USS Centurion, Ready Room- Putting Us Through Our Paces

Posted March 28, 2023, 6:58 a.m. by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in USS Centurion, Ready Room- Putting Us Through Our Paces

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McBride stepped into his ready room, which wasn’t exactly big but then again the ship itself was only the bare essentials in terms of crew comfort. There were a few personal items, but given how little time they crew spent here, he hadn’t bothered to do more than have a photo on his desk and a framed copy of the results of a major piloting race that he placed last.

He moved around his desk and sat down, leaning back, and gestured to the man in blue. “By all means, have a seat and introduce yourself.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

The Commander sat down smiling as if he was having just the best time. “Commander Janusz Korczak, Captain. Counselor. Newly arrived to Oed V roughly seventeen hours ago from the Academy. I was the Director of the Academy Mental Health Department. I am here to assist the CNS with the backlog of cases and to provide another avenue of mental health access for our personnel.”

What he heard probably didn’t make much sense. The CNS was a Lieutenant. Why would a Commander be answering to her? And why would someone leave such a cushy job to come to Oed?

Korczak, Counselor

“I have no issue with Lieutenant Mika bringing in more people for her team. I do find it curious that you’ve boarded my ship without being on my crew manifest,” McBride said. He knew that the man couldn’t have boarded without clearance to do so but that he as the captain was left out of that, well, it was… interesting, to say the least.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Korczak looked confused for a moment and then said “Oh. Um… I received the notification of you ordering all personnel to the ship, Captain. I assumed that included me. So, I came to the ship. I didn’t see in Medical at the time, so I came to the bridge.” and he smiled. “Everyone does seem excited for the operation, though. The chit chat in the passageways was almost all positive.”

Korczak, Counselor

Jon studied him for a moment before he nodded. “People have been itching to do something more than system patrols for awhile but we have to get all our ducks in a row, so to speak. With the Vren on their way, even if have every expectation that they will be here for all the right reasons, there are still risks and we can’t Oed unprepared.” He gave a small smile, his blue eyes glinting. “Now, misunderstanding aside, you’re here and we’re underway, so welcome to the Centurion. It’s a tiny crew compared to the thousands stationed all over Oed, but that means there is more pressure on us. How do you see yourself contributing these next couple of days?”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Korczak’s attention was on the framed race result on the wall, but he snapped back as the question was asked. “Well… I am trained Counselor and neurologist. I am also experienced in conflict resolution, mental hygiene practices, and organizational dynamic structures. While I am not part of the crew, I can be an observer. I am willing to make suggestions as to personnel dynamics and department structure… who to team with who… and also help mediate any interpersonal conflict that may crop up that the involved parties don’t want to share with a crew mate. Its not uncommon to not want to speak about interpersonal issue with someone you see on a regular basis at work, after all.” He knew a potential conflict was already on the ship, and wanted to head that off before it became anything… disruptive.

Korczak, Counselor

Jon flashed Korczak a grin. “Well, between you and Lieutenant Mika, I welcome your input. Captain Dasca and I are hopeful that this little jaunt will allow us to troubleshoot any issues now before we really need to worry about anything.”

“Any questions you have?” he asked, leaving it open-ended rather intentionally.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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