You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted March 28, 2023, 5:53 p.m. by Civilian Cort Belanger (Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in You Won, But Did You Really?
Dorma Fen, aide to Governor Hyrushi, sat in her apartment and finished getting ready. The day before she had sent a message to Cort Bellanger, the aide to the Lieutenant Governor, as to what to wear (‘Tux if you can manage one, suit and tie if you can’t’); and a place to meet her. Outside the Oed University Culinary Arts Department, of all places.

She stood and checked her look in the floor length mirror. A deep royal blue, almost purple, silk dress that hung from her right shoulder but left the left bare and that was split very high up her left leg and accented with black fillagree and lace made her red hair explode in color. The hair itself was pinned up on her head and accented with small, crystal-topped hair pins. Black six inch heels completed the outfit, and Dorma looked mad. “Wasted on him. This dress is wasted on him.” She silently cursed Kenzo for manipulating the bidding in Cort’s favor, but she would get her revenge. That thought brought a smile to her face. She picked up her matching clutch and headed out the door and to the waiting slider.

Dorma Fen

This wasn’t his idea of a fun night. In all honestly he really had no desire to spend an entire evening with Dorma shooting him death glares. Would he be interested in talking to her beyond whatever reports were flying back and forth between the offices? Sure, absolutely. But as far as he was concerned, being treated like the enemy ranked very low on how he preferred to spend his evenings. Life and work was stressful enough.

And yet, here he was, dressed in a tux (yes, he did have not one, but two) and feeling pretty much like a fool. But hey, it was for a good cause, right? It’s what he decided to tell himself anytime he felt like this was a terrible idea.

He arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule, in an all-black tux (including his shirt and bowtie) and waited with a relaxed posture.

~Cort Belanger, Doomed Executive Assistant

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