Worrisome Complications

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“I…I don’t want anything.” For a moment she just focused on the rhythm of her breaths lifting and lowering her hand and the feel of his hand around hers. Her breathing was slowing and her eyes beginning to unfocus some, side effects of the hypo. It didn’t stop the tear from slipping from the corner of her eye and tracking over her temple and into her hair. Her hand moved low over the very small bump. She wanted to wake up and find this was just a nightmare. Her head moved back and forth in a negative motion on the pillow. “I…don’t know, Jason. I want Alexis to be wrong, but I know she’s not.” Her eyes found his. It took effort to keep her voice from breaking, “I want it over, but I don’t know how I’ll give my consent.”


Jason bodily moved her to the side and then slid onto the couch next to her, putting his arm under the pillow supporting her head and laying on his side to look at her.

“Ok… I know this not at all how either of us saw this going. And after all we’ve done to make it work… this is just… it’s just awful. But, that being said, there are a few positives. One, it changes nothing between you and I. We are together. That is written in stone no matter what. Two, we don’t have to keep the pretense up of paternity. And that means three… you are done with Daniel forever. He has no link, no claim, no nothing with you. This is no longer about him and you… it’s just you. You… we… did everything we could. Sometimes that simply isn’t enough. Sometimes the Universe has other ideas. For now, we just have to deal with it as best we can, and do the right thing for you.”


It didn’t really matter what Jason was saying. It was simply the sound of his voice and the warmth of his body seeping into her that helped. She heard him, but the words just didn’t settle and process fully yet. It was so hard to wrap her head around doing the best thing for herself instead of her baby. It felt wrong, down to the deepest core of herself. There was no hope for her baby though, so there was only herself to care for. That knowledge didn’t absolve her of the terrible guilt and heartache.

She turned into him, breathing in his scent, her arm slipped around him. They didn’t have to pretend, and Jason didn’t have to raise a kid that wasn’t his, that he’d never thought about wanting. “Don’t tell my parents it’s Daniel’s.” She had said she would change it if she could…and now it was changed. She grew quiet after that, calmer, dozing, as the medication forced her to relax.

“Never. No one but us will know that. Promise.” he said softly.

The comms chimed, a call from Dr Fayth.


Jason picked up the PaDD and answered the call. “Doctor, how are you?” he asked.


Ah, this was Jason. “I’m alright, concerned though. I just got off the comms with Dr Alexis Kane. The test results are devistating.” Sharah didn’t ask how he was, that would be insulting. “How is Hannah physically? Dr Kane said she had you give her benzodiazepine. Has it helped her relax any? Is there anythung I can do for you?”

“It helped a bit, but… Doctor, we are both aware of what is coming.”

“You both will need to come to the hospital, but I would like to come by now and check on her. Then we can plan how to move forward.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“I’ll send you the address. Come now, please. The longer we draw this out the more risk there is for… everyone… involved.” Jason said and cut the comms after sending the address and letting the building reception know Dr. Fayth was on her way. He looked at Hannah. “Well… life certainly isn’t boring with you, love.” and he smiled at her while squeezing her hand gently.


Sharah wasn’t given a chance to say anything else; she understood. She called for a transport after grabbing her medkit. She appeared outside the Sky Harbor building in a swirl of lights.

Hannah tried to joke a little. Did I forget to warn you? I’m high maintenance. Her stomach hurt. It was just so hard to fathom this happening, now, after everything.

You should see my moisturizing regimen. he signed back and smiled.

It was only a few minutes later when reception called up to inform him that Dr Fayth was on her way up.


Sharah was directed to the dedicated lift and took it all the way to the top floor. She glanced at the numbers above the two doors and turned toward Hannah’s door. She knocked already taking her tricorder out.


The door slid open and Jason stood in the doorway. “Dr. Fayth? Please come in. She is on the couch.” and he gestured to where Hannah lay.


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