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The trip to the venue was one of temptation, borderline frustration, and the slapping of hands… by both of them. The rest of the ‘wedding party’ followed and soon all arrived at the tavern.

Bouncers. Dozens of Bouncers were outside. Urg climbed out and stared at the group and then he helped Jal’na out. “Who is in charge?!” he bellowed. A beefy Andorian stepped forward in a nice suit and said “Lord Duroc. Lady Duroc. I am Fiss. I am the head of security for tonight. I want to star-” and Urg held up a hand to him. He leaned in and said “You are going to need sooo many more than you have to keep this from erupting.” and he clapped the blue-skinned Bouncer on the shoulder and laughed loudly as he took Jal’na past him and into the tavern.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Jal’na laughed with him and grinned, “That is not even enough for the medical contingent. The tavern may not still be standing by midnight.” Yavia might need her own string of bouncers. Alice, two of them. Jal’na walked beside him into the tavern. The bottom floor had several barrels of bloodwine ready to be cracked open, with trays of mugs near to hand, and two targs roasting on spits. From the smell there were more in the kitchen. There were so many people, official and not. The room was filled with many she recognized from House Duroc and others, some she knew and others not, in the armor of House Noggra. They all saluted as they passed. They made their toward the stairs to the left of the bar. Urg’s massive size cleared a path without even trying.

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

As they approached the stairs, two guards- one from House Duroc and one from House Noggra- saluted and the door opened. They climbed the stairs into the room overlooking the tavern so packed with well-wishers and guests. Urg looked at Jal’na and said “Well? Now is the time, my wife.” and he looked over the crowd and said “Who wishes to hear from Lady Duroc?!” and rhe crowd erupted in cheers. Urg turned and looked at Jal’na, a wicked gleam in his eye. “Speech! Speech! Speech!” he chanted and the crowd took up the chant.

Urg, Lord Duroc, soon-to-be-murdered husband of Jal’na

Murder, plain simple vengeful murder, over shadowed out right anxiety. Sneak away for time alone. Oh no he was going to have to work for that right. Speech? It was bad enough she had to speak on a whim with no time to prepare when he introduced her to his House. She had thought it might happen then. But now? Oh no she had no clue as to what to do. She was not meant to give great speeches or address crowds, no matter how much she loved him, that didn’t mean she knew what to do or say. She was deeply out of her depth. D@mn him it wasn’t funny.

Her nails bit deeply into the soft flesh of her palms. A flash of something metallic across the room caught her eye. A bald-headed woman, with startlingly blue eyes was waving a spoon at her. Next to her a grey haired woman winked at her. Next to them was a small group of other women, alternating ‘fanning’ themselves and eating ice cream. Jal’na threw head back and laughed loudly. “Well look at him. He is a wise and thoughtful man and a warrior the likes that has not been seen in centuries. He is a man who earned the title of Lord. He is a man worthy of being called husband. Why would I not love him?” That earned resounding cheers.

Then from that same corner came, “And he won the CHALLENGE!!!” Shrine cackled. There was laughter, “By your own words Lady Duroc, he is an excellent story teller!” Sharah added. “That’s right, she said she could listen to him all night!” That was Jessie.

Yavia winked at her, “I want to hear the story from, Lord Duroc! How he won!” That started its own chant. Jal’na could hug them. They were putting her in the spot but in a way she was familiar with, and helping her tell the story, just a little. “It is true, he is a much better story teller than I am,” and she laughed but gave him a wicked glare.

Jal’na, Wife of a soon-to-be-dead husband

Urg smiled at her and leanned in. “One thing to remember wife… the Storyteller makes the history.”

Jal’na grinned, “You have already made history, husband. Why would I not trust you to do so now? You would not dishonor me in the telling.”

