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Hey everyone!

So first off, a HUGE congratulations to all of you. For the last 4 months running, Oed V has averaged over A THOUSAND posts per month! That is a HUGE accomplishment and I want to thank each and every one of you for all you do to make Oed the amazing place it is.

Second, I have a request (actually, its a directive, but I’m trying to be cool.). With so many posts on the board, it is really intimidating to read for some. So, what I need form *each one * of you, is a quick synopsis of what your character(s) are up to. Just a quick blurb on where they are and what they are doing, who they are talking to, and what about. Linds and I are going to post an overview on the MOTD so people can know what is going on all around the colony, plus it will help us keep track of where everyone is.

Today is Monday the 27th, so I would like to have these in by Saturday the 1st. We need to know where everyone is at and what is going on by then. If you need a guide for wat to write, think of it like this:

Jane Doe - She is in the Cafe Ormaond talking with the Star Fleet Chief Engineer (Commander John Smith) about the expansion of her physics lab.

Just something short and sweet for each of your characters.

Thank you so much y’all! Keep on knocking out of the park with the posts!!!


Lt Cmdr Markus Woods is in the midst of investigating ‘a gift from some friends from out of town’ and putting together said team for investigation. Among those are our terraforming director Erin Hazen-Cooper and Nia Harmon, long with the possibility of Lt Cmdr/Doctor Sharah Fayth.

Additionally, on an alt timeline he is serving aboard the Centurion as CSO and possibly more in the Paces PRSIM.

There may be more going off screen at this time with him.

Lillian Locke … has not been rostered or made an official appearance yet, but soon… mebbe.


Logan/Scott is currently having dinner with the deputy of intel. But generally running various shipping routes with some other…acquisitions…in there if he’s told to.


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