Sloane Square- Farmer's Market (Open to All)

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OOC: Timeline wise this is after the Press Conference about the Vren and the same day as the bachelorette auction thread.
They had been dropped off near the Square and Ren slipped their hand into their wife’s, giving a squeeze. Jeannette smiled. As far as new assignments went, Oed was definitely an interesting one. Beyond the work (and the difficult days ahead she expected), there was a vibrancy to the colony that they ere enjoying getting to know. Their son on the other hand, while cooperative, seemed less than enthused.

“Do I have to be here? Can’t I just stay home?” the teen boy grumbled, straggling behind them.
“Well, I suppose you can just hide out back at the apartment like a hermit,” Jeannette said over her shoulder.
Jessie perked up. “Really?”
“No,” Ren said and the adults exchanged a grin. They were a little worried about him settling into life here but it would take time. Until discussions about the permanent embassy had been triggered by the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and things had moved forward in a positive way with the Vren, they hadn’t even been sure they were staying. Now they knew they were and could plan accordingly. At least Jessie had been the one to suggest attending a public school, as complicated as that could be. Jeanette wanted him to have that experience but also wouldn’t have forced it on him. Dragging him out of his room on the other hand she was perfectly fine with.

With security in close proximity the ambassador and her family meandered into the market.

~The Mathis Family

It was at a stall selling local jams and jellies that a voice said “Good morning, Ambassador. Fine day for the market, don’t you think?” The speaker was a striking human man with brown hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing a loose fitting linen shirt and light weight slacks. He had a bag over his shoulder with some breads and fresh vegetables. He smiled at her security and then approached to an arms length distance form her. “Jason Reilly, Ambassador. A pleasure.” and he held out his hand.

Reilly, AD-CIA

Similarly dressed casually, Jeannette almost always had gave the impression that she was dressed to jump into work if needed- which she was. Her blue eyes took him in, searching his face. Then a moment of recognition as she closed the distance and shook his hand. “Mr. Reilly, I do believe we’ve met before, at one of the embassy functions on Coridan?”

He smiled and said “I’m flattered, Ambassador. We met for less than two minutes. Either you have a remarkable knack for remembering people, or I had something just awful in my teeth for you to remember me.” and he laughed.

“Could be both,” Mathis said with a tiny gleam in her eyes. But he wasn’t wrong, she did have an excellent memory and her work reinforced it. Some diplomats focused only on the people they were dealing with most, but she had always felt that that was dismissive to the sheer number of people it actually took to make diplomacy work. Yes, in the end it might be a couple (or a few) people sitting in a room talking over the nitty gritty details of a situation, but there were always a swath of others that had worked hard to make sure that scenario could happen in the first place.

Mathis gestured to her family. “This is my spouse, Ren, and my son Jessie.” Jessie gave a small unenthusiastic wave, though stopping before being impolite. Ren smiled and reached out to shake Reilly’s hand.

~The Mathis Family

Jason took Ren’s hard and said “A true pleasure to meet you both.” as he looked at them and Jessie. He looked back at Mathis and said “Im sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I just wanted to say hello. I hope yiur time on Oed is productive.. its already been eventful.”

Jeannette gave a warm smile. “Indeed,” she said.

“And you’re not intruding,” Ren said. “We’re just starting to get to know the colony a bit and we were told the market was a great way to do so.”

Ambassador? Jezem’s eyes flickered from the stall displaying local honey to the next stall over. Ah. A security detail. Must be someone very important wondering through the open and care-free market. He noted number of security, their gear, and proximity to their wards. Ah, whoops. Old habits. Jezem played with a loose strand of dark purple hair. The bright sunlight brought out the natural shimmery green and lilac highlights and warmed his green skin. Of which there was plenty on display. He wore black wrap around halter top that tied together at the waist as a belt over top a black loin cloth. Everything held in place with golden belts, chains and bejeweled embellishments. The sort of free-flowing and revealing garments favored by Orion dancers or thieves.

Of which he was neither. Just a humble citizen on the hunt for fresh food to bring home to make a delicious meal for his husband. Jezem seemed unbothered by the stares he drew and wandered over that jam stall because he thinks he spied something that could be strawberry. Strawberry of any kind was delicious and rare and precious.


A young Talaxian (rare for Oed) girl looked up. “Is there something in particular you are looking for?” This whole spread of booths was manned by teenagers of varying species and close to hand were their instructors. The students of Oed’s high school were working together to produce, market, and sell products of their choice. This was the first Saturday that they were selling.


Jezem eyed over the offering or jams and jellies, carefully studying anything red. “What do you have that’s strawberry?” He asked the teen, fingers idly tapping the tops of jars. Occasionally he picked one up to examine the label and see if he knew the origin of the fruit inside. Most of these weren’t anything impressive. Nothing of real value (save strawberries).

The girl pointed to a second table, “Here. We have fresh, whole frozen, jelly, jam, preserves. All made this week.”

Jason’s eyes didn’t move from Mathis and her family, but the years spent in his previous life left their mark. He clocked the movement, the skin, and the dress. He made note of the face, .and did a quick assessment for weapons… not thst there was a great deal of hiding space in that outfit.

Reilly, AD-CIA

Mathis showed no sign that she had noticed anything, but one of the few abilities that had trickled down through her grandmother was the sense of deep attention. However, she was used to drawing attention and most of the time it was counterproductive to make a big deal of it. If it was harmful, that’s what the security detail was for. Jeanette had long left those worries behind and so in this moment she simply mentally acknowledged the interest directed their way and carried on.

Mathis gestured to Reilly’s bag. “You seem to have found what you were looking for? We’re just planning on wandering, but any particular booths you really like?”

~The Mathis Family

Reilly nodded and said “Well, this booth is actually one of the ones I was most keen on seeing.” and he nodded at the booth. “All of these fine merchants are, from what I have seen on social media, students from one of Oed’s largest high-schools.” He looked at one of the students, an Antican male, and said “You all made these and are marketing them yourselves, right?”


Really? Students? It made a certain amount of sense. Put them to work then call it a learning opportunity. Learn valuable skills such as hard work, dedication, friendship and simple commerce! How disgustingly wholesome and trite. Bet they even pretty it up further by calling the whole thing future work experience. He lifted another jar, this one a vibrant green color that nearly matched his skin. Kiwi? What the hells was a kiwi.


The young man nodded to Reilly and stood up a little straighter. “Yes sir. It is part of our mandatory apprentiships. Business, advertising, product production, financing. We have all been apprenticed to someone in the community. I have been working with Mr Hesrod at the bank. Then the other students apply to me for business loans to purchase their materials from suppliers, who are other students working with other trade and business leaders. The fruit for the jams was grown in green houses on what used to be the secondary farm dome.”


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