You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted March 29, 2023, 2:25 p.m. by Civilian Cort Belanger (Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted by Civilian Cort Belanger (Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.) in You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in You Won, But Did You Really?
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Dorma stopped and took her arm from him and moved to look directly up at him. “Listen to me. I am not making this awkward, nor am I upset as to the fact that you are here. I am… ‘perturbed’… that it required some kind of machinations to make my participation in the auction meaningful. So take your apprehension and trepidations and leave them out here, will you? I don’t want your angst disrupting the students.” and she took his arm again and led him into the building.

Students? Ahhh, that made some sort of sense, even if he didn’t exactly know the situation he was walking into. Cort simply nodded.

After a few moments they came to a double door from which light and noise poured out. She stopped and looked at the door, then at Cort. “Well? A woman doesn’t show off this much thigh if she doesn’t expect a man to at least open the door for her, Mr. Belanger.”

Dorma Fen

He flashed her a grin and pulled open the door for Dorma. “I’m trying to not make assumptions, but as we’ve established previously, I can learn.”

~Cort Belanger

The door opened onto a large and bustling kitchen. Over a dozen, maybe two dozen figures in white cook smocks and hats bustled and loved at a frantic yet somehow organized pace. As they walked in one figure, a Vulcan, looked up and yelled “Hello, Chef!” and the rest all said loudly in unison “Hello, Chef!” Dorma nodded and “Good evening, everyone. Are we on schedule?” The Vulcan nodded and said simply “Yes Chef.” Dorma smiled slightly and then looked at Cort. “Mr. Belanger, welcome to the Oed University School of Culinary Arts. All of the individuals present here are in their final term. This-” and she gestured gracefully to the kitchen as a whole, “- is their final exam. You and I will be grading them. For some, it is a simple formality with no bearing on whether or not they graduate. For others…” and she shrugged slightly. “We shall see if they have what it takes to perform under pressure. Come, I will give you a tour.”

“Interesting,” Cort said, taking in the scene, and Dorma, with curiosity. This evening was getting more fascinating by the minute.

She walked him through the kitchen, the activity seeming to flow around them as if they had some sort of force field pushing the action away and keeping it at a distance. The aromas were heady, vibrant, and amazing. She introduced him to a few of the students, others she simply watched for a moment in silence. When they reached the far side, she led him through a pair of double doors and into a well appointed and seemingly high-end dining area. A single table had been set with two place settings, and a bottle of wine sat chilling in a bucket to the side of the table.

Cort pulled out one of the chairs a bit for her and waited for her to sit first.

Taking her seat, she reached for the bottle and poured him a small bit. “Do you know your wines, Mr. Belanger?”

Dorma Fen

“Well, I’m no sommelier, but I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing many different wines. What are we tasting, Chef Fen?” he asked as he lifted the glass, but did not sip yet.

~Cort Belanger

“A new wine made by one of the students.” she replied. “She developed a rapid-fermentation process that she believes will allow smaller wineries and brewers to become better able to compete in the marketplace by increasing their available supply. Please.. tell me what you think.” and she inclined her head slightly towards him.

Dorma Fen

“Sounds like a great endeavour.” He held up the wine, a red, and saw it had a slightly unusual purple colour that was intriguing. Now, while he knew there was a whole process for tasting properly, he did not know all the steps and mostly went by what tasted good to him. So he took a small sip and let the fruity liquid sweep across his palate before taking another sip. He nodded. “That’s pretty nice. A bit on the sweet side for my tastes, but definitely more full bodied. Nothing too spicy or powerful, so it makes for a good sipping wine.”

~Cort Belanger

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