Tenkiller's House- Tipping Point, Day 2

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If there was anywhere she could be herself and not be self-conscious, it was here in this house. And so Eela danced. No, she didn’t spin the way she wanted or do anything bouncing that would aggravate her spine, but even without her brace it was clear that Eela knew how to move her body. Even more so after three nights ago. She flowed with the music, gave into it and let the words seep into her until a big grin settled onto her face.

~Eela, Dancing Diva

Sharah doing a hair toss was either impressive or scary. There was a reason she called her hair Medusa like. Her curls had a mind of their own. But Yavia…well with no hair to toss she just randomly used Sharah or TK’s hair and would laugh. As the song ended they both ended up with an arm around him and each kissed his cheeks. “We need to do that every day.” Yavia laughed.

“Lizzo every morning? Hmmm… starting the day with classical music. I like it.” Charles said with a smile. “And good morning to all the beautiful women in the house! I am willing to bet that no one else on Oed spent the night with three more lovely and amazing women. Four, counting Lizzo.”

“Don’t know who she is, but I like it!” Eela said, still grinning, the rush of energy still flowing through her body. The music was energetic and meaningful. though of a different style entirely, it reminded her of that old Icelandic band that her and Benji had discovered they both loved just after he came to the Steadfast that had resulted in one epic karaoke performance all of two weeks before everything went terribly wrong.

“Morning Eela. How did you sleep?” Sharah glanced at the clock. “Yavia, we gotta get ready. We are supposed to be there early today.”


Charles looked at Eela and said “I’m off till 1400. I can help you with the apartment, if you want.”


Eela gazed at him a long moment and then nodded. It wasn’t so much that she needed help with the rituals but to have someone there with her to face that odd demon? Yeah, that would be nice. “I’d like that, thank you.”

She moved over before they could disappear and still feeling that moment of bonding the dancing induced, Eela stepped up to Sharah and wrapped her arms around Sharah. She said nothing but allowed all the affection and gratitude she felt to seep out of her.

Sharah took a step back and did an awkward shuffle when two people are trying to get out of each others’ way. Eela wasn’t trying to get around Sharah though, she was going to hug her. It was a tidal wave, engulfing and everywhere as it crashed into her. As soon as Eela turned to Yavia, Sharah hurried down the stairs and closing the door to her room behind her.

Eela let her go and then hugged Yavia as well, but as she pulled back, she smirked at the Deltan. “You know, I’m definitely reconsidering wearing the silver dress for the showcase on Thursday. I think I’m in the mood for a little impractical.”

“I’m glad, Eela.” Yavia turned to Charles, sharing a look with him. “Please tell me you have time to make those breakfast sandwiches before we leave?” They were amazing. Of course Sharah would be happy with apple butter and toast. Then with another look Yavia hurried down the stairs after Sharah.


Eela stood there trying to digest what was going on her eyes gazing towards the stairs with concern even as she withdrew mentally. She had hugged Sharah before without any issues, but this was clearly different. Sharah had felt more distant to her since yesterday and she wished she understood. She looked at Charles questioningly.


He waited until he heard the door close and shrugged, but his face showed concern. “Sharah feels others very intensely. The more intense the feeling is for you, the WAY more intense it is to her.” He wasn’t going to go into Sharah’s personal business, but he had to say something so he said “Her empathy filter is not really effective at times, so she can get overwhelmed easily. V will help her recenter. And don’t worry. You didn’t know. She isn’t gonna be mad or anything… she just needs some internal quiet.”

Eela nodded, comprehension settling over her. “And our emotions were all closer to the surface from the dancing, too. I will be more mindful going forward.”

He started cooking, making his trademark breakfast sandwiches of egg, cheese, and bacon. Although it was noticeable that he was making a vegetarian version for Eela.


Decades of travelling space and interacting with different cultures as made Eela adaptable. She was willing to try anything at least once, even if it might not always mesh well with her own preferences, and this was especially true with food. It was, as her and Kenzo had discussed, a great connector, even if you disliked something. Especially given the state she had arrived at this house in, Eela hadn’t really been in the frame of mind to state preferences, nor did she feel it necessary.

His gesture, as seemingly small as it might be to others, did not go unnoticed. Eela touched his arm and smiled. “Smells great. I’ll just be a minute,” she said before pointing outside.

Slipping out the door in her bare feet and down to the spot she had come to yesterday. Eela waited till she could feel that tenuous connection and then lifted her hands up to the sky, beginning the Ku Ralai, the ritual greeting of the day. She used to do this everyday, but it had fallen out of her practice after her accident along with a lot of her other spiritual practices. One by one she was bring them back, collecting them as the precious pieces of herself they were.


Some time before Eela came back inside, Sharah and Yavia came up the stairs, dressed and ready to leave. Sharah in her uniform and Yavia in her scrubs. Sharah looked like maybe she had had 200 shots of espresso. She grabbed a sandwhich, kissed Charles’ cheek with a soft, “I’m sorry.” and went out the front door and disappeared in a swirl of lights

Yavia grabbed a sandwhich and kissed him. “Enjoy your morning. See you at the tavern tonight?”


“Whoa whoa whoa…” TK said and grabbed her hand. “You gonna tell me what the hell that was all about? She ok? Do we need to tie her down to something until she gets the wiggles out? What happened?”


“I don’t know if she is or not.” Yavia looked toward the back door and then making sure nothing was at risk of burning in the kitchen she led him into the den and closed the door behind them. Yavia sat down on the couch. “Most of the time, people’s emotions and thoughts just float about in the air, the the smell of a fresh baked pie as you walk down the street. You smell it, it makes you hungry, it brings back memories, you might even decide to follow the scent and find out where it is coming from. Other times, the baker might walk right up to you and offer you the pie. You can have as much or as little as you want. But Sharah…is offered the pie, but she has to take the whole thing and swallow it whole.”

“The last two days, she has tried to keep as much emotional, mental, and physical distance from Eela is possible. And she knows it hurts Eela, but Sharah doesn’t know how else to stop from influencing Eela or having Eela’s emotional state engulf her. Especially now with everything so raw and primal. Eela offered her a wonderful gift, the joy and happiness and freedom she felt in that moment. And even though those are happy positive emotions, they are also just this side of the cliff of fear and frustration and immense sadness. Without everything that happened to Eela…Sharah battles against that line on her own every day. Eela’s offer is a pie that every other empath can take as little or as much as they are comfortable with, Sharah has to take it all. It has left her almost hysterically giddy, and she doesn’t know how to get rid of it, except to let it run its course.”


Charles looked at the now closed door and said “We should have kept her here until it passed. I mean, we know what she did when she was depressed… the opposite? Crap… she gonna find lost animals and bring them home.” He looked at V and said “Just… keep an eye out. And if you need me, call me. Okay, hun?”


Yavia sighed, “I tried to get her to stay. She just kept saying she can’t avoid her responsibilities every time life is hard. She said he was going to see Lt Mika first.” Yavia grabbed his hand, “If bringing home lost animals helps, I will spend my days off finding them a home.” Yavia stood up, “I’m going to head to the hospital. Today is a short shift because of the celebration. Maybe that will help. I’ll call you, promise.”


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