Operation Restless Night

Posted May 29, 2023, 3:23 p.m. by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Chief Mental Health Officer) (Lucas Foxley)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Operation Restless Night

Posted by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Chief Mental Health Officer) in Operation Restless Night

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Operation Restless Night
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“That might be nice,” Mika said noncommittally. It did sound nice, she just didn’t want to say yes and then not feel like going. “I hope you’re feeling a little more like you can relax now,” she commented, remembering the original reason for the walk.

~ Mika

“I am feeling better, thank you. Though I would have much preferred not making a fool of myself.” Séan joked with a wry smile. “I’m glad we found the fountain though as it was quite lovely and charming.”

Counselor Iven

“With any luck we’ll both be here for a while and you’ll have plenty of chances to redeem yourself.” She smiled at him again, but it seemed a little forced. “Me too. I had a nice time watching it for a while.” With that statement the smile turned more genuine.

~ Mika

Séan wasn’t sure how to reply at first. Was what he did bad enough that he needed redemption? Perhaps it was just a turn of phrase and he’s just being sensitive at the moment. He mentally shrugged it off and decided to just roll with it. “I do hope the chance comes quickly or working together might be awkward for a bit.”

Counselor Iven

Mika noticed his silence and smiled at him, elbowing him gently. “I’m kidding with you, really, don’t worry about it. I won’t feel awkward, I hope you won’t either.”

~ Mika

“Oh good that puts my mind at ease.” Séan said as he returned Mika’s smile. All of this smiling was starting to hurt his face but it was better than frowning. He looked up at the deepening night sky and marveled at how different it looked compared to Alpha Eridani II, though he hadn’t seen the stars from there in a lot of years. Taken by a flight of whimsy he decided to recite a poem his mom used to tell him:

“She walks the sky, and combs the clouds for stars
Where there are none, because she’s always yearned
For things that lie behind the things that are.

She loves to feel the earth, to walk the paths
Her people walk. But she was also born
To walk the sky and comb the clouds for stars.

A harebell’s chime, a rowan’s sudden flare,
She reads as signals that it’s time to turn
Towards paths that lie beneath the paths that are.”

Counselor Iven

Mika looked up at him as he started to recite the poem. By the third line she was sure that’s what it was, a poem. When he finished reciting it, she said, “That’s a nice sounding poem. Where did you learn it from?”

~ Mika

Séan smiled softly at Mika. “It’s one my mom would often recite while we were stargazing and thinking about my dad. She said it was part of a story of a lass who wanted to be up in the stars.” He stretched an arm upwards as if he was trying to reach the sky. “Having actually been to the stars I can see why she would want to go. It is an often overlooked beauty with how mundane it seems to have become.”

Counselor Iven

“Then it’s beautiful,” Mika replied, looking up at the darkening sky. “It was always best from the observation deck of a ship, to me. To be out there where all you can see is stars and space.”

~ Mika

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