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Jal’na clapped Mika on the shoulder, maybe a bit too heavily for the other woman. “Tandra Mika this is my husband, Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc. Urg, Tandra Mika, she has joined us from Star Fleet at Sacred Heart. I have the privilege of working with her with many patients.”

Mika was slightly, okay, really terrified of him. This Klingon was at least twice, maybe three times her size and massively intimidating. A mug of something she didn’t recognize was thrust into her hand and she didn’t dare unintentionally offend anyone. So, she raised the mug to his, smiled a wide smile, and took as large of a drink of the liquid inside as she could manage at once.

It was disgusting! She swallowed anyway, not letting herself make a face. Ugh! The aftertaste! Klingon food and drink was… something else. Still, she maintained a happy smile throughout that.... Experience. She gave Urg and Jal’na one more nod before moving off a little ways, giving others the opportunity to speak to them.

~ Mika

Sharah came up to Tandra as she moved away, “Tandra, I’m glad you made it. This way, we have ice cream. The rest of the medical staff is over here, though some have spread out to the rest of the tavern. I have to find Yavia. I’m sure she’s up to trouble.” She glanced around looking for the woman.

Jal’na and Sharah

Eela drank more from her mug and eyed the happy couple. “Well, Lord Duroc. It good to see you’ve met your match,” she said with a gleam in her hazel eyes as she smirked a little at Jal’na. She was certain the Builder must have had plenty to say about too. Jal’na was used to dealing with stubborn people, herself included, and knew exactly the right way to motivate people. It was an interesting but no unexpected pairing in her mind.

~Eela Dasca

Urg looked at her and said “I prefer to think of Jal’na as the missing piece to my mind’s puzzle. Praise the Builder for bringing me here so I could meet her.” He raised his mug and yelled “THE BUILDER!!” and all of House Duroc screwed it back. Urg smiled and said “Fanaticism… it can be a beautiful thing.” and he laughed.

Urg, Lord Duroc

With a grin, Eela lifted her mug and took a hearty gulp. She was never going to say that blood wine was her favourite but she didn’t mind it. Whether it would kick her ass later, well, she was twenty-five years older and even with her people’s ability to tolerate alcohol quite well, she wasn’t sure how far she wanted to push the hangover. On the other hand, this was a celebration and she was glad to have a reason to do so.

Even Jal’na added her voice to the call. How she felt about The Builder was still mostly a mystery to her, but she given her word to have faith when Urg gave her the medalion. Her participation garnered curious and perplexed looks from her parents and other House Noggra members having never known Jal’na to be religious in any way.

Jal’na understood what Eela was trying to say bit it was very much a human saying and ppint if view. For Klingins, meeting one’s match was about an opponent who was equal in all things, a worthy and epic battle. “His is the heart that beats in rhythm with mine.” At least that part of Klingon mythology was true. Jal’na could feel it.

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

Eela smiled at the words. “I like that sentiment.” In truth, this was the first Klingon wedding celebration of any kind she’d been to and so she was happy to take everything in and learn.

While Sharah and Tandra were trying to figure out where she went, Yavia was making her way to speak with Jal’na. “Jal’na!” Yavia sidled up to her and smirked. “I see you finally found your own warrior to chase, rather than mine.”

Jal’na chuckled, “Bah! I did not want yours. You just needed to think you had competition so you would stop procrastinating. But in the end it still took two of you to tame him.” Jal’na roared with laughter.

Yavia cackled, “Or they both caught me. I’m not sure.” Jal’na waved her closer. “Sit and have a drink with me.” She reached out, snagged a chair and dragged it over. “Urg, this is Yavia Crockett. The finest nurse I have ever worked with and my dearest friend.”

Yavia gave him a ferral smile, “My honor Lird Duroc. May you both share many y glorious battles together!” Yavia raised her mug and then, for such a small person, she drained an impressive amount from her glass.


Urg grinned and said “And may you find a death that song of with pride by your kin.” He then leaned in and whispered to Jal’na “jI’IQtaHmo’ jI’IQ. yIntaHvIS wa’ rur DenIb Qatlh.” (I love it when they try to sound Klingon. Its like a targ whelp barking at a Denib Qatlh.)

Urg, Lord Duroc

Jal’na smirked, “yIDoghQo’. ghangtaHvIS. rutlh nuvpu’ ghaH.” (Don’t be too harsh. She’s keeping her promise. At least she is cute like a targ whelp). Jal’na scooped a large spoonful of ice cream while Yavia’s brows went up. The bride chuckled at her friend’s expense. The Deltan chuckled and turned to Eela.

Eela drank more from her mug (one gulp per toast seemed appropriate) and she smiled softly at the Deltan. “Good evening, Yavia. It’s good to see you.”

~Eela Dasca

“It is good to be seen Eela. I am glad we could be here to celebrate with Jal’na.” Yavia turned as several platters of food and carved targ were carried in and set along the various tables. “It might not look appetizing to some, but it smells delucious.”

Jak’na and Yavia

Urg took a thick metal skewer and stabbed a few pieces of meat. “The Klingon palate is more refined than most give us credit for. We just happen to enjoy meat more than anything else.” he said to Yavia with a grin and a wiggle of his eyebrows that looked more menacing than friendly. He tore a bite from the skewer and turned to talk to another guest.

Urg, Lord Duroc

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