Medical Section Meeting - Putting us Through Our Paces

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The medical compliment was right around 12 officers for the small Avenger class Centurion. 6 decks and a total of 55 crew members in all. Really there wasn’t enough work for 12 people, but it was a warship after all. Sharah had been very specific about who filled out the department crew. McBride had ordered senior staff on this little trip, and so that meant Mika was here and Sharah was excited to work with her again. That also made her realize that although having a counselor on board a ship such as Centurion was important, it was also important that person was also trained in medicine. Either as a nurse, doctor, lab tech. But with the small crew it would be beneficial for any medical officer to have at least two areas of expertise.

The point of this excursion was to get everyone acquainted. So with that in mind and the ship gearing up to leave Sharah had requested the officer’s mess several days ago for a small conference room. It was just down the corridor and kept them near their duty stations. =/\=Fayth to all medical personnel. Please report to the officer’s mess in deck 5 for departmental meeting=/\=

Fayth, CMO

Mika was looking forward to working with the Centurion’s medical team. Trained as counselor and doctor, her work was twofold on such a mission, if required of her. When Fayth called all medical personal, Mika headed for the correct room, glad the ship was small as it made it easier to find her way around. Taking a seat in the small conference room, she smiled at Fayth. “Morning, Fayth!”

~ Mika, CNS

Sharah grinned, “Mika! Grab a coffee or something. How are you? What do you think of our small but mighty ship?”

“It’s… a ship alright.” Mika chuckled with a shrug. “I don’t think I’ve ever boarded anything smaller.”

“I think runabout are smaller, but only barely,” Sharah chuckled over her cup.

Petty Officer Jacquelyn Lawrence stepped in with a smile. She was an emergency medicine specialist who mostly worked in the ER at the hospital, while also taking on shifts in the Infirmary at the Starfleet Complex. While different than her usual work, she also was trained in trauma surgery, though she had moved away from surgery in recent years. She could still do what was needed in an emergency though.

“Good morning,” she said as she found a seat.

~PO Lawrence

Hannah walked in along with Nurse Temple, who was watching her like a hawk. Hannah like any other doctor knew to just go along with the nurses. At Temples’ insistence Hannah sat at the table and the woman brought her tea. Hannah smiled, and had to admit she enjoyed the woman’s grandmotherly fussing.

Ilena was the next to arrive with Dr C’tian. The nurse was not shy about grabbing a drink and food. They had all been up early, no need to skip the chance for a meal.

Asimina, AMO

The door sid open and a figure known to two of rhe people resent stepped in… although neither knew he was there. “Good morning, all.” the bespectacled human said. His voice sounded like a mish-mash of different accents all vying for dominance at once, but his diction was clear and very understandable. “Apparently I was invited by accident.” he said with a smile. “Commander Janusz Korczak. A pleasure.” he said sincerely and took a seat. at the far end of the table.

Korczak, Observer and Counselor

That voice. Sharah knew that voice, and because it was that voice she knew why she had no idea they were on board. Her eyes flicked up immediately and settled on the man across the far end of the table from her. Her jaw dropped open in utter shock. Sharah was both elated and worried over his sudden appearance. Why was he here? Why hadn’t he said he was coming. Not that he owed her an explanation for his life or actions, but even as a professional heads-up? Then again Sharah hadn’t made another appointment yet. She’d neglected it, not out of avoidance but sheer mountains of work. Oh…oh no… Her eyes flicked to Mika. She had said she would tell Korczak about their session. Was that why he was there? Nothing Korczak did was by accident. Perhaps not invited, but not an accident.

She was pulled out of her anxious ponderings by the arrival of the rest of the medical staff. “Cmdr Korczak, this is a surprise. I’m glad you are joining us.” Which was true. No matter what his reason for being there, his addition to the department was welcome. Sharah turned her attention to the rest of the room. “Get a drink, get food if you want it. I know some of you are just coming off your shifts, so we’ll make this as painless as possible.” She refilled her hot chocolate and took a seat.

Fayth, CMO

“Coffee,” Lawrence muttered. She was pretty awake, all told, but she had worked a split shift before receiving boarding orders for the Centurion. It wasn’t a big deal, but she’d definitely catch a nap later when she could. Even 30 mins would do wonders. Moving to the replicator, the Petty Officer said, “Raktajino,” and watched with almost glee as it materialized. She returned to her seat and took a sip, sighing happily. “I double-checked that the the crates of supplies that came up were indeed the ones that arrived. Those revamped med kits were the one I was keeping an eye out for, and lo and behold they actually arrived,” she said with a chuckle.

