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Posted March 29, 2023, 9:10 p.m. by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Ana Caputo (Governor’s Chief of Staff) in Live from the Government Tower

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Live from the Government Tower

Posted by Civilian Ana Caputo (Governor’s Chief of Staff) in Live from the Government Tower
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Eddie was a journalist. He had worked for multiple news outlets, ending up out OED way. He was good at what he did, that being mostly political coverage. While living and working on OED, he’d been offered the chance to start his own outlet. It was an impossible opportunity to pass up. He used his press badge to get into the Government Tower and saw his own way to the Chief of Staff’s office. “Can I go in to see the Chief of Staff?”
Her assistant Arin asked “Do you have an appointment?”
“Not as such.”
“Then no.”
“I promise it’s important and I’ll be quick.” Eddie offered his best charming smile.
Arin sighed. “Be very quick.”
“Cross my heart.” He walked into the office and was met with a piercing stare. “Hello.”
Ana didn’t break her stare. “I don’t have any appointments right now. Who, exactly, are you, and why are you in my office uninvited?”
“Well my name is Eddie Caldwell. I’m a journalist. I’m here to ask for access-“
“Access to the Lieutenant Governor, for a feature.”
“Contact her office. She has a staff.”
“I’m sure she does, but let’s say hypothetically I wanted to talk to someone else in the Government. An access pass from you would go a long way towards making that possible.”
Ana sat and contemplated. =/\=Arin, get the Press Secretary in here.=/\=

Alessa came in a few minutes later. “What’s going on?”
“This is Eddie Caldwell. He wants unlimited press access to the government.” Ana explained.
“Sounds like a good idea.” Alessa responded.
“That’s the last thing I expected to hear.”
“He’s a well respected Journalist-“
“Thank you.” Eddie cut in.
“You’re very welcome. And any government that looks accessible is usually viewed favorably.”
“I wish that didn’t make sense.”

Eddie was just about ready to start his show, he just needed his guest to arrive. He had big plans for this show, but the Lieutenant Governor was a strong start. He had everything set up, he just needed a guest and to hit record.

-The Podcast Crew

Eela was in a pretty good mood, all told. But that didn’t mean she didn’t have any apprehension about this interview. Moving from her office, the long purple pleated skirt swished about her legs as her low-heeled boots sounded on the floors. The skirt was topped with a simple long sleeved sweater in black and her hair was secured loosely over one-shoulder.

In truth, she had looked forward to an opportunity to have a more in-depth conversation about topics she was passionate about, but Dasca had been adamant that the set-up had to be right. After recent events, that was even more true.

She stepped into the room she had been directed to wearing a light smile, her hazel eyes taking in the host with curiosity and intense assessment. “Good morning,” she said. “Eela Dasca. It’s good to meet you.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“Good morning, I’m Eddie Caldwell.” There was an awkward pause. “Uh please, have a seat. Should have everything set up. Your office sent me a memo- I don’t get a whole lot of memos- but this one said you wanted the interview to focus on…” he checked a PaDD “mental health and life transitions. that’s great, good stuff. I hope you don’t mind if we still do a little ‘the Lieutenant Governor is here’ material.”


She waved her hand. “That’s totally fine,” Eela said as she took a seat. “And before we get into it, I did want to say that I’m willing to go where the conversation takes us, and you’ll get my full honesty, but where we hit a conversational boundary, I’ll say so. That includes recent events. I’m okay talking about it, but how much will depend in that exact moment. Who knows, I might surprise both of us,” she said with a grin. She could tell it might take him a little bit to find his stride, but she simply exuded a relaxed demeanour and hoped that that would help.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Eddie smiled and nodded. “There are things you can say, and things you can’t. I get it. If you don’t object, let’s get started.” He pressed record.

“Hello there everyone, to the first and already a special edition of ‘Out of the Dome’. That’s right, we came up with the title before the dome was opened, but I think it still works. Here with me today is none other than our Lieutenant Governor, Eela Dasca. Welcome to the show.”


“Thank you for having me,” she said. “I’m honoured to be your first guest. I’ve never done anything quite like this but I think it’ll be a really interesting experience.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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