It's Time. Make The Call.

Posted March 26, 2023, 11:47 p.m. by Civilian Jason Reilly (Assistant Director - Colonial Intelligence) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Asst. Chief Medical Officer) in It’s Time. Make The Call.

Posted by Civilian Jason Reilly (Assistant Director - Colonial Intelligence) in It’s Time. Make The Call.

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Asst. Chief Medical Officer) in It’s Time. Make The Call.
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Jason sat in front of the comm terminal in the penthouse apartment he and Hannah shared. He 3as staring at a blank screen, running through avenues of approach and potential conversation routes in his head. Finally, he took a breath and tapped in a comm code.

A few minutes later, an older human woman’s face appeared. She was attractive, but her looks held a distinct edge… like a scalpel lying on an empty table. Her eyes were dark blue, and her black hair had silver steaks through it. But when she saw Jason’s face, she smiled a warm and friendly smile.

“Jason! Oh, I wasn’t expecting your call for a few more days! Hang on and I’ll go get your dad. Just a sec.” and she moved away. Jason took a breath and waited.

A few moments later, his mother reappeared with a man who looked like an older and slightly softer version of Jason. “Hey there, son! How are you? How’s the new job? I bet you are all-hands-on-deck after that statement from the Oed government. That is all anyone is talking about in the Diplomatic department. What is that Governor… B’Tren-Hyrushi, right?… what is he like? Seems shrewd, pulling off something like this at the perfect time. The Federation can’t really do-” and Jason held up his hand.

“Dad… in a minute, okay? I have something I need to talk to you and Mom about. Mom, have a seat will you?” She looked a bit curious, but pulled over a chair next to his father. “Ok… this sounds pretty major. What’s up?”

Jason looked over at Hannah and held out his hand to her, motioning her forward with the other.


Jason’s parents would like her or not, be excited or not, accept the pending baby or not. She couldn’t control how they would feel, but for the first time in weeks she was starting to feel more like herself. Hannah was excited to meet his parents. Oh it could go horribly bad, but that was okay. She had never met Daniel’s parents, never would have had an opportunity to do so, and she had never had the chance to actually introduce him to her parents. That made tonight unique and specific only to Jason. Even if it was bad, this was a real memory for them, not one made up or altered. That fact made Hannah happy. It was a life experience.

Hannah walked over toward him and took his hand. She sat as she looked at his parents and gave them a gentle but dazzling smile. She could see similarities between both his parents. “Hel..cough…” She was excited but apparently nervous as well. Her voice caught and she cleared her throat, embarrassed. She held onto his hand and kept her other still in his lap. “Hi. I’m Hannah.” She spoke with care, making sure she enunciated as clearly as possible, even though her ‘accent’ would always be heavily apparent.


Jason’s parents simply sat for a long moment and stared at her before his mother said “Oh… um… hello, Hannah. I’m Jason’s mother, Danielle. And this is my husband, Jason’s Dad, Michael. Uh… excuse our surprise, Hannah. Jason has never really… so to what do we owe the pleasure of the introduction?” Jason looked at Hannah and took a breath, but he smiled at her. He looked back at the screen, still smiling, and said “So Hannah and I met a few years ago when I was still in Star Fleet, and we had a connection… but the job took us apart.” He looked at Hannah. “Hannah is in Star Fleet as well. She is the Assistant Chief Medical Officer for the Fleet Medical department here on Oed. Anyway… we ran into one another a few months back and reconnected. And, well…” he looked back at the screen.

“And we are going to have a baby.”


Well there it was. The bomb dropped. Hannah wasn’t sure what to say. If it was her parents or Alexis she could guess fairly accurately what they would want to know. Here she wasn’t sure. She loved their son, she wasn’t after his money (she really should have asked what his parents knew about his new job), how this happened, how far along she was. Or maybe nice to meet you, but they kind of skipped that. She had to fight the urge to laugh and go ‘Surprise! You’re grandparents.’

Instead she waited, watching their body language as they all stared awkwardly at each other.


There was a LONG silence. Jason’s parents just stared and blinked slowly with their mouths slightly open… and then his dad grinned and said “Well hot damn… CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! Thats amazing! Hannah! Welcome to the family! 9k, tell us everything. Well, not everything… the biology part we know. But was this a decision? Surprise? And most importantly… are you two happy?” Jason’s mom shook her head as if to clear it and then started giggling. “I would have never though this day would come. Oh my oh my oh my…” and she smiled at Hannah.

