A Lot Of Clothes For Nothing To Wear

Posted March 27, 2023, 1:54 p.m. by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) (Lindsay B)

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Eela smiled. “I will admit that I wasn’t expecting to have such a long lasting friendship. A life in Starfleet can make that rather difficult, but I don’t know, Roger was always different. We only served together for four years, but we just carried on as if we weren’t all that far away, even if the reality was far different.”

Karilan nodded and said “I wish some of the people I served with and I had kept in touch. Good people, great minds.” and they paused and thought for a moment. “I wonder what they are up to…” and then they shook their head and returned to sorting.

Eela gazed at them and smiled. “You know, there’s no harm in tracking them down and sending a simple message. If they don’t respond, then nothing was lost, but you never know who might reply.”

She gestured to the pile. “Can I help at all, or do you have this?” Karilan had to do all the picking and deciding of the garments but she’d happily help fold or whatever.


Karilan shoved a pile towards her and said “Keeping. If you could fold or hang, I would appreciate it.” As the set a particularly well-cut suit set on the ‘keeps side, they said “Are you nervous about your date?”


It was simple question with a complicated answer. Eela retrieved some hangers and mulled over the question as she returned and gently hung the pants over the bar and slipped the jacket on the hanger, setting the set to the side to be hung in the closet. Karilan would probably need fewer rooms to store all the clothing as they honed in more on their style. “Yes, and no. I am at ease with Dash and we’ve talked since I returned home so we’re both on the same page and he understands what I’m navigating right now.” A beaming smiled slipped onto her face. “It’s more that wonderful anticipation. We’ve done the work to get to know each other a bit and now we just get to enjoy each other’s company. And he’s used to navigating the public eye so it makes this showcase easier to attend. I don’t have to explain how we might need to be in public, because we gets it.”

She grabbed a shirt from the pile and folded it with reverence. “But you know a part of me just wants to say screw it and not care what anyone thinks, even if tonight is this strange mix of personal and professional. I’m there because I love the arts, but I’m there as the Lieutenant Governor and that support matters for them.” Eela looked up at Karilan. “But… I think what I also need is to just be a woman on a date with a person who she really likes and who has demonstrated they care for her as well. He sent me a message, Karilan, the morning after Cory showed up, when I was at Tenkiller’s and the restraining order was all ready to go. I just had to sign it. But I was hesitating. And then I get this message from Dash saying he was going to pick up coffee- from your shop, of course- and walk to the Tower with me, but then he heard I wasn’t in the office. He said, but that’s okay because there will be other mornings. And I couldn’t help but smile. And that’s when I signed off on the retraining order, because here was a man who made me feel good about myself, and I was what, worried about a man who yet again left me such a wreck?” She shook her head. “It’s not always easy, but I’m choosing to feel good. I deserve that.”


“Yes you do, dammit.” Karilan agreed emphatically. “Eela, you give so much of yourself so consistently… you deserve to do for you from time to time. And its not being selfish… no matter what that dre-sulli’ak of an ex-husband of yours tries to make you think. You are a good soul, Eela. You deserve to be happy.. Don’t ever forget that.”


Eela smiled at them, once again feeling intensely grateful for their presence in her life. “Thank you. I sometimes need the reminder, but at the same time I am happy. It’s been awhile since I can honestly say that and all this recent chaos doesn’t change that.”

She continued to fold but Eela looked at Karilan. “What about scarves? Do you think you’re a scarf person?”


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