USS Centurion- Putting Us Through Our Paces

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Everyone knew it had been coming, and they were given several days notice for the All Hands call to the USS Centurion. The regular skeleton crew was joined by that days’ on call crew bringing the Avenger-class ship to it’s full complement of 55 people, even though they had some people in acting roles.

Captain McBride had boarded yesterday and stayed in his quarters, getting a feel for how things shifted as more crew boarded. This morning he had come up to the bridge early and had been in his ready room, available to greet crew and also to touch base with Dasca before they headed out.

The plan was simple: they would do their usual system patrol and then head out for twenty-five hours before turning around and heading back. During that time, there were specific things he was looking for and had also planned and there rest would unfold as it would.

Stepping back onto the bridge at 0800 hours, Jonathan took the centre seat and opened a ship-wide comm. =/\=All Departments, status check.=/\=

OOC: We don’t have a CE currently, and a helmsperson would be useful too. If anyone wants to join in the little adventure with a NPC, you’re more than welcome to!

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Sharah had boarded late the night before or maybe it was early this morning, after ensuring the hospital was squared away. Helaky was I’m charge and Elbbirt would assist him from the Fleet side while they were gone. Asimina had joined her later in the morning after squaring away the infirmary on the complex. They had gone over all of sickbay and had the department checking the location and supply of the emergency medical equipment. Which of course had been done in the weeks leading up to it, but it was good to double check.

The call came from McBride and Sharah looked at Hannah who nodded. =/\=Fayth to McBride. Medical is green and all assigned medical crew have reported in.=/\=

Fayth, SFCMO

“Acknowledged, Medical.”

=/\= Lieutenant Mika, reporting in from Medical as well, Captain. =/\= Mika added when she was ready. If she was needed, she’d head up to the bridge, but to start out she figured she was best out of the way for now.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo walked onto the bridge of the Centurion and saw the Captain there. He said to the captain, “Lt Cmdr Cattaneo coming onto the bridge. I am going to take my place at the Tactical station. I was on my way up when I heard you status check but thought it would just be easier to wait till I arrived instead of double checking in, one over comms and one once I got to the bridge.” Tiberius was looking forward to a little trip on the Centurion. This would be the first one he has taken since arriving at Oed V. He was excited for this. He had always heard great things about this type of ship and was curious about what all it could do first hand, instead of via stories. He waited for a response from the captain.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

“Take your station, Commander,” Jonathan said with a light smile. He was itching to get underway and though he presented a focused and relaxed presence, there was a sutble undercurrent of excitement from the Captain.

Woods had been up since the wee hours of the morning. It was weird being back on a planet again. The vacation to Deneba with Sharah had been a nice chang eof pace for him. The headaches and other problems for her, not so much. But the shuttle run to and fro had been much more relaxing for her, and both fo them. But since settling on Oed, he’d found he’d missed the cycle of day and night. The air wasn’t canned, even if the planet still needed terraforming. Dusty was the apt word. But still, the small hours allowed him to get a few things done. And to go on a run. There was something about real gravity and the way it dragged on his flesh and bones that just felt different, felt more ‘right’. Which, that was probably true for a species that evolved at the bottom of a gravity well.

Knowing that the Centurion was out for patrol this morning, and he was expected to be on it, he’d transported up some time ago, and scrounged breakfast from the mess replicators. At the status check request, Mark simply turned in his chair. “Sensor arrays all show green. And we have the latest updates from Starfleet for them and the rest of the science suite. And the labs are as good as can be expected, Cap’n.”

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

“Good. We will need them for our excursion for sure,” McBride said.

After Commander Woods updated the status of the science station, Tiberius finished looking over tactical and reported, “Tactical station green and everything is ready. All weapon systems are ready. The security team is green as well.” He then waited to hear from the rest of the staff in order to proceed with the short mission. He was excited to see what this ship could do in the air.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

From down in engineering, The acting CE, Lt. Elise Goodwin called up. =/\=Engineering is mostly green. Impulse engines and warp core are at optimal. We’ve been dealing with a slight fluctuation in the starboard shield array but we’ve been compensating and it shouldn’t pose a problem if we need shields.=/\=

“Understood, Engineering,” McBride said before returning to a ship-wide comm.=/\=All hands, this is the captain. Prepare for departure.=/\=

“Captain, we’re being hailed from the surface. It’s the Government Tower.”

