The First Cabinet Meeting

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Posted by Civilian Aiofemi T. Oshiro (Director of Medical and Social Services) in The First Cabinet Meeting
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Ana’s assistant Arin had sent out messages to every Cabinet member. Dr Aiofemi Oshiro’s office received a message that read The Governor’s Chief of Staff requests a meeting with you as soon as possible. She wishes to discuss your current work. Arin had added the last part but no one needed to know that it wasn’t from Ana herself.

-Chief of Staff

When the message came through, Ai was a Sacred Heart Hospital and tensed up for a moment. Discuss current work? What did that mean. After her thoughts had process she responded. =^=Thank you for the message. Please let the Chief of Staff know that I have some free time right now and I am on my way.=^=

Aiofemi placed her PaDD in her Gorn leather tote and told Samikah, “I have a meeting with the Chief of Staff and will probably be out for the rest of the day. Can you set up the accounts for Lai and Akem? If she calls with any questions, you may give her my communicator information.”

Samikah, nodded as she tapped on her PaDD. “I will get it all arranged and let them know their accounts are active.”

About 30 minutes later Aiofemi arrived at the Government building and took the lift up to Ana’s office, When she arrived at her door, she rang the chime and waited for the invitation to enter.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Arin let her in and directed her back to the darkly decorated office. Ana was sitting behind her desk, looking over some files. She looked up and passed a piercing gaze over Ai, before softening. “Dr Oshiro. Please come in, sit down. I’m Chief of Staff Ana Caputo.” The way she said her name, there was a mild implication that she was speaking her native Italian, and relying on universal translators to do the rest.

-Chief of Staff

Ai nodded as she returned the greeting, “Miss Caputo. Welcome to Oed,” she said with a smile.
The woman looked human as far as she could tell and she based on her speech, Federation Standard was not her native language. Ai took the nearest seat. After she sat down she asked, “How are you liking the colony so far?”
While waiting for a reply, she took the opportunity to quickly gaze around and take in the decor of the room.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

What Ai saw was largely the furnishings that Ana’s predecessor had left behind. It was heavy wooden furniture and dark colors that all made the room seem smaller than it was. Ana answered “The Governor has indicated that if my performance is not adequate, a citizen will bring me and my career to a swift end. It seems like a lovely place, but not the warmest of welcomes. I hope my assistant communicated to you the nature and reason for this meeting on such short notice.”

-Chief of Staff

Ai’s eyes widened. She had had her own brush with the Governor. He had accused her of spreading rumors when she was just trying to relay a piece of information to him. “Yes well, the Governor has quite an direct....uh mordant way about him.” She said, And to think I had a crush on him when I started here. “He has been very straightforward with me as well. I think you are going to be just fine. I like to think of it this way, although his tone is often acerbic he knows what he is doing. He would not have brought you aboard if he didn’t think you possessed the necessary skills to get the job done. I personally like to deal with the Lt. Governor directly. She listens and then responds accordingly. It’s not her nature to assume.”
Ai sighed, she just gave the chief of staff a whole backstory of her experience when she first started her job on Oed. It was mostly out of nervousness. “No, It was not clear from the communication your assistant provided why you asked me to come here.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ana grimaced a little. “I certainly can only hope he did better with the others.” She sighed and did her best to relax. “I have asked you here to understand you and what you’re working on currently better before the Vren arrive. Getting to know the Cabinet is a logical first step, and one I have to put an unfortunate rush on given our shortened timeline.”

-Chief of Staff

“Yes, of course.” Ai did know why she felt nervous. “Um…I am currently setting up space for a seminar with the Vren medical staff. The Governor thought it would be a good idea to host a meet and greet with the Vrens doctors. I planned on displaying some of our medical technology and doing a few demonstrations of our medical advancements. We have been granted access to the Rabbitus School. It is currently being prepared as we speak. I had several meetings with a few of the other cabinet members to prepare for the event.” Ai shifted in a seat a bit and ran her fingers through her hair. “A lot of people are nervous about the event. I am afraid I do not blame them because we have no way of knowing what the Vren’s true intentions are. I am hoping for the best possible outcome but I cannot help but expect the worse.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

“Do you have any suspicions regarding their intentions?” Ana asked, hoping to gain some insight into perspectives on the Vren, whether accurate or not. “The Vren will be difficult to anticipate, with the little information we have on them, so…”

-Chief of Staff

“Naturally I do. Just because I have heard from very good sources that they have been hostile and have even attacked the colony at one…or maybe a few times in the past.” Aiofemi frowned then said, “Does no one else think the Vren’s sudden plea for peace to be suspicious?”
She shrugged then said, “Maybe it’s just me. I was a Starfleet officer for many years and I have encountered some species like the Vren. Rarely are they suddenly a candidate to become best friends with a civilization they think has intruded in their part of the solar system. I just think we should proceed with caution.” She leaned forward then lowered her voice, “Honestly I felt much better about the visit after I had a chance to talk to the previous Director of CIA. I would have described him as indomitable and he had a very stoic nature. No doubt he was prepared to handle any threats the Vren might throw our way, but now that he is gone. I am not sure. Hopefully, Mr. Fox holds up to the task.”