Hannah had her implants on, but she still utilized lip reading a lot. Their response was rapid fire, but happy so that was good. “Thank you.” Hannah grinned. She remembered Jason said his dad was the more family oriented person. She was glad his mom seemed happy as well.

Jason looked at Hannah and kissed her. “You start.”


Hannah kissed him and then took a breath. Her start? She held onto his hand, but her other fluttered in half signs as she thought. “The baby is a complete surprise,” she looked at Jason and smiled, “and we’re happy.” She looked back at the screen. “We met when my ship was sent to the outpost on Theta Kizvik. They were experiencing a lot of tectonic movement. Our rescue teams were sent in and then we stayed to help salvage and reestablish their infrastructure. I met Jason because he saw me,” she grinned sheepishly and flushed a bit, “calling the security chief something very…” She looked at Jason again, “accurate but not polite. He thought it was hilarious.”


Jason grinned and said to his parents “It was hysterical. The CoS didn’t know sign language, so he just stared at me while I laughed. Had no clue.” Michael said “Sign language?” and dots connected quickly. “Hannah, are you deaf? Or was someone in your family?” The question was wholly non-judgemental and without any kind of hesitation… a simple query of information. Jason’s mother smacked his shoulder and said “Michael Reilly! How dare you!” and she looked at Hannah and said “Forgive my husband. He should have been born a Vulcan.” That was funny, but what was funnier was Michael signing behind Danielle’s head exactly what she was saying. Jason bit his lips and looked away, trying not to laugh, but he signed under the screen Dad taught me to sign some when I was little. Said it would be a good skill to have. Mom doesn’t know how.


Ah so part of the mystery is solved. she grinned at him as she signed below the screen. Hannah bit her cheek to stop from laughing…but her eyes danced as she watched Michael. He waa very fluent. She began to sign as she spoke, “It’s alright. I don’t mind you asking. I would prefer you ask than stay silent. I’m rather proud of being deaf. No one else in my family is. A couple a few generations ago, but because illness and accident. I was born deaf. A genetic mutation caused my auditory nerves to never form.” She lowered her hands, “Sign is my first and still primary language. I am the epitome of talking with my hands.”


Danielle smiled and said “Ok… well, it seems that my crass husband and I will be taking sign lessons, then.” Jason’s eyes watered. “And if you are happy… both of you… then we are as well. So are the two of you together together? Or is this a co-parent situation?” she asked. Michael snickered and said “Now who is being crass.” and he laughed. She shot him a look, but Jason chuckled and said “No, Mom. We are together. No concrete plans for that yet, but we are a couple.” and he looked at Hannah. “Right?”


“Yes, we are a couple,” Hannah leaned in and kissed him briefly, “I’m not letting you go, again.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” she said directly to Danielle. “I do have implants that help me to hear most things, and I can also read lips.” She turned her head and lifted her hair showing her implants.


Danielle nodded and said “Now… what can we do to help? How far along are you? Wait.. Jason you don’t even have a place to live yet!” and Jason held up his hand and said “I do, and we picked it out together. And Hannah just moved in yesterday. That’s taken care of.” Danielle’s eyes narrowed and before she could speak Jason said “She knows what I do, yes. No secrets. Its one of our rules.” Danielle leaned back and said “Mmm… okay. So Hannah… how are you doing?”


Did her face show her disbelief at the ‘no secrets’? She really hoped not. They were certainly keeping the biggest secret of all. Should she look concerned over his job? She was, but she was used to it, sort of. She thought she was anyway. She focused her gaze on his mother. “We’re both healthy. Everything looks on track right now, but I’ll only be twelve weeks tomorrow.” Adjusting for when they met up on the Saracen. “I have had some severe nausea, so I am just making sure I stay hydrated. The worst part is constantly moving from artificial gravity to real gravity.” She smiled but shrugged. It was part of the job.


“Oh gods above I know the feeling.” Danielle said.”When I was pregnant with Jason I traveled daily to and from Starbase One from Annapolis. I painted the inside of more than one shuttle, let me tell you.” and she laughed. “Ok, twelve weeks. And is Jason helping? Don’t let him slack off. It sets a bad precedent for after the baby arrives.” and she chuckled. Michael rolled his eyes and signed behind her head She is still mad I was sent to negotiate a cease-fire two weeks after Jason was born and was gone a month. She thinks just because the negotiations were on Risa it was a fun trip.
Jason looked away and cleared his throat to avoid laughing.