Jonathan grinned. “On screen.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Captain Dasca appeared from her office and she gave them a warm smile. =/\=You’re all clear for departure, Captain. Still good with the original plan?=/\= she asked lightly.

McBride rose to his feet and grinned. “Yes, ma’am. It’ll be a good test.”

=/\=If anything changes, let me know. Otherwise, have some fun. And uh…=/\= Dasca leaned in. =/\=Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.=/\=

“That’s not narrowing it down very much, Ma’am,” McBride managed to say with a straight face.

Eela laughed. =/\=Go on. Safe journey. We’ll see you in a couple days.=/\=

OOC: I’m going to give this a couple more days to see if anyone else wants to join in that hasn’t said they would already, and then I’ll get us underway.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov

~ Lt Mika, CNS

OOC: I thought I posted again on this thread. I am going to make a note after my meetings in a little while.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

The nondescript man in medical blue with Commander pips on his collar standing off to the side smiled. “Very exciting. I am very much looking forward to this.” he said in an accent that was simultaneously clear and understandable… and very odd and difficult to place; like multiple accents simultaneously. The Ops officer jumped at the words and looked over their shoulder, a confused look on their face as if wondering where the man came from. Korczak smiled and pushed the wire-frame glasses he wore up his nose slightly.

Korczak, Psychologist

McBride leaned his elbow on the arm rest and cast his assessing gaze in the mysterious man’s direction. The Centurion was a fully staffed at 55 officers and crew and he knew everyone on board given he had gone over the assignments for this little mission more than once. “As we all are, Commander. Do stick around while we get underway,” he said, very much an order, even if his tone was light.

Focusing on the viewscreen, the captain breathed in, a light smile slipping onto his face. “Seal the airlock, release docking clamps.”

This was it: he was finally getting to take his new ship, little though it be, out for a spin. It didn’t matter how many years passed since he had actively piloted starships on the daily, that thrill had never left him. “Aft thrusters at one-quarter, port and starboard at station-keeping.” The vibration that was summoned was so very slight but he knew it well.

“Ship clear of the Orbital Platform.”
“You have coordinates, Helm?”
“Yes, Captain,” the junior grade Lt said.
“Bring us about to clear Oed Five, full impulse.”

Soon they had cleared the planet and were pointed towards open space. “Bridge to Engineering. Are we clear for warp?”
Yes, Captain.
“Faaantastic,” Jonathan said. “Helm, lay in our course. Warp 7.”
“Course laid in.”
“At the pre-set flight plan, 18 hours.
“By all means then, let’s fly,” McBride said with a grin.

The ship jumped to warp.

He let them just soak it in a few moments before opening a ship-wide comm. =/\=All hands, this is the Captain. We’re on our way. It’s a fairly quick jaunt over to the next uninhabited system of Koros where we’ll get in a little target practice in the large asteroid belt. As you know, this is essentially a shakedown cruise, not for the ship, but for us its crew. We’re new to each other and this is a chance to see how we work together, work on the flaws and make sure we’re ready to face whatever might be thrown at us. On Oed we’re often going about our own business, but let’s not forget that we are a part of the first line of defence for four million people. They depend on us and the colonial defence force to keep them safe. The stakes are high for the colony right now, so let’s show them we’re ready. McBride out.”

He allowed the words to settle in before he rose from his chair. “Woods, you have the bridge.”

McBride turned to the mystery man. “Commander, join me, will you?” he said, before heading into the small ready room.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Tiberius was excited about firing practice. This will allow him to test his skills as a tactical officer as well as see what this ship can really do, both from a weapons standpoint along with a maneuverability of the Centurion. This was his first time on the ship but he knew some about what everything was about the ship, especially from its weapon systems, but always seeing things in person was a different story than just reading and studying about. He would enjoy the flight along with making sure everything was in tip top shape when the training began.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo,

An hour later, the comms picked up a signal. It was a distress call.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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