~PO Lawrence

Sharah nodded, “Thank you, Lawrence. I’m glad they got here. Any other material requests we are still waiting on?” It would have to wait now, but she would track it down when they got back.

Mika looked up, stared momentarily in a shocked silence, and then smiled, “Commander Korczak. I wasn’t expecting you yet.” She stood to offer a hand shake, “I’m glad you could make it early. Once we’re done aboard the Centurion we’ll have to have a long talk.”

Hannah watched on, the body language of those around her clearly showing surprise. Was this Cmdr Korczak someone she should know? She didn’t remember his name.

Korczak smiled and said “Oh, of course. I am here for the duration, so if the time permits and you have the desire, I will be available..”

Then Mika sat down and turned her attention to Sharah, ready to start the meeting. “I think I’m okay.” She said in response to getting a drink.

Adaril rushed into the room, the betazoid doctor out of breath as he chose a seat across the table from Ilena and sat down. The usually timely doctor looked stressed, brown hair messy. “I hope I’m not late. I was held over. Had a heck of a getting here.”

~ Mika, CNS | NE Aveli

Korczak watched the arrivals and exchanges between people, and soon enough his presence just sort of faded into the background. He always enjoyed the anonymity that his appearance granted. He could describe it, he just simply had a forgettable face. So he watched. He listened. And he filed away information.

Korczak, Counselor

Next to her Ilena’s cup suddenly dropped back to the table from nerveless fingers. Luckily it only dropped about an inch and didn’t spill. Her eyes going wide as she stared across the table at the man in front of her. Hannah leaned closer to the nurse. “Ilena, are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Ilena shook her head. “I think I have.” But she didn’t explain further.

Asimina and Rox

Sharah felt the confusion and shock and hope sparing across the table, but it would have to wait. “Alright, let’s get started. Cpt McBride ordered this run so we can all get to know each other. Each of you is either the head of a medical division, second in charge, or have unique experiences that make you ideal to serve on the Centurion. The primary mission for this ship is border patrol and defense of the Oed colony and its surrounding system. So it is likely to see more combat related injury than others. Let’s hope that isn’t the case though.”

“So in the interest of becoming better acquainted let’s start with that horrid opener we all despise and introduce ourselves.” Sharah gave a rueful smile. She hated these things and here she was doing it. “I’m Sharah Fayth, CMO. Outside of general practice, my specialties are diagnostic and survival medication.”

An older woman, with more white than salt and pepper hair, and Putting on weight now sat to Sharah’s left. “I’m Nancy Temple and head nurse. It has been a long time since I’ve served in board a ship. I’m chief nurse and usually at Sacred Heart running the ER.”

A Vulcan man sat next to her. “I am Dr C’tain. Neurology and triage.”

Fayth, CMO

Mika smiled one of her usual polite smiles, “I’m Lieutenant Mika, Head of Counselling, and I’m a doctor as well. My specialties are emergency and survival med.”

Adaril seemed less than surprised, he’d been Ilena’s mysterious bidder at the auction after all. He knew she was here. He flashed her a confident grin as he said, “Doctor Aveli, specialising in diagnostics and combat med.” His voice was smooth and confident.

~ Mika | NE Aveli

The petty officer was taking in everyone with interest and easily chimed in, “Tara Lawrence. Trauma medicine with a surgical background, but I’ve chosen to not focus on surgery after enlisting in Starfleet. I toggle between Sacred Heart’s ER and the Complex’s Infirmary. My experience has been a lot of field medicine.”

~PO Lawrence

Korczak smiled at the table. “Janusz Korczak. Commander. Counselor working under Lieutenant Mika. PhD in Psychiatry and Psychology, M.D. in Neurology. Specializations in Crisis Management, Negotiation, and Counseling Therapy.” and he inclined his head and then said, almost as an afterthought, “Oh yes… Interrogator / Translator as well.”

Korczak, Seriously… who is this guy?

Hannah raised her brows slightly and chuckled. Impressive to be sure. She took a breath, she spoke carefully. She knew people would get used to her voice after awhile, but she knew it was important to enunciated as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings. At this point the effort was unconscious it was just so ethi g she did, along with using her hands to sign. “Hannah Asimina, Lieutenant and assistant chief Medical Officer. I rotate around everywhere so you will see me around. I am a general practitioner with specialties in prosthetics and surgical techniques. I am also certified as a search and rescue coordinator, ship and planet side.”

