Ai's First Social Services Case - The Mysterious File of Lai Kitrian

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Posted by Civilian Lai Kitrian (Independent Operator) in Ai’s First Social Services Case - The Mysterious File of Lai Kitrian

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Aiofemi paused for a moment. She was not aware they were fleeing for their lives. “Everything will be okay, Miss Kitrian. I have every intention to earn your trust and don’t worry, no one will for you from your partner. I will work and do everything in my power to ensure you both remain together. We can discuss all your concerns and needs when we meet today. This will give me a better understanding of your situation. I need a couple of hours to get things in order and I will stop by…” she looked at the time and it was about 11am, “1300 hours?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Lai knew all too well that this woman could make no such assurances that everything would be okay. There was zero data to support that assumption. But she knew people wanted to appear calming and helpful. Fine, whatever. Kitrian nodded. “We’ll be here, and thank you.”

When the call was over, Lai turned to gaze at Akem. Well? What do you think?

~Lai Kitrian

Akem moved forward, a hand grazing her cheek as he looked into her eyes. I think we stay together no matter what. This could take time, but we…might have to learn to trust. We have each other though. And let’s not forget that we’ve survived this long. Should things go awry, we still have our skill sets. Keep running if we absolutely have to. I’m apprehensive, but this could be good?

Lai inhaled deeply, blowing out the breath. *Yes, I think it could. It’s hard to imagine a different life but maybe that in of itself is the challenge before us.”

Ai arrived at the residence about 15 minutes before her scheduled time. She ranged the chime, looked into the camera, and waved. Samikah was with her, helping her carry some of the items they had gone out and shopped for before arriving.
“Do you think my presence will spook her?” Samikah asked as she stood there with three bags in her hand, two in one and a single bag in the other.
Ai shrugged. She should have told Lai that she was going to be arriving with a guest. “I hope not. Hopefully, I can explain when she answers the door.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Akem could sense two people at the door, instead of one. My love, there are two people here? he said silently into Lai’s mind. I do not sense any intent to harm though. While his senses shared that much with him, he was still wary nevertheless.


Lai frowned a little and shrugged. *I suppose we just go with it.”

She padded to the door and unlocked it, pulling it open. Stepping to the side, she gestured for the two women to let come in. The furnished open plan one-bedroom apartment was small and very basic and they hadn’t been there long so there was nothing amounting to personal touches, but then again Lai and Akem really hadn’t known if they were staying or not.

Lai herself appeared Human, aside from the unusual eyes, and was a bit above average height. She had a curvy body that had been honed by training and there was a distinct energy that she radiated that was most definitely not a result of her Human heritage. “Hello,” she said, uncertainty clouding her gold-ringed hazel eyes.

~Lai Kitrian

When the door opened, Ai immediately began to explain Samikah’s presence. “Hi, Ms. Kitrian. I apologize in advance, I had to bring along my assistant, Samikah. I hope you don’t mind. She was helping me gather some items to bring along.” Aiofemi held up some of the bags in her hand as an offering.

Samikah smiled and added, “Yeah, she can’t really do anything without me. So this is probably not the last time you will see me. I won’t be staying though. I am only here to help deliver your supplies.”

Lai nodded and stepped to the side to let them in.

She entered the apartment, and Samikah followed behind her. Aiofemi looked at Akem and presented a smile. “I mostly got you some personal care items, some fruits, blankets, and socks.” She placed the bags down and went through one of them, “I also stopped at a Parchment and Quill store and picked up a very attractive journal and pen set.” She held it out to Lai.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Confusion played across her face as she reached out, hesitating, before her fingers gripped the journal. With her other hand, her fingertips traced over the cover, soaking up the texture. She looked up at Oshiro. “I don’t understand,” she said softly. “Why would you give me this?” She didn’t look at Akem but she projected to him, This place is so different. Odd. It makes me nervous.

~Lai Kitrian

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