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It was dark outside, but at 2100 the inside of rhe Russian Tea Room was ablaze with light. The unique first-floor welcomed guests with intimate leather banquettes in Russian red, golden samovars, Christmas-decorated chandeliers, period paintings, and shining green walls. The lush red carpeting had an exquisite 18th century Russian motif, while the ceiling glimmered with gold leaves and the exotic firebirds decorated the walls.

Vonn had arrived an hour earlier. The Breen was seated in a singular corner booth in the far back, past the bar and almost to the kitchen.

Vonn, CIA

Eryn had arrived 35 after Vonn. Entering the ornate doors, the maître d’ greeted her with a smile and a nod and led her directly back to the table where Vonn was sitting. A few minutes later, her tea of choice was delivered. She poured a refill from the pot and lifted her tea cup and sipped. Reilly had informed them about Mace, but there was very little point in speculation.

Romanov, CIA

As both Vonn and Romanov had entered the Russian Tea Room, Alston had been across the street, standing in the shadows of an alley watching the front door. After a quick debrief with the transport team, he had left them to to their interrogation, as he had headed out to scope the area before their meeting that evening. He was still getting to know the area. And while Reilley said these two could be trusted, he didn’t want to end up in a situation where he was dependent on them to get out safely.

Having at least a few options in his mind, Alston had ducked away for a quick errand, arriving back at his vantage point in the alley only about 5 minutes before Vonn had arrived. He checked his watch about half an hour later when Romanov arrived and walked in, and nodded to himself. He still had a few minutes left until the meeting time he set. He had his fun earlier, now it was time to get down to business. The whole point of letting them pick a place was so that they would have the homefield advantage for the meeting, he didn’t need to try and surprise, if he could, by dropping in early. So might as well give them the full amount of time to get settled.

Timing it just so, Alston walked through the front doors of the Russian Tea Room at exactly 2100. The maître d’ tilted his head slightly as he looked at Alston.

Clearing his throat Alston stepped forward as his eyes took it all in, trying to line up the exits he was finding inside with the locations he had noted on the exterior of the building. “I was told to ask for Kasmir Gran when I arrived.”

With a slight nod the maître d’ led him through to where Vonn and Romanov were sitting, with a gesture to the table, the maître d’ headed back towards the front, leaving Alston standing at the table.

“Good evening. I appreciate you two meeting with me, Mr. Reilly sends his respects.”

Alston Mace - Contractor

Eryn smirked. She was sure Reilly sent respect, but respect for what was the question. Eryn found Reilly intriguing and a thorn in her side. If she found that detrimental was anyone’s guess.

The helmet of the Breen dipped slightly and the synthesized voice said “Do sit, Mr. Mace. We were instructed that we would be working with you on a time sensitive matter. Feel free to discuss the matter here, if you wish. I can guarantee that we are not being monitored.”

Von, CIA

“And do take zhe time to partake of zhe menu. You vill not find it vanting.” Eryn lifted the clear glass mug full of warm amber liquid and drank. “So vhat audition task has Reilly set for you?” They had all done one. It would be a task that needed doing, and if they were assigned to assist it was more than a bit complicated.

Romanov, CIA

“Thank you,” Alston said as he slid into the booth. As he settled into his seat he pulled a small packet of gold star stickers out of his pocket and slid it across the table towards Romanov.

Eryn smirked as she slid the package into an external pocket of a small portfolio case holding a PaDD. The man had a sense of humor.

“Ah, so he likes to do these tests, that’s good to know,” he said as he looked through the menu he had picked up from the table. If he was going to work with these two, he was going to have to trust them at least a little bit. So if Von said it was secure, he might as well accept that, for now.

Setting his menu back on the table a waiter appeared. “I’ll try the house blend please.” With a nod the waiter was off. It only took a minute before a pot was placed in front of him, the tea steeping, and a cup placed next to it. As the waiter backed away, and Alston noticed that all the staff were keeping away from the table. He wondered how often these two had come here for meetings.

“Are you familiar with an individual by the name of Corbin Drez?” He still had another couple of minutes to wait for the tea to properly steep.

Alston Mace - Contractor

The helmet said “Corbin Drez, Human male. Age forty-one standard years. Multiple convictions for a variety of offenses. Known pimp ad slaver. Deals in illicit materials including spice and illegal weapons. Pornographer. And seemingly a dabbler in the information arena. Contacts include former Obsidian Order agents, Orion Syndicate, FedSec, and Star Fleet Intelligence… among others.”

Vonn, CIA

Eryn’s brow went up at the name. “He is cruel. Takes pleasure in causing pain. He prefers psychological pain but does not have zhe patience for it. So he relies on physical pain for control. Zhere are reports zhat he arrived on Oed last evening. Zhree years ago he hired on a Lyssandra Hycon. Tech wiz. She is very good at keeping him off security surveillance.”

Romanov, CIA

“Well hopefully not to good. Because he is the mission. He has a dossier Reilly is wanting to get his hands on, and the intelligence I’ve been provided is that he is here to sell it. How good are the reports you saw? And how good is Lyssandra Hycon? Because I don’t think we have much time before the sale will take place.”