There were a couple more nurses and then the lab technicians. And finally Ilena. She was still staring at the man across from her like if she blinked he might disappear. Hannah nudged her and Sharah watched the byplay while trying not to be obvious that she did so. “Ilena Rox. Lieutenant. Chief surgical nurse. I am usually at Sacred Heart, but I pick up shifts wherever Temple needs me to go.” Temple nodded and grinned.

Asimina, AMO

Mika looked over at Korczak, then the rest of the table, then cleared her throat awkwardly. “Uh, I’m a diplomatic officer, too…” She said with less confidence than before, sinking down slightly in her seat.

Adaril was playing it cool, so to speak. He felt Ilena’s eyes on him. Staring at him like she was surprised he existed. He supposed that had been his reaction, the first time he saw her again. But he was focusing intently on whoever was speaking at the time, pretending he didn’t notice her staring.

~ Mika, CNS | Aveli

“Alright. You all should have a copy of the duty rotation. Dr Asimina and I have tried to partner you with people you haven’t worked with, so…” Sharah paused as the ship’s comms activated.

=/\=Bridge to Sickbay. We’re responding to a distress call. You’ve got about 10 hours before we reach the system. Crashed research vessel. More details to come.=/\=

=/\=Acknowledged Captain. We’ll be ready. Please let us know when you have a crew manifest. Fayth out.=/\=

Sharah stood up from the table. “Alright, if you are coming off duty go get some sleep, the rest of us, let’s get back to sickbay.” She glanced at Hannah, “If you’ve never participated in a search and rescue get with Dr Asimina for a crash course in where she’ll want you. Dismissed.” Fayth moved around the table making for her surprise officer. “Cmdr Korczak.”

Fayth, CMO

“Lieutenant Commander Fayth. Good to see you!” he said with genuine sincerity. “If I am not mistaken, I would say venture to say that no one knew I was coming.” and he chuckled dryly.

Korczak, Counselor

Sharah glanced at Mika, “Well I would say that someone knew, but you weren’t expected yet.” She nodded to Hannah as she made her way out and back to sickbay.

Mika, heading over to the two of them, chuckled and nodded, “Not for a little while yet, no. Cleared your schedule to rush out to the middle of nowhere, Commander?”

Korczak chuckled. “Hardly the middle of nowhere now, is it? One might even say that, at least for a while, all eyes are on Oed V, yes?” and hebchuckled again.

Sharah nodded, “That they are. Oed is far from the core of Federation territory but we are the focus now aren’t we.”

Then tentatively expanded his awareness, questering down a few decks, trying to ignore the general ‘texture’ of the crew, looking for one very specific, well-known node or contact. A familiar, if .. painful presence, but tentative in his efforts.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

The familiar presence was there, it was always there whether it wanted to be or not. But it was greatly changed, crumbling, weakened. As if it was an old earthenware vase with thousands of cracks that were slowly and steadily allowing the liquid inside to seep out. Then it quickly turned into a bare trickle, but with effort. There was a pause, mentally held breath and a barely caught desperate flash of need for home and family - the images unfamiliar too him. She wanted to be home with Charles and Yavia; this wasn’t the time nor the place, and it still all haunted her. She was suddenly raw and unsteady again.

For a very quick second the corners of her eyes tightened as she flinched slightly. Pain and a deep well of hurt crossing her face and then it was gone. She rubbed her arms as if she was chilled. She wasn’t in Sharah to turn anyone away no matter what happened. She couldn’t despise anyone, hate them. She had an enormous capacity for compassion and caring even when it hurt her. There was another pause and then, ‘Markus, is something wrong?

Then she returned the smile to her face. Sharah knew of course that it wouldn’t fool either counselor standing with her. “I admit I am very curious about why you are here, Cmdr, but first how are you?”

Fayth, CMO

~ Lt Mika, CNS

Korczak’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he played along. “I am well. And as to my reason for being here? Well, you can look to your associate. She recruited me.” he said with a mischievous wiggle of his eyebrows behind his glasses.

“Well I know she has been needing help. We’re lucky she was able to convince…you…”

The color drained from Sharah’s face. Her arms went around herself and she sank into the chair she was standing next too. As if someone had swept her legs out from under her. She was acutely aware of the people still in the lounge, she couldn’t fall apart. She was supposed to be leading the medical team. The ground, what installed foundation she had managed was gone, crumbling at an alarming rate.