He walked to the railing and raised his hands for quiet. When the cheering had stopped, he began…

“It was here… in this very spot where I stand that I realized Jal’na was fated to be mine. I had asked her to dine with me a few days before when she and Doctor Fayth had come to the Duroc grounds. Jal’na, for all her fierceness, seemed daunted… but she agreed.” He looked at her sideways and grinned. “When the day came I was fully prepared for her to cancel. But, swallowing her apprehension, she showed up. Now, I could tell she was nervous…” and he looked at her and smiled.

Urg, Liar Duroc

Jal’na barked a laugh. “Bah! Cautiously curious is more like it. We are Klingons! Even by our standards the rumors called him crazy and needlessly violent.” Jal’na’s smile was ferral, “I was right too, those were only cowardly rumors spread by men not brave enough to face him.”

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

Urg smiled at her and said loudly “Careful, wife, lest some think you as insane as me!” and a roar of laughter filled the place.

Jal’na waited for the barb from her friends. Warning him she was more insane than he was, but it didn’t arrive. Perhaps they didn’t feel comfortable enough to tease them both that way publicly. Jal’na grinned at him, “Who says I’m not?”

He looked at the crowd. “Cautious optimism aside, she was guarded and aloof…” and he looked at her and a low growl escaped his throat. “… for a time. But!” and he looked back at the crowd. “She did agree to join me again for a meal. And she issued me a challenge! I had the next meeting to convince her to spend a week in my home! A mere few hours to convince her to try and stay with me a while week!” and another round of laughter. He looked down at Jal’na again and said “I accepted. And two nights later she joined me at my home…” and his hand took hers, the one with the nail-mark scars he put on her, and lifted it high while simultaneously displaying his own scars from her. ” …and she has not left since!” and the crowd erupted. The entire building shook, tankard and mugs were smashed in cheers and toasts, and the place was awash in blood wine and other alcohol. Urg looked down at Jal’na and said “Come wife… I think that is enough public speaking for now.” and he leaned over and kissed her.

Urg, Lord Duroc, Husband of Jal’na

Jal’na kissed him fiercely, a low rumble sounding in her throat. Her hand rested along the side of his neck, her nails scratching at his nap. Not enough to leave a mark, but enough he knew what she was thinking. “That is enough for the whole evening.” It wasn’t a question. She followed him toward the table. Alice Shrine seemed to appear out of nowhere and hugged them both, totally unabashed if she should or not, a little happy tear in her eye, and a wicked grin that indicated things to come later. “I am so happy for you Jal’na. You will be happy, of that I am certain. Don’t drive him too crazy.” She laughed and handed Jal’na the largest bowl of ice cream ever that could feed 10.

“Already am. Its part of my charm.” Urg said with a grin.

Alice laughed, “I can’t confirm if it is or not, but I absolutely agree you are very charming.” Jal’na snorted, Alice and her mother. She was wholly in agreement, but wouldn’t say so.

“Hey why didn’t I get a bowl that big?” Yavia laughed. Jal’na leaned in real close to her, “Because you, Yavia Crockett, are a fool and didn’t marry your warrior.” Jal’na laughed all the way to the table.

Ch’rath looked at Noggra, “Lucky him. I remember my wedding celebration starting with being beaten by 5 dehydrated and starving supposed friends with ma’Stakas. I carried those bruises longer than I did the ones from my wedding night.” Gayra smacked him on the chest with a loud growl. “You did not. I made sure,” and she smiled, all sharp teeth.


“The night is still young, Father.” Urg said as he carried over three mugs of bloodwine and handed one to each. He looked at the three d Klingins and said simply “I am glad to have such proud figures here. Know you always have a place at my table.” and he turned and walked back to Jal’na and took a seat at the head of the table next to her.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Gayra drank deeply. She didn’t think her new son knew what to do with them there, but he was sincerely charming. “While you two contemplate the traditions of the ma’Stakas and what to do about it, I see someone I have long waited to meet.” Moments later Gayra had cornered Alice Shrine, the woman who had been a surrogate mother to her daughter. To say their whispered conversation drew attention was an understatement. No one stood up to Shrine and Gayra looked like an inevitable electrical storm…

Sharah had made her way over, after the other medical staff, and was talking with Jal’na. When Urg sat she turned and gave him a warm smile. “Lord Duroc I am thrilled to see you again,” if not a bit on edge hoping to not repeat the strange occurrence of their last meeting, “Especially under such happy circumstances. I was telling Jal’na…pardon, Lady Duroc,”

Jal’na growled a not happy sound, “Stop it. Not you too.”

