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Posted by Civilian Tabris’s Gaggle of Children (Assorted Small Children) in Off to the park (Open)

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It was a beautiful day on OED V, and the Asam children were excited to spend their day at the park. The sun was shining, and the air was filled with the promise of fun and adventure. Tabris had given them the go-ahead to explore the park on their own, trusting that they would stay together and keep an eye on each other. The park was only a few blocks away from their home, making it a perfect destination for a day of outdoor activities.

As the kids prepared for their outing, Neltus was busy packing a small backpack with snacks, a first-aid kit, and a blanket for them to sit on. His empathic nature had taught him to be prepared for any situation, and he took his role as the eldest sibling seriously.

“Hey, Vedi, can you grab the sunscreen?” Neltus called out to his brother, who was already in the living room double-checking the charge on their communication devices.

“Yeah, sure,” Vedi replied, heading to the bathroom to fetch the sunscreen. He was always ready to help, taking care of his siblings like a true big brother.

In the meantime, Mecona was struggling to decide which toy to bring with her to the park. She sat on the floor, surrounded by her favorite toys, deep in thought. Julin, bouncing around with excitement, couldn’t resist teasing her a little.

“Come on, Mecona! Just pick one already. We’re going to be at the park, not playing with toys all day,” he said, giggling.

Mecona frowned, picking up her cherished doll that Vedi had made for her. “I want to bring her, but what if she gets dirty?”

Julin rolled his eyes playfully. “Eberything gets dirty at the park, Mecona. Besides, you can always have dad clean her when we get back.”

While Vedi returned with the sunscreen, Neltus overheard the conversation between Mecona and Julin. “Why don’t you bring something less precious?” he suggested. “That way, you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty.”

Mecona nodded, putting the doll back on the shelf and grabbing a small stuffed animal instead. “Alright, I’ll bring Mr. Fluffles.”

As the siblings finished their preparations, they couldn’t help but engage in some lighthearted bickering.

“Julin, you better not wander off by yourself,” Vedi warned, wagging a finger at his energetic brother.

“Relax, Bedi! I’ll stay with you guys,” Julin said with a grin, crossing his heart and giving a little bounce.

Once everything was packed and ready, the Asam children headed out the door, excited for their day at the park.

–The Kids–

With only mere two days to go until the Vren arrived, Eryn had been taking more and more walks about the colony. Listening, watching, feeling the energy and ebb and flow. There were of course the normal places and people to get information from, but today Eryn was more interested in the everyday members of the colony. How they were approaching and handling the upcoming events. There were always political machinations to look out for, but sometimes the average person would do something reckless and unexpected because of fear.

So it was while she walked she caught the sound of children, siblings from the conversation. Children always brought a mental smile to Eryn. It was a beautiful day and they should be outside. She didn’t expect to hear the name Neltus or when she turned to look to see four children with faces so familiar it pained her heart. 2 Cardassians, a Bajoran, and an El-Aurian. 3 boys and 1 girl. They had grown since she had dropped them off on the Ark Angel that Christmas years ago, but she would recognize them anyway. She had held each of them as a small child and cared and protected them until she delivered them into the hands of the most caring woman she knew - Kara.

The children wouldn’t recognize her now with her green eyes and white blonde hair. They knew her only as Zanya, the eccentric pink haired woman who came often to the orphanage to help and entertain. She wouldn’t approach them or speak with them, but she did allow herself to catch snippets of their conversation as she circled the park on her walk. It did the usually cynical agent good to know they were healthy, happy, and their family was intact. She finished her circuit of the park and moved on towards the retail district.

Woman of Many Faces

The park was bustling with activity as the Asam children arrived, their eyes wide with excitement. The vast green expanse was dotted with families and children, all enjoying the beautiful day. The scent of fresh grass and flowers filled the air, along with the contagious laughter and cheerful shouts of children at play. The woman who was so vital to each and every one of their survival just out of reach, but watching as a good guardian angle should.

Neltus, always the more thoughtful of the group, spread out the blanket they’d brought under a shady tree near the playground. He watched as Mecona, her stuffed animal Mr. Fluffles tucked securely under her arm, scampered off to a nearby sandbox.

With a small, contented smile, Neltus watched her scoop up handfuls of sand, her imagination carrying her to far-off places as she began to build a little sandcastle kingdom. Neltus made a mental note to check on her every so often, knowing that her quiet demeanor could sometimes make her fade into the background.