How? How could he ask that of her? She wasn’t well enough for this. She didn’t belong there. Weeks of no contact, and now…just to use her for his needs. It hadn’t worked out, but she had hoped he hadn’t seen her like that, just a tool to be used when needed, and discarded otherwise.

Fayth, SFCMO

Korczak moved to her and said “Dr. Fayth, what is it? What’s wrong?”

Korczak, CNS

Sharah closed her eyes and tried to count her breaths. To let the contact get lost in the noise, but that was impossible. It wasn’t just noise it was direct focused content. She kept her voice low. They didn’t need gossip on a ship this small. “It’s…Markus.” This was Korczak, she wasn’t going to lie to him. That would be pointless. Even if she could convince him, Mika would know she was lying. Between the two of them there would be no secrets. “He’s talking to me,” she tapped her temple. “He wants,” she licked her lips and took a breath. “He said he knows I’m adverse to it, but since the noise will drop once we’re away from the colony…he wants to me to use my…my condition to find anyone aggressive to us. Like…an early warning weapon system.” She was striken.

Fayth, CMO

Korzak’s face remaind neutral and his words were calm and even. “Just relax, Sharah. Focus on Lieutenant Mika and myself. Try and pull back just a little and redirect your attention.” Korczaks mind was a still pool of thought. Like the man presented, there was barely a ripple across the surface of his mind. He, of course, had emotions. Concern was foremost at the moment. But his thoughts were of a singular nature. To calm a patient and instill a sense of balance.

Korczak, Counselor

Mika made a face momentarily, but then let it drop, covering with a neutral expression. Taking Korczak’s lead, she kept herself neutral and calm. He was more knowledgeable about Sharah’s ‘condition’ than she was, she knew that. The best thing she could do was leave it up to who could handle it best. To her, she was there to be concerned for a friend.

~ Mika, CNS

She pulled back from the contact, choosing not to answer Markus. He knew the answer already. She kept her seeping emotions, with a lot of effort, to herself. She tried to force it to sink into the noise and storms, despite his focus on her making his thoughts and emotions crystal clear.

Sharah gave a nod, and with a deep breath made her shoulders and posture relax. She focused on the two people immediately in front of her. Both familiar and dear to her. Mika one of her very few friends, and still very much someone she looked up to. And Korczak a constant calm presence. It was almost impossible to read anything off of him, even just a sense of life. It was calming and soothing.

It was odd to use other people as a focal point, but Charles and Yavia weren’t there and she had left Hope at home. The Centurion didn’t have an arboretum. Their calm willingness to let her use them as a focus was a gift. She measured her breaths, making herself relax. She had to let it go. What he thought she was, what he wanted her to do, didn’t matter. She told herself over and over, but it still gutted her.

One more deep breath and she opened her eyes and gave them a sad smile. “I should get to work. It will give me something else to focus on.” Oh, she couldn’t avoid it, and she was sure Korczak and Mika both would talk to her about it later (or now).

Fayth, SFCMO

Korczak set a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Take a moment. Process. The touch wasn’t the issue… the request was. It was callous and selfish… and you are allowed to be angry about it, Sharah. So… be angry. Be hurt. It’s okay. You can be that here.”

Korczak, Counselor

Sharah gave him a sad smile. “That’s the problem though, isn’t it? Always has been. I can separate their thoughts from mine, but I have always struggled not to get lost in their emotions. I can feel their intent and understand their motivations for what they do and say. They become mine, and I end up angry at myself for not being more understanding. They are allowed their feelings, Janusz.” There was a flash of frustration and anger, “He knows that.” She was mad and hurt. What she really wanted right in that moment was to scream at him, or go to her quarters an cry. She determined she was not going to cry over him again, so yelling it was. That was totally unprofessional though. And there was hurt. She knew secrets about Markus and she would never betray that. Ask him to do what was most abhorrent to him.

You are allowed your feelings, regardless of their intent and motivations, Sharah.” Mika said. “And if he knows how that would make you feel then he must also know it was inappropriate to even ask.”

Sharah looked at Mika. She knew her friend wanted to help, but though she understood Sharah’s condition from a medical perspective, they had never really discussed the mental health aspect until a few days before. She tried for a little smirk. “You two are going to get along great. No self-treatment, right?” Mika had given them all that talk, Sharah had gotten it again when she’d gotten sick on the Challenger. “I am angry and hurt. I have to work with him anyway. I don’t have a choice.”

