Forging the Future

Posted March 30, 2023, 6:37 p.m. by Civilian Thyr Th'arialat (Resident) (Lucas Foxley)

Posted by Civilian Jezem (Upstanding Citizen) in Forging the Future

Posted by Civilian Thyr Th’arialat (Resident) in Forging the Future
Shivan threw open the door to the house, moved towards the living room, and plopped himself down on the couch, one hand gently holding his injury. “Jezem! You’re not going to believe who I ran into today.” He called through the house. “You up for a shopping trip?”

~ Thyr

In the courtyard, Jezem suddenly sat upright, his feet and calves soaking in the wading pool. Shivan ran into someone? And they didn’t try to stab, kidnap or extort him? Something wasn’t right here. Jezem pulled himself upright and waded through the shallow pool to the other side where his towel laid on table. “I’m in the courtyard!” Jezem called back, quickly wiping down his legs with the large fluffy towel.


Argh. Now he had to get up again. Shivan stood and headed out to the courtyard. “You remember Eryn, don’t you?” Under his right arm was a PaDD. “She’s not going to turn me in. Luckily. Actually, she had a proposal for me.”

~ Thyr

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