Meanwhile, Julin, the embodiment of boundless energy, had already bolted towards the jungle gym. The boy rushed to scale the playground equipment, his eyes sparkling with the thrill of the adventure before him. Vedi followed close behind, ensuring his younger brother didn’t get into too much trouble.

Vedi watched over Julin, a protective shadow as the younger boy clambered up ladders and zipped down slides, squealing with delight. Even as he kept a careful eye on his youngest sibling, Vedi couldn’t help but join in on the fun, challenging Julin to races up the climbing frames and down the slides.

In the midst of the joyous chaos, Vedi managed to squeeze in some time for his own enjoyment. He found solace in a quiet corner of the park, a small computer pad in his hands. His fingers danced across the screen, diving into the world of coding, a place where he found peace and contentment.

As the day wore on, the siblings occasionally regrouped at their blanket base, sharing snacks and stories. Neltus always made sure to lend an ear to Mecona’s elaborate tales of her sandcastle adventures, while Julin excitedly chattered about his exploits on the jungle gym.

–The Kids–

Throughout their adventures, the siblings never lost sight of one another, an unspoken pact of solidarity between them. Even amidst their individual pursuits, they looked out for each other, their shared experiences forging a bond stronger than steel. Neltus, with a book in his hand, frequently glanced over its top, watching his siblings with a sense of deep responsibility. Every once in a while, he’d put down the book entirely, joining Mecona in her castle building or chasing Julin around the playground, his laughter mingling with theirs.

The sweet-natured Mecona, though deeply engrossed in her world of sand and make-believe, would occasionally look up and smile towards her brothers, her shy face lighting up at their antics. At one point, she proudly showed them the sandcastle she had built, her cheeks flushing at their praises. All the while Julin constantly pushed the boundaries of his playground escapades. His mischievous grins were met with Vedi’s fond exasperation, yet Vedi was always there to catch him if he fell, literally and figuratively.

Vedi truly was mature beyond his years and kept a protective eye on his siblings. He was the one who cheered loudest when Julin made it to the top of the jungle gym and the one who sat and listened to Mecona’s stories with a genuine interest.

As the sun began to set, casting long shadows across the park, they gathered their things. Hand in hand, they made their way back home, their shared laughter and easy banter a testament to the strength of their bond. As they walked, Julin tugged on Vedi’s sleeve, pointing towards the setting sun, “Look Vedi, it’s as if the sky is coding its own colorful program!” Vedi chuckled at his younger brother’s comment, squeezing his hand in quiet appreciation.

–The Kids–

With the kids returning home Tabris ushered the children into their small home, a fond smile playing at his lips as he watched their lively chatter slowly give way to stifled yawns and drooping eyelids. He directed the boys towards their shared room, instructing them to change into their pajamas while he helped Mecona. The little girl, still clutching her beloved Mr. Fluffles, had already started to doze off, her eyes fluttering closed even as Tabris gently nudged her towards her own bedroom.

“Alright, sweetheart,” he whispered, his voice a soothing melody as he knelt down to her level. He smiled as she sleepily mumbled something about sandcastles and princesses, her imagination still running wild despite her evident exhaustion.

Once Mecona was settled in her bed, tucked snugly under her pastel-colored blanket, he quietly moved to the boys’ room. Vedi and Julin were arguing over a piece of code on their shared computer, their earlier fatigue momentarily forgotten. Neltus was already in bed, his eyes half-closed as he struggled to stay awake. “Alright, gentlemen,” Tabris said, his voice firm but kind, “Time to wrap it up.” He gently closed the computer, drawing protests from Julin and Vedi that were quickly silenced with a single, patient look. “It’s late. We have a big day tomorrow.”

Helping Julin into the top bunk, Tabris quietly checked on Neltus, who had his own twin bed on the other side of the room, brushing a few stray locks of hair from his face. “Sleep well, champ,” he murmured. Lastly, he checked on Vedi, already tucked into the bottom bunk. His eyes were already closing “Goodnight, Vedi,” Tabris said softly, reaching down to ruffle the boy’s hair.

After ensuring each child was comfortable and soundly asleep, Tabris stood at the door, a final sweep of his gaze over the peaceful scene. Turning off the main lights, he left a small nightlight on, casting a gentle, comforting glow over the room. “Goodnight, my brave explorers,” he whispered, quietly closing the door behind him.


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