Tenkiller's House- Tipping Point, Day 2

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TK pulled her to him and kissed her with a smile. “You do that. Regardless of anything. I just wanna hear your voice.” he whispered. “Ok.” he then said aloud. “I’m going to the orbital platform in an hour. I should be done in time for the party. If I’m late, please make my apologies to the newlyweds. Now I gotta get the second most powerful person on this planet outta our backyard and see if we can get her back up and running.”


Yavia kissed him and hugged him tightly. “Well in that case I won’t need a reason to call you. Tell Eela I will see her later, but I didn’t want to interupt her ritual.” There was a sound of a car arriving. “Alright I have to go. You call if you need anything, too.” Another quick kiss and she slipped out of the den and the front door.


“LOVE YOU, V!” he called after her.

A moment later, he stepped out on the back porch with two cups of coffee and two sandwiches. He sat down, leaned back, and let the sun shine on his face with his eyes closed.


The ritual itself was a brief salutation to the new day. At most it took a minute. But Eela still stood there in her pyjamas with her hands at her sides, her palms turned upwards towards the sky. When her bare feet had hit the grass, she had known that she needed something more than to simply go through the motions. Meditation was something she had practiced her whole life and had always been a necessary cleansing of her mind. Since the accident she had found it far more difficult to find that state and had been constantly experimenting with ways to find a new path there. Today was different. Perhaps it was the constant flux of emotions or the fact that there were depths to those emotions Eela had yet to touch that scared the hell out of her, but Eela knew that she needed a way to gather herself, for her own sake as well as those around her.

Somehow she found some tiny refuge from her own mind and she allowed herself to be connected to the energetic field that was Oed. It wasn’t the same as if she enhanced her abilities through other rituals or the canar, but it was something.

A flicker on her awareness and she knew it was time to come back to reality. Opening her eyes, she lifted her arms to the sky. The dust of stars fall to the ground-she lowered her arms in an arc till her pointed fingers were directed at her feet-and thus we give thanks and begin anew. Today she actually crouched and pressed her hands to the ground. Bowing her head for a moment, she then rose.

Eela moved with calmness back to the stairs and up to where Charles was sitting and sat in the chair next to him. “Thank you for making breakfast,” she said softly, touching two fingertips to the food and then her lips before she took a bite. She was notably more calm, but more than that was that was she contained.


“You are welcome.” he replied without moving. He liked the morning sun, it reminded him of drinking coffee on the front porch of his house on Earth with his dad. “How are you feeling?” he asked, and then finally raised his head and opened his eyes.


“A bit like a wrung out cloth, but I’m centred. Or at least centred enough to do what I need to,” Eela said before reaching for the coffee to take a sip. She could tell that Sharah and Yavia had left, and given they had said they had to be at work early today, she didn’t comment on it. She did take another bite of breakfast sandwich, and it was very tasty, but she still had little appetite.

She crossed a leg and chuckled. “And I’m sitting about in my pyjamas on a Tuesday morning, so… that’s amusing, if short-lived.”


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