USS Centurion, Ready Room- Putting Us Through Our Paces

Posted March 28, 2023, 6:13 p.m. by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Commander Janusz Korczak (Counselor) in USS Centurion, Ready Room- Putting Us Through Our Paces

Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in USS Centurion, Ready Room- Putting Us Through Our Paces


McBride chuckled. “We have space for visiting personnel, though if you had illusions of lots of space, get rid of them now. But they beds all pretty comfortable, actually.” It wasn’t his first time on this kind of ship, and he was pretty comfortable with the lighter amenities.

He pulled up Korczak’s record (to look it over for himself) and assigned him to one of the free berths. “You’re on Deck 5. Officer’s get their own room but you share a washroom with the person next door. Room 517,” he said, tapping a key to confirm. “Never let anyone say a CO isn’t willing to roll up their sleeves,” he said with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Korczak stood and said “Only the good ones, Captain. Only the good ones.” and he nodded once and turned to the door. He paused before walking out and said “And I am available to you too, sir. Just so you know.” and he turned and walked out the door.

Korczak, Counselor

McBride looked over the record and the more he read, the more his brows lifted.

Leaning back in his chair, Jon tapped his fingers on the desk. Somehow the mystery man shtick made sense and he hadn’t entirely bought the mistaken orders thing either. He was admittedly here on Oed to help Lieutenant Mika with her case load. A case load that on Oed. There could be 20,000 personnel in the system at a time and he thought all of them were supposed to board the ship. Nah. He understood that they were just going to brush off the man’s appearance here, but there was a part of him that wondered if someone else was meddling where they were not wanted. It was something to discuss with Dasca later. Today, they were going for a little jaunt out of the system.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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