove. “It’s just got to cool and I’ll put it in bottle with a dropper. And that’s it for the remedy brewing. As for what’s next, I think I need all my friends to weigh in on a plan forming in my head. When everyone is ready.” It would feel good to maybe, if not get the video nonsense behind her to at least do something productive about it.


“Ah good then, in the meann time, you can help me make lunch. Jal’na will be here soon, and if she knows you’ve made her favorite, she might forgive you the over work you did to your back and shoulder.” Yavia moved about the kitchen pulling out a small jar of green pesto sauce, pita bread, chicken, peppers, onions, celery, and almonds. She set a pan and a bottle of oil next to the stove. “If you would, toast the pita bread and then cut in half. We’ll make pockets. I’ll get started on the rest.”


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