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She slipped into the ground car in the driver’s seat. “How about Roots it’s all local and it is where our culinary students do a lot of their training. Best of several worlds.” Enger steered the car out of the University drive and onto the main road. It was a short drive, time wise, but several blocks away.

Roots was a bit of a popup restaurant with a permanent location. It was a two story older looking building with the rest of the block a green space where food was grown. Whatever was on the menu depended on who the chef was for the day and what was available locally. The inside looked something like a family owned Italian restaurant from Earth. Red table clothes, beautiful art work, and bread and an olive oil dip to hold you over until your food arrived.

Enger, DoE

“That sounds perfect! Let us go!”


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Karina steered the car into a public access parking lot half a block away on the opposite side of the street. The surrounding blocks were busy in all kinds of things college students could want or need

Entering the building, a young Neepian hurried over. “Director Enger! We weren’t expecting you today. New students start on Monday.”

Karina waved them off. “And I will be here. I wanted to show off your work to my friend here. DaiMon Hoka. Do you have a table?”

Hoka smiled and waved at the lad.

The young man looked around and spotted a table. “Let me clean it off. We are busy today. We always are when Martek is chef.”

He hurried away to clean the table and then returned and handed them each a PaDD with the day’s selection after seating them.


Taking the PaDD he raised an eyebrow, if he had one, but that was the motion he made. Without looking up he spoke. “Looks like college food here. Not what I am used to.” Then he smiled. “This is great! I get to try something new. One question though, what is a milkshake? Are they any good?”



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“Not always. It depends in who is working. Martek wants to open a classic Terran dinner. So short order items. Milkshakes are drink or desert and indulgent. It is a cold drink made of milk, a sweet flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and typically ice cream, whisked until it is frothy. There are lots of flavors. I can ask for a sample tray of flavors.” Karina offered.


“Yes please! I would love to sample these milkshakes!” He rubbed a tiny fat finger on his chin as he thought about what she said. “A Terran dinner you say. I have not seen one here so far and that would be a good business opportunity. I can help him fund it and he can give a small percentage to this dinner as a form of repayment. That is if he agrees and I must first try his cooking and skill out…” He snapped out of it…”Apologies Miss Enger. Once a Ferengi, always a Ferengi. Biology aside that is, but you know my meaning. I will have a milkshake sampler and a…” He squinted at the item trying to figure it out…” A cheeseburger. I think that is right.” He sat the menu down and clasped his tiny fat hands together and had a big smile on his face showing off his rows of razor sharp teeth. “I cannot wait to try these. The excitement is getting to me.” He was like a kid going to the circus for the time.


The Neepian waitress reappeared, “What can I get for you?” Karina nodded to Hoka, “The Dai’mon would like a cheese burger, bring the toppings on the side. I would like a hotdog with chili, slaw, and onions. One large basket of steak fries and two milkshake sampler flights please.” The girl nodded and hurried away. “I think that’s a wonderful idea for a business loan, but Martek has almost 3 full years left before he graduates and can think of starting his own business. Not only is he taking culinary classes he is also taking small business administration. Though I love the idea of early opportunities for them, I think you’ll agree it’s important they finish that solid foundation they will get with a complete degree.”

“Well of course I meant after the lad graduates. I will wait until he has six months left and decide from there based on what he has done from now till then, then offer him a loan.” He was smiling like a giddy school boy and about the same size when Enger rattled off their order like a pro. He made a mental note to sample that chili dog thing that she said. “OOhhhh! I can’t wait! Forgive my enthusiasm. I know this is a mundane thing with others, but the first time for me.”

Karina lifted the glass of water the waitress had left. “I think you should stop by Sloan Square some time on a Saturday during the farmer’s market and just observe. Our High School Seniors are really creating a stir with their booths at the market.”

Enger, DOE

“A farmers market? Do they sell farms or farmers? How did a bunch of kids get all of that land and beings to sell? I thought that the Federation outlawed slavery?” He was genuinely confused.


Karina shook her head but understood the confusion, “Oh no. It is an Earth custom. Traditionally farmers would all meet in one place and set up a small market. They sell their produce and meat and other things produced on their farms. The farmers are not the commodity, but the sellers. Over time the concept has grown to include any seller who hand produces their product and is a ‘small business.’ The students have been training with craftsmen around the colony and have produced a variety of wares and are attempting to sell them at the market.”

Enger, DOE

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