Sloane Square- Farmer's Market (Open to All)

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“Huh,” Jessie said, actually making it more than a grunt. He was eyeing the table with subtle interest.

This of course was not missed by Jeanette. “Jessie here is going to be attending one of the high schools soon too. We’re just sorting that all out.”

Kupi, a young Naussican, smiled all sharp teeth. “Well there is only one high school. That big building over there, the green one. Space was limited under the dome so instead of many we have a huge high rise. Director Enger says we will get more schools as different settlements pop up. Maybe we will get some parises squares teams!”

Jessie eyed his peers with something of a cautious interest. “Do people play parises squares here?” His parents, of course, pretended not to notice.

Kupi grunted, “We have lots teams in the colony, and several in the high-school. There is a sports park down past rhe hospital headingvtoward rhe edge of the some with lots of fields. There are squares there to play too.”

Ren picked up one of the jams and gave the teens a wide grin. “Better we get some here than have her try to make any,” they said with a teasing nudge of their elbow into the Ambassador’s.

Jeanette snorted, not the least bit bothered by being teased in public. “Yes, no more kitchen fiascos. But hey, experiments are worth trying.”

“What’s the most interesting flavour you’ve got?” Ren asked.

~The Mathis Family

Kupi scanned the table, he was not fond of fruit but enjoyed growing things, “For a humAn pallet I would say this,” he picked up a jar that was distinct swirls of yellowish green and bruised purple. “Dew Nectarine fruit with Pyxie Amanita fungus.”

Jeannette grinned at her spouse. “You did ask for interesting.”
Ren took the jar and grinned back. “Sounds like it would go well with a savoury dish. Maybe on a toast with pasta.”
“I’m game to try, if you are,” Jeannette said.

Ren flashed a grin at the students. “We’ll take the jar for sure. And maybe a more dessert like one?”

Kupi looked around and then turned to another student and asked a quiet question. The Bolian boy scanned the table and picked one up. “I think you will enjoy this. Arctic Papaya and Dew Cantaloupe It makes a very smooth flavor for cake icing or mixed with heavy whipping cream for topping or you can use it as flavor for ice cream.”

Jezem sized up the Talaxian girl. So these students were here to learn about commerce? Then who was he to deny them their educations? Jezem leaned forward, motioning towards the spread of tantalizing strawberry goods. “How much for a seja of fresh strawberries?” The word was uncommon orion slang, a unit of weight that that would equate to one and half pounds. The word casually thrown in to trip up the girl and get her on the wrong foot.


Oed was an uncommon place and they had excellent instructors. The girl, Laxeth, looked at Jezem. “Well that depends on what kind you want. June-bearing 3 slips, everbearing are 6 slips, and day-neutral are 2 slips.” Which was exactly the price for a pound and half of the different types of fresh strawberries. The other students, the teachers too, were listening.


Jezem nodded, a considering and soft motion, while he eyed the cartons of fresh strawberries. The girl knew her units, can calculate on the fly and had a ready and detailed answer despite the vagueness of his request. Anyone who fall for a cheap and simple trick wasn’t worth his time. Jezem straightened and looked the girl in the eyes, “The June-bearing is a favorite of mine. . . but 3 slips for a seja is rather steep.”


Laxeth nodded, “Yes, it would be steep if we were on a planet with good climate and a healthy soil and actual rain fall. We are not, and green space to grow anything is a premium and expensive and time consuming to grow. Strawberries are very picky plants that require very specific conditions to grow. June-bearing, common other places, needs a lot of room to grow. Materials to keep any plant and the soil healthy are not cheap either.”


A good response but not a satisfying one for Jezem. It completely overlooks hydropontics labs and other modern advances into agriculture. Which the colony would be stupid not to be using already. Traditional farming hardly compared to highly optimized and efficient labs. In his experience “traditionally grown food” meant seeds that randomly sprouted in someone’s yard and they thought they could get away with selling it at a premium. Though, then again Jezem never spent much time in Federation space at Federation markets. Still even the smallest of spaces, once properly utilized could produce plentiful food. Hells, his old ship had a small hydroponics setup that kept their crew of ten well fed.

Reilly watched the exchange and smiled in his mind. The students were on point, even as the ‘customer’ so obviously tested them. “Very true. And I think the price, considering the infrastructure and time investment, very reasonable. Give our friend a seja. And one for the new arrivals.” he said with a nod to the Ambassador and her family. “And I’ll take two.” He handed the slips over. He nodded at the Orion and smiled. “I recommend the ambrigian preserves. It reminds me of the fashrit fruit one can find in the markets in Drege.” The fruit was a much enjoyed treat on Orion, but could almost only be found in the markets in the isolated city high in the mountains on the planet.


Jeanette smiled warmly and gave a half bow of her head. “Thank you, Mr. Reilly, that’s very kind of you.”

Laxeth nodded and with the help of another student, they quickly weighed out and bagged the individual amounts. She had expected to have to haggle with the Orion, but she wasn’t going to argue over getting full price.


Jezem regarded Reilly for a moment, face and body language neutral. He seemed to have come to a decision and inclined his head to Reilly in thanks, “You must be pretty well traveled,” He said before taking his seja of precious, delicious strawberries. He’s never paid full price for anything in his life and the streak continues. Fashrit fruit though. . . Now that brought back memories.


Reilly smiled a charming smile and said “I’ve been a place or two.” and then he looked at the students. “Thank you very much. These look amazing.” he said as he put the flats in the bag he was carrying.


“Right, a place or two. Then I’ve been to a place or two myself.” Jezem eyed the other wares and without missing a beat, began to haggle for a jar of plum preserves. Though initially aggressive in his approach to give the student a fair challenge he was satisfied with a small percentage off. Whether he got something for half off or 1% off didn’t matter to him. Anything was acceptable. . . except full price.

Jessie was looking around, pretending to be bored, but he was taking in the whole market with a keen eye.

Meanwhile, Ren had a list of things they were looking for. “Does anyone know if there is an artist supply shop nearby. I know there are some on the colony, but I’m still getting my bearings and not sure what’s in close walking distance. or not.”

~The Mathis Family

“There is a homemade art supplies stall a little ways ahead,” Jezem said idly while he admired his purchases. What to do with fresh strawberries. . . ah, of course! He’ll dip them in sugar coating and set them atop a homemade cake. With bitter earth chocolate to balance out the sweet. Argam will be happy. The ferengi had more of a sweet mouth than a sweet tooth.


Laxeth nodded, “That stall is very good, but a limited amount. They have a shop in the craft district where they have their full inventory. The Golden Kkaxx market, I have heard, carries everything. They just opened. So they might have something as well.”


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