“Get used to it. Its your title.” and Urg chuckled.

Sharah grinned, “I was telling her, your story has made me the envy of the medical staff because I was there and never said a word. They will never forgive me.” Sharah laughed and raised her glass. “I am not quite sure the applicable Klingon sentiment, but I wish you both a long and happy life together.”


Urg raised his mug and said “You would say ‘I wish you a long life filled with enemies, and a death found in glory!’“, yelling the toast. He then looked down at Fayth and smiled (yep, still unnerving to everyone but Jal’na). “But know that your words are known as sincere and we thank you, Doctor.”

Well at least there wasn’t that other talking to her too. Sharah would take it. She lifted her glass, which looked like blood wine but definitely was not, and took a long drink. The festivities had already started when they arrived and Sharah was already feeling the mood in the tavern. “I have a gift for you both, but I will have to bring it later. They aren’t quite ready yet. Now I better go find Yavia before she gets into trouble.”

Jal’na laughed loudly, “You are on a fool’s errand, Sharah.” Sharah laughed in agreement as she walked away.

The sheer number of people and the energy had required time to adjust to, and she had arrived quietly, taking in the scene and the telling of their love tale. The truth was that Eela loved Love and she loved weddings. Her own recent troubles did not change that, and her friendship with Jal’na and deep respect for Urg’ton meant that she had been serious that nothing was going to stop her from celebrating with the clearly happy couple.

But people would be forgiven if they didn’t recognize her as she appeared tonight. She had been many, many things in her life, but the one that had been true before and had become especially true the other day was that Eela Dasca was a warrior too. And tonight she embodied it in a different way, armoured up in a dress that normally would draw attention, but here tonight allowed her to blend in. It was A-line to her shins with a high neck with cutouts at the side, and waving cap sleeves. In black leather. With flat silver metal studs along the sleeves and neckline. Simple black knee high boots with a low heel allowed her to moves easily.

With her hair pulled back in an unusually simple ponytail, Eela approached with a grin. “Great honour be to your house, and many congratulations to you both,” Eela said, bowing her head respectfully.

~Eela Dasca, Just a guest and party-goer tonight

Urg stood tall and saluted Eela. “Lieutenant Governor. Thank you. And may your days be filled with storied songs of your glorious battles and hard-won victories.”

Jal’na stood, so Eela wouldn’t have to strain her back, and gripped her arms. “Thank you, Eela. We are honored you are here.” Jal’na eyed Eela as if she could tell if Eela had taken the extra anti-inflammatory as ordered or not and grinned. She grabbed another mug of bloodwine from the barrel that was conveniently close. “Drink with us.”

“I’d be honoured,” Eela said with a warm smile. “And you look every inch the regal Lady Jal’na. It suits you.”

She accepted the mug and lifted it. “‘IwlIj jachjaj!” she said, practicing her growing skills. May your blood scream. Eela drank deep, grateful for her previous experience with the stuff, both earlier in her life and even recently with Urg’ton.

Mika was next to arrive. Dressed in the following blue bodysuit she had bought during their shopping trip, Mika had done little with her hair besides make it presentable. She wore comfortable, yet stylish black shoes. She was not in much of a party mood, but she felt her presence would have been missed, so she was going to do her best. She approached the couple with an excited grin, “Congratulations guys! I’m so happy for both of you!”

