Rehearsals and Approval

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The morning before the Gala a letter arrived early to the desk of Governor Hyrushi from Director Enger.

To: Governor Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi
From: Director Karina Enger
Subject: Vren Welcome

The children have been quite busy since yesterday and would like to extend to you, or someone of your choosing, to come today at lunch or some time that is convenient this afternoon for a rehearsal.

We have also included a file to forward to the Vren for approval. It covers which species will be represented, distinguishing characteristics, a description of the greeting and a brief explanation of what it means.

Karina Enger
Director of Education

Enger, DOE

Hyrushi forwarded the file to Ambassador Mathis to be sent priority to the Vren ship. He also copied the invitation and sent an informal note to Mathis saying “I will be going at noon today to see the rehearsal, if yiu have the time and wish to see it for yourself.” Kenzo then sent a reply to Enger.


Thank you for the invitation. I have sent your file to the Ambassador for forwarding to the Vren. I have also invited Ambassador Mathis to join me at noon for a viewing of the presentation. You can expect us, or at least me, at noon today.

Thank you,

Governor Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi

Hyrushi, Governor

Mathis sent a reply back that she would be delighted to attend and would meet him there.

The children were nervous and excited. Of course being high school students they were too mature to show such things. Opal, an upper elementary student had no such qualms. She was so excited that she couldn’t sit still to eat her lunch. Karina had to smile as they all stood waiting to start fidgeting with clothes or props or other things.

“I will be sitting as part of the practice audience. You all have done an amazing job, and Governor Hyrushi will see that. Just remember any advice and correction is good, so that we can give the Vren the best welcome possible. And remember these are your traditions, be proud of them.” Karina moved down to the seats to welcome the Governor and the Ambasaador if she was able to attend.

Enger, DoE

With an air of steadiness and calm, Jeanette stepped out of her slider in a wide legged pantsuit in a flowing pale cream material, with a dark blue top and approached Hyrushi. She gave him a bow of her head with a warm smile. “Governor, thank you for including me. I forwarded the file to Ambassador Kek right away and I got a reply they would respond within Oed’s day. My impression thus far is that all these small things are adding something important to this whole event in a positive way.”

~Ambassador Mathis


Kenzo inclined his head and said “Of course.” He led her towards the group of children and looked at Enger. “Director, Ambassador Mathis. Ambassador, Education Director Karina Enger.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Jeanette bowed her head to Karina also giving her a sincere smile. “It’s very nice to meet you, Director Enger. I’m so pleased that the children were able to put this together in time.” Despite the ease and calmness of her outward appearance, there was a thread of excitement in Mathis.

~Ambassador Mathis

Karina gave them a smile, “Ambassador Mathis, it is a pleasure to meet you. Governor Hyrushi. Thank you both for coming. The children are very excited and nervous about it. If you will have a seat, the children will get started.” She led them to seats in front of the stage. She handed them each a PaDD with the I formation that was forwarded to the Vren, but the children’s names added as well. Romulan, Human, Betazoid, El-Aurian, Klingon, Cardassian, Haliian, Vulcan, Farengi, Deltan, Bajoran, Andorian, Telluride, and Catian were all represented.

“Alright, Max! You may begin.” There was a commotion to the sides of the stage and then all but two of the children appeared, filling spaces along the stage and steps. Then a little girl, around 7 or 8 appeared.

The performance ended with all the children facing their audience and welcoming them.

Enger, DOE

Jeanette couldn’t help but smile at not only their enthusiasm, but their diligent renderings of the welcome. They had clearly worked hard on the performance. She clapped. “Well done!” she said. “I think it’s lovely.

Ambassador Mathis

Hyrushi applauded reservedly, but did incline his head towards the children. “A most excellent presentation. All of you have done a tremendous amount of work in a short time, and you have created something truly marvelous. Well done indeed. I am sure the Vren- indeed the whole colony- will appreciate your presentation. Bravo.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Karina smiled at the children clapping softly. “You have all done exceptionally well.”

Max stepped forward, “Thank you Ambassador Mathis, Governor Hyrushi. We thought we could give the performance on the steps of the museum. That way everyone will be able to have a decent view.” He looked back at the other kids and then back. “We also wanted to know if we would be allowed to stay for part of the Gala. We know that is ultimately up to our parents, but we don’t want people to think this is just a shallow token.”


Kenzo thought for a moment and then said “I believe having you stay for the gala would be a good idea. Yes. You and your parents will all be invited.” He looked at Enger and said “Please coordinate background checks and medical screenings for all that are coming with my office.” He looked back at Max and said “Go tell your fellow performers that they all can come if their parents come with them.”

Hyrushi, Governor

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