Dr. Aiofemi Oshiro, DMSS

Ana nodded. “I doubt we’ll end up too friendly with them, but they do need us right now so we can count on that.”

Zerbo got the message but being new to his position he didn’t realize that he was being summoned and it fell through the cracks. Once he realized his mistake he sent them a message that he would be on his way and showing up late, which is NOT a thing Zerbo does, ever, he was upset. The short, fat Ferengi in a nice suit walked through the door. “I am sorry for being late everyone. I have fixed the problem and it will not happen again. Did I miss anything?” He look around and noticed that they were all Hew-Mon sized chairs. Exhaling regret, he climbed up into one of the chairs like a toddler trying to get on the couch for the first time. Getting situated he looked around in embarrassment. Pulling out a PaDD he typed a message to one of his assistants. Bring me a chair like in my office to the Cabinet members chambers. It will stay here and I will use it when here on business. He thought about how the Nemoidians from had a chair that hovered and even walked. He wanted one of those chairs, but the JEdi took that one, but he could have made.

Zerbo, Finance Minister

“Not to worry.” Ana reassured him. “This is nothing as urgent as my assistant made it seem. I just want to know all of you in preparation for the arrival of the Vren. You’re the Finance Minister, Zerbo is that right?” She wondered why Hyrushi would hire a Ferengi to manage the colony’s finances.

-Chief of Staff

“Umm…I was not aware this was a meeting for all cabinet members.” Said Ai as she eyed Zerbo. Ferengi were not her favorite type of species to interact with. From her experience in Starfleet, she’d learned they had a reputation for being nefarious, scheming, untrustworthy creatures. Possibly an unfair judgement but she’d met too many to think otherwise.

“It is entirely my fault Doctor. I misread the email. Please forgive me.”

He nodded. “Yes Madam. I am so new to this post that I did not even know I had a new email group that I have been assigned to. That is where I failed. Again, I apologize. I have been in this post for a month now. My previous post so you get an idea of my background, was Dai’Mon Ress, the First Assistant to the Grand Nagus and second in command of the Ferengi Alliance. I and my counterpart, Dai’Mon Hoka, are unlike any Ferengi that you have met before, that I can guarantee. We are open, honest and deal in legitimate businesses only. Take that for what it is worth as I do know that a Ferengi’s word is not worth much, but you will see by our actions. Do you or any of you have any questions for me? And I apologize up front with my sounding formal. My species cannot do contractions very well and I will mess up on other words and meanings as well.

Finance Minister, Zerbo

Ana turned to face the new arrival. “Ah, Minister Zerbo! I expected to see you later.” She gestured to an open seat “Nonetheless you are welcome. I do wish to hear your assessment of the OED economy. But Dr Oshiro and I were just discussing the impending arrival of the Vren.”

-Chief of Staff

“My apologies for not reading the email properly (and for crashing your posts), it will not happen again. I will wait until Dr. Oshiro is done and give you my report.”

Finance Minister Zerbo

“That sounds great.” Ana nodded and turned her focus to the DMSS. “Director Oshiro, if you’d like to continue discussing your expectations for the Vren and their impending arrival.”

-Chief of Staff

Ai had to admit he didn’t seem to be the typical Ferengi as he was apologetic and she’d never heard a Ferengi truly apologize for anything. “I…um…actually have to get back to work,” said Aiofemi as she stood up from her chair. “It was nice to briefly meet you…Finance Minister Zerbo.” she turned to Ana, then said, “Miss Caputo. If there is anything else I can do for you, please give my office a ring.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Hoping out of the chair he bowed deeply to Ai. “It was nice to meet you as well and I am truly sorry for interrupting your meeting and not reading the email properly. You can stay madam and I can leave. Again. My apologies.” He rose up from the bow and then bowed slightly to the Chief of Staff. “Thank you for the hospitality but I was incorrect in being here in the first place. Please forgive my intrusion as well. You both have a great day and I hope you both get to see me in a better light soon. Again, good day to you both.” With that he left.

Zerbo, Ministry of Finance

“Oh no, please stay,” said Ai. “I am sure at some point we will need our own meeting. I do need to discuss the budget for Sacred Heart and for some of the other services. How do I get a meeting? Do I contact your assistant or you directly?” she asked.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Malcolm Dawkins, an athletic caramel-skinned man in a dark grey suit stepped through the door with a slight smile. “Hello… I’m Malcolm Dawkins. I was under the understanding there was a meeting today?”

Dawkins, Director of Orbital Facilities

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