You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted March 29, 2023, 3:01 p.m. by Civilian Cort Belanger (Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in You Won, But Did You Really?

Posted by Civilian Cort Belanger (Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.) in You Won, But Did You Really?


“A new wine made by one of the students.” she replied. “She developed a rapid-fermentation process that she believes will allow smaller wineries and brewers to become better able to compete in the marketplace by increasing their available supply. Please.. tell me what you think.” and she inclined her head slightly towards him.

Dorma Fen

“Sounds like a great endeavour.” He held up the wine, a red, and saw it had a slightly unusual purple colour that was intriguing. Now, while he knew there was a whole process for tasting properly, he did not know all the steps and mostly went by what tasted good to him. So he took a small sip and let the fruity liquid sweep across his palate before taking another sip. He nodded. “That’s pretty nice. A bit on the sweet side for my tastes, but definitely more full bodied. Nothing too spicy or powerful, so it makes for a good sipping wine.”

~Cort Belanger

Dorma nodded. “My thoughts as well. The yeasts haven’t fully metabolized the sugars… but not bad for having been made three days ago.” and she chuckled. She lifted her napkin to reveal a small PaDD and made a note. “So these devices, there is one under your napkin as well, are synced with an identical one for each student. As we dine, we will make notes and the students will receive them and be able to adjust accordingly. Each student has a particular dish they are preparing. And no, we are not eating seventeen different meals. We will sample each, discuss, make notes, and the student will decide if they will remake the dish or let it stand as is. What do you think, Mr. Belanger? Ready to help me grade papers?” and she smiled.

Dorma Fen

Cort grabbed the PaDD and smiled back. “Well, I’ve wrote a lot of papers getting my degrees, so it’ll be nice to be on the other side of the grading, for once. Anything I need to know in advance about how best to go about this? This isn’t my realm of expertise, but I enjoy lots of different food.”

~Cort Belanger

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