Hannah thought his parents were cute. She had to squeeze Jason’s hand to stop from laughing. “Yes ma’am he is. Which is impressive because if he waited for me to ask, I never would. I’m used to doing things on my own. I forget I can ask for help.” It wasn’t that she thought she couldn’t ask him, Hannah was just used to doing things on her own. It was an adjustment, but a happy one. She sat up slightly and started signing while she talked. “He introduced me to sushi. He told me it helped you while you were pregnant. That and ginger candy seems to be the only thing I can keep down.


“Gods yes, sushi was a life-saver. And I do remember the ginger candies. But if you are anything similar to me, the nausea should pass in another few weeks. Those Reilly babies have a way of making you miserable at first, but it all turns out for the best at the end.” Danielle said and then laughed. Michael leaned forward and said “So Hannah, tell us about you. Jason is notoriously closed mouthed about his personal life, we’d really like to know as much as you are willing to share.”


She tried not to squeeze Jason’s hand when his mom said ‘Reilly babies’, but her smile stayed bright and happy. She held into the feeling and idea that it was his.

“Oh, well, I grew up in a frontier colony world, Catawba. We conduct medical and pharmaceutical research and development, as well as the location for Paleolithic studies and observation. My dad is the agricultural conservationist on site. I spent most of my time following him around the planet, observing, setting up safety nets for the fauna, making sure we weren’t over harvesting the flora. That meant I spent most of my time camping, hiking, and climbing. I got my implants when I was 8. Which is why I went into prosthetic medicine.” Unless they were current on such things they wouldn’t know, but a search of her field would list Hannah in the top 7 in her field.

Hannah paused, “What would you like to know? I will share anything.” Hannah was mostly an open book, always had been, by choice. Recent circumstances required caution, but Hannah was still a generally open and sociable person.


Michael smiled and said “So tell us how you decided on medicine. How you came to join Star Fleet. Where and what kind of assignments have you had?” he asked. Danielle stood up and said “Excuse me. I’m going to get some tea.” She squeezed Michael’s shoulder and walked away. Michael said “So tell me about your parents, won’t you?”, but he simultaneously signed My wife is going to check up on you. and he laughed.

Jason leaned in and whispered “Mom retired a little while ago, but she was a Captain in Intel.”


Hannah nodded, and signed very below the screen but in precise small movements, Will she be able to tell what you’ve done?

Hannah smiled at Michael and her signs too were separate from what she spoke. She is a mother. I would be surprised if she did not. There is nothing in my file I am ashamed of. “Well my mother is a pharmaceutical researcher and we always had doctors and scientists coming to collaborate, so medicine was always a part of my life. When I was 8, my parents took me to Starbase 243 for my implants. All the patients in the ward were receiving implants or prosthetics of some sort, and I was very curious about how the doctors could make people whole again. It stuck with me. Star Fleet seemed the best way to help the most people. My first assignment was onboard a science and medical support ship. That’s where I was when I met your son. Those were the types of assignments we always went on - rescue, support, establishing sites. Two years ago I was transfered to the warship Saracen. And over the years I have traveled a lot for my specialty.”

“My parents lived on Earth until they took jobs with with Paleo-pharmaceutical. My dad, Tahoma, is an ecologist. His job is ‘agricultural specialist or conservationist’ dependingbon his mood for the day. Basically he makes sure the plants they are harvesting are cared for and it is done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the natural environment. He plays harmonica and spoons. My mom, Lyla, is a pharmaceutical developer. She and the rest of the lab team spent years testing the plants and minerals for medical purposes and now they produce them. She loves to dance and the water. She used to go camping with my dad and I but only if we were near a lake or ocean. She would just sit there and paint…and she is awful! But she enjoys it.”


Michael smiled and said “That sounds absolutely fascinating and wonderful! Oh I do so hope we get to meet them someday.” He looked back over his shoulder and then leaned in closer to the screen. “So, um… are you two looking at something permanent in the way of raising the child? Family-wise, I mean. I am not so old-fashioned as to expect the two of you to get married; but what are you thinking the future looks like?”

Jason set his hand on Hannah’s and said “Dad, we are planning on trying to make us a couple. But its really early, so please be patient and keep Mom off our backs, will you?” Michael smiled and said “Absolutely. I will do my best.” He looked at Hannah and said “What did your parents say when you told them? Are they as excited as we are?” and he smiled.


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