~ Mika

An aide tried to whisper to Urg who the new arrival was, but he glared at him and the aide stepped way back. Reddish-brown eyes set in a scarred face locked onto hers; and the over seven foot tall and nearly five hundred pound wall of Klingon’s voice rumbled “An honor to have you with us tonight, Lieutenant. Welcome. Please-” and he handed her a mug of bloodwine, “- enjoy!” and he raised his mug to hers.

Urg, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

Jal’na clapped Mika on the shoulder, maybe a bit too heavily for the other woman. “Tandra Mika this is my husband, Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc. Urg, Tandra Mika, she has joined us from Star Fleet at Sacred Heart. I have the privilege of working with her with many patients.”

Mika was slightly, okay, really terrified of him. This Klingon was at least twice, maybe three times her size and massively intimidating. A mug of something she didn’t recognize was thrust into her hand and she didn’t dare unintentionally offend anyone. So, she raised the mug to his, smiled a wide smile, and took as large of a drink of the liquid inside as she could manage at once.

It was disgusting! She swallowed anyway, not letting herself make a face. Ugh! The aftertaste! Klingon food and drink was… something else. Still, she maintained a happy smile throughout that.... Experience. She gave Urg and Jal’na one more nod before moving off a little ways, giving others the opportunity to speak to them.

~ Mika

Sharah came up to Tandra as she moved away, “Tandra, I’m glad you made it. This way, we have ice cream. The rest of the medical staff is over here, though some have spread out to the rest of the tavern. I have to find Yavia. I’m sure she’s up to trouble.” She glanced around looking for the woman.

Jal’na and Sharah

Eela drank more from her mug and eyed the happy couple. “Well, Lord Duroc. It good to see you’ve met your match,” she said with a gleam in her hazel eyes as she smirked a little at Jal’na. She was certain the Builder must have had plenty to say about too. Jal’na was used to dealing with stubborn people, herself included, and knew exactly the right way to motivate people. It was an interesting but no unexpected pairing in her mind.

~Eela Dasca

Urg looked at her and said “I prefer to think of Jal’na as the missing piece to my mind’s puzzle. Praise the Builder for bringing me here so I could meet her.” He raised his mug and yelled “THE BUILDER!!” and all of House Duroc screwed it back. Urg smiled and said “Fanaticism… it can be a beautiful thing.” and he laughed.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Even Jal’na added her voice to the call. How she felt about The Builder was still mostly a mystery to her, but she given her word to have faith when Urg gave her the medalion. Her participation garnered curious and perplexed looks from her parents and other House Noggra members having never known Jal’na to be religious in any way.

Jal’na understood what Eela was trying to say bit it was very much a human saying and ppint if view. For Klingins, meeting one’s match was about an opponent who was equal in all things, a worthy and epic battle. “His is the heart that beats in rhythm with mine.” At least that part of Klingon mythology was true. Jal’na could feel it.

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

While Sharah and Tandra were trying to figure out where she went, Yavia was making her way to speak with Jal’na. “Jal’na!” Yavia sidled up to her and smirked. “I see you finally found your own warrior to chase, rather than mine.”

Jal’na chuckled, “Bah! I did not want yours. You just needed to think you had competition so you would stop procrastinating. But in the end it still took two of you to tame him.” Jal’na roared with laughter.

Yavia cackled, “Or they both caught me. I’m not sure.” Jal’na waved her closer. “Sit and have a drink with me.” She reached out, snagged a chair and dragged it over. “Urg, this is Yavia Crockett. The finest nurse I have ever worked with and my dearest friend.”

Yavia gave him a ferral smile, “My honor Lird Duroc. May you both share many y glorious battles together!” Yavia raised her mug and then, for such a small person, she drained an impressive amount from her glass.


Urg grinned and said “And may you find a death that song of with pride by your kin.” He then leaned in and whispered to Jal’na “jI’IQtaHmo’ jI’IQ. yIntaHvIS wa’ rur DenIb Qatlh.” (I love it when they try to sound Klingon. Its like a targ whelp barking at a Denib Qatlh.)

Urg, Lord Duroc

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