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Posted March 31, 2023, 12:53 p.m. by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Police Commissioner) (Hjortur Ingi)

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Posted by Civilian Eryn Romanov (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in Secrets in the Art (Tag Karlson)

Posted by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Police Commissioner) in Secrets in the Art (Tag Karlson)
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Eryn enjoyed the early morning runs. It was one of those things you didn’t know was missing until you found it. She had been running along the route Karlson had indicated for a couple of weeks, and was now a regular. Or at least the brunette with the ponytail through the back of her ball cap was familiar. These types of set ups were amusing and usually not necessary, but they did keep some of those soft skills sharp.

After her run she went home and would then go to her studio. She wasn’t always there, but depending on the projects and other assignments dictated how often. Right now things were quiet, so she was at the studio a lot. But today she was expecting a visit.

Eryn Romanov

Joseph Karlson often perused the shops of the commercial district, he was known for his great love of old things, physical things like books, or tools of more ancient times. Artwork like paintings or statues. He’d been careful in cultivating this public persona as it put people at ease with having a former Marine General run the police force, especially after his harsh putdown of the riot in ‘89 by brutally decimating organized crime on Oed and publically fighting and humiliating the major instigator of the ‘rebellion’. Joseph was well dressed as always, in a light blue three-piece suit, the colors seemed to swirl as he walked, a sort of synthetic color that mesmerized those that stared directly at him, conveniently taking focus away from his actions. His cane for today was a natural-looking light brown wood, it didn’t look hewn, it looked as if it was a branch specifically grown to fit his size perfectly.

He was in deep conversation with a younger man, or at least he looked to be in his mid-thirties, he was as tall as Joseph but not as wide. He wore a simple dark suit and overcoat with a red tie. He had faded dark spots on his neck, slightly pointed ears, and completely dark eyes showing a mixed heritage of species. “Why do you insist on dragging me to shop, boss?” He complained “Because you my friend are a workaholic who needs to learn to appreciate the beauty of living” Joseph answered, the tone was that of an older brother chiding a younger one for being childish, an odd way for someone as old as Joseph to speak to someone.

Commissioner Karlson

Tucked on a side street of this particular block was a plain store front. Two sculptures sat un the dual windows and backed by heavy black drapes that gave no peak inside. The occupant and owner of this particular building was not interested in attracting customers. That is what she paid Turner for. To display and sell her work. Here Eryn worked in peace, and only those that were invited cane here. A dark grey slider parked out front and Mastik, the Orion driver and guard made rounds in and out of the building. Today the smoke from the furnaces was already puffing out of the roof stacks.

Eryn Romanov


“Come this way” Joseph said as they walked passed the few local shops. He almost walked past Eryn’s shop on purpose “Hmm lets give this a peak” He said as he went to the door and checked if it would open.

Commissioner Karlson & DCI Pangolin

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