Scheduling with Bureaucracy (Tag Dorma Fen, Mathis/Belanger)

Posted March 29, 2023, 1:47 p.m. by Civilian Carsyn A. Kolchak (Reporter, Federation News Service) (Christopher Huskins)

Qinrot went to his desk and looked at the young Risian female, “You may go in and see Miss Kolchak now, Miss Slipka.” As he watched her go into Carsyn’s office he thought to himself, good luck. He then quickly got back to work. First a call to the governor’s assistant Dorma Fen. =^=This Qinrot of the Federation News Service. I am requesting a connection with the governor’s assistant Miss Dorma Fen.=^= he requested of the government communications officer. Deciding to kill a couple birds with one stone he added =^=After I am finished with Miss Fen I am requesting to be connected with the assistant for Federation Ambassador Jeannette Mathis as well as Cort Belanger. In that order please.=^= =^=Are they expecting these calls?=^= came a feminine voice. =^=No but I am only going to take a few minutes of their valuable time to schedule some meetings with Federation News Service reporter Carsyn Kolchak. I am sure the y would be amendable to such a request. =^=. =^Very well, please stand by.=^= replied the feminine voice. Qinrot sighed and drummed his fingers on his desk, bureaucracy he thought.

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