[Holloway Heavy Industries HQ, Molly Holloway's Office] Making Plans for the Future

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It had been a rough few weeks that had culminated with her own stay at Sacred Heart, but for the first time since the attack on her uncle’s shuttle, Molly felt at peace. It wasn’t as if the consequences of the whole ordeal had suddenly vanished, but she finally felt like things between her and Calvin were slowly returning to normal, both in their public lives and in the intimacy they shared at home. And even though the couple had fallen asleep on a pile of tangled sheets and discarded clothing, it had been one of the most peaceful nights Molly had had in a long time, as the warmth of Cal’s arms around her bare chest and the steady beating of his heart guided her through a dreamless night.

So it came as a surprise to many when Molly walked into the HHI’s headquarters the next morning with a lighter step – hot coffee in one hand, and an issue of the OED Times in the other.

“Good morning, Ms. Holloway!” The singsong notes of her assistant’s greeting woke Molly from her thoughts as she exited the lift and walked into the reception area in front of her office. “It’s good to see you around this early! Mr. Holloway isn’t in yet, though.” She said pointing at Molly’s newspaper.

“Good morning, Hamari!.” Molly said with a smile, walking to the reception desk, before raising an eyebrow in surprise. “Hm… well, I guess there truly is a first time for everything…” She shook her head. “I’m sure he’ll be arriving soon. In the meantime, I need to make an important call. Do you mind handing him this when he arrives?” She gave the young woman the OED Times’s issue.

“Of course.” Dal Hamari was a Bajoran woman that had been on Lucas’s staff for a little over a decade. The fact that he had personally requested her to be Molly’s assistant spoke volumes about the quality of her work, as well as the tolerance she had for dealing with nonsense. More specifically, with Molly’s nonsense. Given how much the younger Holloway resisted at having her own dedicated assistant when she first arrived at the company, that alone had been an important asset.

“This is a really important meeting… I cannot under any circumstances be interrupted–” Molly started, but before she could continue, Hamari was already on it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll free up your next three hours.” She tapped a few buttons on her terminal and smiled back at Molly.

Holloway sighed but smiled back. “Thank you, Hamari. You’re a God send.”

The Bajoran shook her head. “Just doing my job, Ms. Holloway.”

Grabbing her cup of coffee that she had momentarily sat on the reception desk, Molly walked past the desk and stopped just outside of her office, turning around to face Hamari. “Please, just Molly. We’ve been over this.” There was a warm smile on her lips.

“I’ll make sure your uncle gets the newspaper, Ms. Holloway.” Came the lighthearted response.

Molly shook her head and walked in, closing the door behind her. The same smile still on her lips. Hamari was stubborn. Maybe it was Lucas’s way of giving her a taste of her own medicine. With a sigh, Molly hung her coat on the rack by the door, and turned on her terminal.

The office was spacious, with a large glass wall with a swooping view of downtown. A large glass desk took most of the space on the right side of the room, and the left side was left mostly empty, with a small coffee table and an armchair on one of the corners. Plants and glass terrariums dotted the space, giving it a natural and peaceful atmosphere. The walls displayed a few replicas of paintings of different authors and different origins, the most distinct of them being a reproduction of one of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies that her adoptive father had bought for her on one of their visits to the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco.

With a few taps in her terminal, Molly placed the call. The Starfleet Intelligence logo swirling on the screen almost immediately. Walking across the room, Holloway placed her half drunk cup of coffee on the coffee table and the PaDD with Section 31’s missive next to it. It seemed like ages had passed since she had gotten it. Adjusting her hair, she sat down in one of the armchairs. It didn’t take long for the holoemitters in the ceiling to come to life, and the figure of a woman to materialize on the free chair.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Admiral Lady Denise Alexandria Marie Harrington, GBE, Director & Chief of the Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Command was to many THE spy when it came to espionage and counterintelligence. After close to 20 years in the field (Fleet & SOC), Harrington had… three months before her 41st birthday… became the youngest Director of Education & Training in Starfleet Intelligence history. In the over a decade since, she had revolutionized training… personally rewriting the syllabus for the Farm and incorporating some of the most advanced training ever designed for the Intelligence Community. She was an icon and the smoothness of the current Intel community… both Fleet & SOC… was unquestionably because of her.

Three years ago, Molly would know, Harrington had been tapped to succeed Admiral Grant Andrews as the 27th Director of the Special Operations Command following the Dresden Incident after the former was considered to have lost touch with the field agents, which nearly resulted in the theft of a Federation warship. It was also more widely known that the Knighting of a “spook” was rather controversial at the time… but considering the Admiral was the favorite second cousin of the current British Monarch, neither woman really gave a damn. She was, quite simply, the very best at what she did and expected the same from everyone who worked for her. She was kept in the highest esteem within the Intelligence Community, though only SOC personnel and around a hundred other beings in existence knew of her current role.

At 54, the woman could’ve passed for a classmate of Molly’s. Her long blonde hair hung in a thick braid over her right shoulder and the Monster Blacks of Fleet Intel hugged every curve of her athletic, near-185 cm frame. Her noticeably long legs were crossed at the knee with trousers covering them and a pair of expertly polished combat boots on her feet. She wore no make up but had a natural beauty in keeping with her graceful air. Bright blue eyes sparkled from the afternoon sun filling the Bay Area office that the woman currently sat in as she smiled in greeting.

“Good morning Captain Holloway…” The woman’s Oxford accent would remind Molly of her & Calvin’s dear friend and former Exec, Captain Amelia Manning. “… it’s an absolute pleasure to finally meet you…” She smirked before motioning between the two women. “… well, as close as we can at this time. Thank you for taking me up on my invitation. I’m sure you have questions and I am more than happy to answer them.” The woman then folded her hands on her knee and waited patiently.

Admiral Lady Denise Alexandria Marie Harrington, GBE
Director & Chief of Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Command

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