The Quill & Parchment- Second Chances

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Karilan looked at him and leaned forward. “So I know his side of what happened. Tell me yours. All of it. Because truth isn’t a single perspective. It exists between them. So tell me why what he did was the right thing… but you still resent it, at least a little.”


Raf shook his head. “This isn’t about you, but we only just met and that is not a story you casually tell cruising over a colony. on our way to dinner.” It had been hard enough to share what he already had, and even though many years had passed since that one terrible night, it had stuck with him. He’d never get that image out of his head. True, he never got into trouble with the law again, but his life spiralled afterwards in terrible ways. It was different now, but the line felt exceedingly thin at time.

~Rafael Torres

“Fine.” Karilan said as the slider slowed and stopped. “You can tell me while we eat.” The door opened and Karilan stepped out.

Maybe he should have been more specific and said it wasn’t a story you told someone you had just met. But if today had shown him anything it was that sometimes you just had to go with things a little and if you were lucky everything wouldn’t fall terrible apart.

They were stopped in front of a small restaurant nestled between storefronts on either said and stretching down the block. The shops were mostly closed at that hour, but the window to the restaurant was light brightly from inside. Gold letters on the window read ‘McMurtry’s Public House’. Karilan walked to the door and led Torres inside.

Raf’s pace slowed a little as they stepped inside. He hadn’t been in a place like this for a long time, even before his rehab. He doubted anyone needed to be empathic to note his apprehension. It wasn’t that he was tempted, but life was stressful right now and he was doing his best to avoid the temptation.

The inside was a traditional Irish pub-looking establishment. People milled around tall tables, sat at the bar, or spoke softly inside plush booths. Karilan looked at Torres and said “And no, I am not a heartless moron taking you to a bar. Nothing they serve here has alcohol in it. It’s a bar for sober people; and they have great food.” She led him back into the bar and to a booth where she slid in and took a seat.


It took him a moment to process her words and follow Karilan. She was constantly surprising him and that was’t a bad thing at all. But it was hard to not feel like everyone was trying to trick him. But that was old crap he was getting tired of. There was a reason he had come to this planet of all places. It wasn’t just about Dash, though his old friend was a part of it. A part of him wanted to contact him again and thank him, but he knew that right now Dash needed his space. And he had been honest about not wanting to hurt Jones, and make things more difficult for him here. He might not be the smartest person around, but even he understood optics. He understood that other people would’t understand. It was okay.

Settling into the booth across from Karilan, he blew out a breath and studied the Deltan for a moment, intrigued. “You said you were were willing to help me because of someone who was mutually important to both you and Dash. They have to be pretty damn important. I guess I’m kind of envious.”

~Rafael Torres

“They are. And you should be. The amount of friendship and adoration that person engenders is like nothing I have ever felt. And I would quite literally kill to make sure that person is never hurt.” Karilan said matter-of-factly. She lifted a menu and then looked at Torres. “If you are lucky, maybe someday you will have someone like that in your life. They make you a better person. And that is something we all need from time to time.” She began to puruse the menu and said without looking up “Get whatever you like, but I highly recommend the skewers.”

Karilan Massat

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