Alston Mace - Contractor

Vonn’s synthetic voice said “She is very good. Former Section 31. We should remove her from play. It will make the objective far easier.” matter-of-factly. “She is also wanted by Oed Police. I think they would appreciate having her… or, at least, knowing she is no longer a factor.”

Vonn, CIA

Alston nodded. “If the opportunity comes up, I think we can make that happen. But if she is as good as you say, I doubt she is using her best tricks on her clients. Which means she’s going to be almost harder to find. Unless you have an idea on that already…” Alston trailed off as he looked over at Vonn. Picking up the tea cup he took a sip of the now slightly cooled tea.

“You were right, this is very good.”

Alston Mace - Contractor

“Hycon’s down fall is her super ego. She doesn’t zhink anyone is as smart as her, so she never changes vhat she does. She doesn’t zhink anyone can break her codes.” Eryn shrugged, “Ve have good people zhat can find her signature. Also…she has an addiction for Narvalan Vapor ice. I have arranged for zhe media zo flash advertisements for zhe one Cafe zhat serves it. It can only be served at night. She vill go tonight, and ve vill detain her zhen.”

Romanov, CIA

Alston nodded as he slipped into more of a mission planning mode. “What’s the catch? It seems to easy. And you said tonight, how much time do you estimate we have to work with here still?”

Alston Mace - Contractor

“No, not easy, but zhe more complicated zhe plan, zhe more can go vong,” Eryn shrugged. She’d learned a long time ago to keep the plan simple. Have back ups for your back ups, but keep them simple. “As for zhe catch, zhere is alvays the possibility she does not go. Zhe bigger concern is she has no qualms about blowing an entire city block if she zhinks she has been caught, or if she is bored.”

“You yourself said time was a factor. I would suggest we take him tonight. Early morning tomorrow at the latest.” The helmet swiveled and looked at Eryn. “If you can divert Hycon to the police just after dinner, I’m sure that the two of us can black bag Mr. Drez immediately after. If we do it before he realizes she is off-line, it will be much easier. He won’t be as prepared for the attempt.”

Vonn, CIA

Eryn leaned back, crossing on leg over the other, her foot tapping empty air. She looked at the chronometer on her wrist computer, and then out the window. “It vill be close, but baring no complications, it should be doable.”

“Time is always of the essence, but that doesn’t mean we do something stupid,” Alston said taking another sip of his tea. “I’m assuming we are going to be reliant on Ms. Hycon to get Drez’s current location. Other potential risks? Does the intel you have say anything about known security or associates in the area that we should be aware of? Alive would be preferred for both targets, and I’d like to minimize collateral damage if at all possible.”

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

“He likes to keep her close, you can always back track vhere she came from to find him. Our techs are already searching for digital blank spots and traces of her signature. Once I have her, I vill see vhat I can do about helping you find him.”


Alston nodded along. “I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those blank spots is where Drez is located.”

Reaching over, Alston picked up the little tea pot and refilled his cup. “I agree on keeping the plan simple. Our best bet is intercepting Hycon at the cafe. I’m not against taking someone in a public setting, but our best bet on not tipping off Drez would be to grab her while she is either enroute to or from the cafe. You two take Hycon. Have an extraction team standing by that can also jam all communications in the area. Stop the spread of any information as much as possible, and just in case someone has a remote controlled fail safe.

“Meanwhile I’ll backtrack Hycon’s route and locate Drez. You two can flip who will join me for that hit, while the other escorts Hycon back for questioning.

“If the plan goes completely sideways, retreat to your own safehouse. Plan to contact Mr Reilly within 15 hours of mission start or we’ll send out the search parties. Sound good?”

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

Eryn nodded, “Once ve spot her, I vill get a bio scan and send zhe pattern to you. It will perhaps make back tracking her easier…or not.” Eryn shrugged, some times things just had to be done the old fashioned way. She looked at Vonn, “Anyzhing else? I have some final preparations zo make before I hit zhe cafe.”


Alston nodded, and quickly finished the last of his tea. “I’ll go arrange the extraction teams with the boss. Would 1 hour be enough time for you to finish your preparations?”

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

“We can all three take Hycon.” Vonn said. “She is the lynchpin. If we can get her without raising an alarm, our chances on Drez are exponentially higher. The three of us makes that success that much more probable. We have the means to transport her without any signals getting out. , but that in and of itself may trigger a failsafe.” and they looked at Eryn. “The Molgaran Op. I still have some of the zombie gas.” The helmet swiveled to look at Mace. “Nerve gas that simply works as a kind of stupor agent. Makes the subject wholly cooperative but non-verbal. They will go anywhere, do anything. Molgaran used it to keep a slave labor force under control. I think simply making Ms. Hycon compliant will keep any signals she has active and won’t arouse suspicion. She can just go home and go to sleep. Oed Police can pick her up there.” They looked at Eryn. “You have to get close enough for her to get a full facefull.”

Vonn, CIA

Eryn gave him a long stare. A look Vonn wouldn’thave seen for a lifetime, “Getting close von’t be a problem.” She nodded to Mace. “I vill see you both zhere in an hour. I vill be zhere, but in disguise. Look for a ebony haired Betazoid. Gran knows the cover.” Eryn got up and left.


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