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Posted March 31, 2023, 3:04 p.m. by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Expanding our Minds - The Subject of the Vren

Posted by Civilian Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi (Governor) in Expanding our Minds - The Subject of the Vren
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There were questions and demands and fears and concerns to respond to. Karina tried to answer them all. Plus the symposium to plan and host. There were also her regular duties as the director of education.

The governor wanted to see the plans and for now it was still a work in progress, but they could move forward as is. Karine put in a call to Ms Fen to arrange a meeting with the governor to go over the plans as he requested.

Enger, DOE

The meeting was arranged and when the time came for it, Karina was let into Hyrushi’s office. “Ms. Enger, welcome. Thank you for coming. Please, be seated” Hyrushi said as he stood behind his desk. “I would like to apologize for the back and forth on this matter. As you probably imagine, the situation with the Vren is quite… fluid.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Karina sat in a chair across from him, setting her PaDD in her lap. “It’s quite alright, Governer Hyrushi. There are a lot of moving pieces to this. Right now I have scheduled the educational symposium for 2 weeks after the Vren arrive. This is fluid though. I attempted to take into account the Gala, Dir Oshiro’s medical presentation, and of course press conferences and the necessary diplomatic meetings. I have coordinated with the museum staff and submitted the names of our top students and professors for the gala so that they can assist the museum staff with answering questions about the exhibits. They will continue to assist so if our guests wish to tour the museum more formally the curators have extra staff on hand.”

Enger, DOE

“Excellent.” Hyrushi said with a nod. “And is it even possible for the children to do any kind of presentation? A song, a poetry recital… something that could be seen as a kind of ritual bu the Vren, but with some cultural meaning to our people? And yes. I know this is a large ask. ‘No’ is a reasonable answer.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Karina didn’t answer right away. “That is a…heavy and dynamic question. I have had a lot in inquiries from the parents about how much access the Vren will have to the areas the children live and learn. There have of course been requests for added security, for at home study programs, and such. I have had a handful of parents who are very curious about the Vren children . They are curious if any of their children are traveling with the adults, like we would bring our own. They want to know what is happening to them on their home world. Not surprisingly, that question is coming from the refugee parents. The consequences of natural disaster are still very close to home for them.”

Kenzo shook his head and sighed heavily. “Tell your parents that there are a total of twenty-four Vren coming to Oed. Twenty-four. In a city of four million. The odds of their children even seeing the Vren in person are astronomically high considering they will all be engaged in the diplomatic talks the vast majority of time.”

“That was my deduction, but parents tend to react rather than…process when they think their children might be in danger. However, if I might suggest, reach out to the refugee community, Governor. Those parents have been very curious but without the fear of the others. They have been through similar, perhaps not as large scale, circumstances. They might help provide the perspective of the other side of the coin. They seem eager to know more.”

“I will do that. Very good advice, Director. Thank you.” Hyrushi said.

“I have actually had a request from a group of our high-school students to do something. Their idea was to present different cultures approaches to the same custom. Such as greetings or meal etiquette, etc. I am inclined to support their initiative, but the obstacle is the parents. I will ask, knowing that a large majority of the parents will most likely seek my removal for it.”

Enger, DOE

Kenzo thought for a moment and said “Have those students send a request to my office today. They bypassed you when there was pushback. I will approve the request and the parents can call for my removal if they like.” He looked at Enger and said “That is a brilliant idea, by the way. The greetings especially. I think focusing on that would be extremely fitting. Can you get something together in the time we have?”

Hyrushi, Governor

“One moment,” Karina turned to her PaDD and tapped away. Reaching out via memo to the students and their teachers to have them meet right away. They could use the conference room. She looked up, “You should have their rough proposal in an hour. They have 3 days, I think they can do it. When would you like the performance? Before or after the gala? Or perhaps set up for after their physical arrival as a type of official welcome?”

Enger, DOE

“If it is the greetings presentation, we should do it at the beginning.” Hyrushi said. “When I approve the proposal, contact the involved students parents and tell them if they will give us their ID information today, we will allow them to be present for the performance at the Gala. After all, it is not everyday one’s children are greeting a new species in such a momentus occasion. Also, it may allay some of the apprehension. But we have to he able to vette and clear everyone by end of day. Securoty won’t be happy, but I will deal with that.”

Karina was tapping away on her PaDD, making notes, but nodded in acknowledgement as he spoke. Karina wasn’t likely to forget what he needed, but this was to important to leave to chance.

He looked at Enger directly and said “Director… Karina… I am trusting you to make this both meaningful and appropriate. If we don’t have time for me to review the presentation… it’s success will be wholly your responsibility. Are you okay with that?”

Hyrushi, Governor

Karina smiled, “I am. That is what you hired me for, Governor. If they aren’t ready in 3 days we will cancel and move for something afterwards. But I should know by tomorrow morning for sure. I know the time line is tight. If you cannot attend a review, would it be possible for someone else in your offices to do so? I will freely admit that dealing g with children and parents of various cultures is different than diplomatic contact. More importantly, this will be the first time these children have done anything like this. The support and approval from the Colonial officials will go a long way to ease nerves and boost confidence.”

Enger, DOE

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