The Chief of Staff Has Landed

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“There’s a difference between delegating the drafting of speeches, pending your approval, and letting someone else speak for you.” Ana countered. “Remember, sir, if you wish to govern you have to allocate time for so doing.”

-Chief of Staff

Dasca lifted her brows ever so slightly, though the gesture was always harder to see against her ridges and bulges of her forehead. What did Caputo think they’d been doing all this time. Yes, delegating was necessary and they both certainly did a lot of that on a daily basis, but deciding what deserved your specific attention was a very personal thing for a leader. What they focused on said something about them. She gave Kenzo a look but said nothing. She had things the discuss but right now she was more curious to see how this unfolded.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“Oh, I am quite aware of the necessity of time management, Ms. Caputo.” Hyrushi said with no emotion or expression on his face. “I have been doing this for over a year now, after all. And no one has tried too hard to kill me; so I will take that a stamp of approval. But I do agree that there can be more delegation of certain tasks. But those tasks will be decided by myself… I ask that you simply note what tasks those will be and make the necessary arrangements. Is that acceptable to you?”

Hyrushi, Governor

“I serve at the pleasure of the Governor.” Ana said, simply. Her thoughts betrayed that she didn’t find his answer anything beyond dismissive, but her face didn’t. She found Hyrushi difficult, he was set in his ways, and his ways were… beyond what someone who had made a career of politics would ever have thought practical or reasonable. None of that meant she wouldn’t do her level best to keep the government running.

-Chief of Staff

Well, they couldn’t expect perfect accord on the first day, nor did Eela think Kenzo ever did. Dasca studied Ana for a moment, her hazel eyes intense, and she considered her words before speaking. “I also think it’s important for you to know and understand that the Governor and I have worked hard to reframe how the Executive offices work together. When I arrived, Starfleet was seen at best, an obstacle, and at worst, complicit in derailing the effectiveness of Oed’s government. And while there are times when Starfleet operations on this colony have nothing to do with the Governor’s office, that does not mean we do not talk over things regularly. And Starfleet is quite frankly only a portion of my job.” She gestured to herself and Hyrushi. “While we will handle specific tasks on our own, we do not operate independently of each other. We consider this a partnership, and one we have taken the time to cultivate because it works in the best interest of Oed. We make decisions together, not just the big ones, and there is constant communication between our offices. It is very important to me that that does not change with your arrival Ms. Caputo. I’m saying this up front so there are no hurt feelings or confusion later. You may be the Chief of Staff to the Governor, but make no mistake that we will all be working together as a team.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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