Fayth, CMO

Mika had been swiftly reminded of how inexperienced she actually was as a counselor a few days ago. She’d had next to no idea how to help Sharah and medically, Sharah’s condition was easy for Mika to understand. Mentally, it was considerably more difficult. She had felt way out of her depth and ended up consulting the file and just doing whatever had been previously done.

She recognized her own words, though at the time, she had meant medically. Sharah had been physically ill with a rare sort of parasite and Mika had told her not to ignore her symptoms or attempt to treat herself. She glanced at Korczak, had he said something like that to Sharah before?

Now that she considered it, it made sense in a mental health aspect as well. “You’re right, you do have to work with him. But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your feelings. You have some time now to process them before you go to work with him, and you can be angry at him and work with him.”

~ Mika

“Absolutely.” Koczak said. “And while we cannot help the discomfort you are currently feeling now, we can absolutely ensure that the issue does not arise again.” and he held up a a hand to still the protest he knew Sharah would make. “And no, it is necessary to say something. Boundaries must be set and respected. Whether he knows he crossed a line or not is not germane to the here and now. He needs to be informed, clearly and concisely, that he overstepped. And you need to be the one to do that. It will help establish boundaries not only with him, but also within your self.”

Korczak, Counselor

Sharah had been about to … what? Make light of it? Down play the exchange? Forgive but never forget? Protest? The thing was though, Markus knew what he asked was wrong, she could feel it and he’d said as much. He remembered their talks, but he asked anyway. It was the way his mind worked. He gamed out the numbers, the scenarios, the odds. He had reduced her to no more than a number in his equation. “No, that’s okay. I don’t want to talk to him unless I have to.” There was nothing left to say. She didn’t want to go back to there. She set her elbows on her knees and hunched forward, letting her head hang. The stretch was needed, but it was so much weight, the position he had just put her in.

Fayth, CMO

Korczak was silent a moment before he said “You do have to. It’s not a discussion, Sharah. This is something you simply must do yourself. He overstepped your boundaries, and now you are dealing with the ramifications of his actions. Part of dealing with that is addressing it with him directly. It is a conversation you have to have, and the sooner the better.”

Korczak, Counselor

“The sooner you do it, the less you have to dread doing it later, because it will eventually happen. Even if you managed to avoid it on the Centurion, you can’t realistically avoid him forever on Oed either.” Mika added. She smiled reassuringly, “We know you can do this.”

~ Mika, CNS

Oh yes she could. She recognized his presence, she could a oid him. Socially anyway. She’d been doing it quite successfully every time she was on the Fleet complex. So avoidance wasn’t good, but she really didn’t want to talk to him. Sharah sat up and looked at them, and sighed in defeat. She wasn’t afraid of him, so there was no reason to avoid him, except she didn’t want a confrontation. She wasn’t going to win this. Korczak was going to assign it for her homework. “Fine. Sooner is better, but right now that distress signal takes precedence.”


Korczak shook his head. “No, it actually doesn’t. Distress calls are the purview of the ship’s Command Team… the CO and XO. The CSO may be running the scanners, but this isn’t a long drawn out conversation, Sharah. This is you taking a definitive stand and drawing a line. That can be done quickly and without any interference in the ship’s activities. You simply go to him, tell what he did was wrong and why and demand it never happen again. Then it’s over. He doesn’t even need to speak. He needs the information you are going to give him and no more. So… go give it to him.”

Korczak, Counselor

“And Sharah, I can always manage sickbay for a while if we are needed. Should they need a counselor in the meantime, we have Commander Korczak as well as myself. So, really, you should have plenty of time to have a quick chat with him,” Mika added.

~ Mika, CNS

Sharah stood up, looking stubborn. “I will talk to him, after my shift. I am not marching up to the bridge and having this conversation there. It’s unprofessional and inappropriate. He might be willing to blur that line. I am not.”

Fayth, CMO

Korczak cocked his head and said “And after your shift, when we have reached the source of the distress call and we potentially have injuries to deal with, are you going to just stop then and have a talk with him? No, you won’t. Pulling a fellow officer aside and having a brief and pointed conversation is not unprofessional or inappropriate. In fact, it what they teach us to do in the Academy when we all take the Interpersonal Conflict Mediation course.” Korczak said pointedly. “We are not engaged in anything pressing right now. Later, we might be. He blurred the line. It now falls to you to make it very clear. So? Go do it. That is not just a part of your therapy, Sharah… it’s your duty as an officer.”

Korczak, Counselor

He was right, that course was required before their Academy cruise on the Challenger. Just in case something like this happened, so Cadets knew what they were supposed to do. “When someone blurs that line and you let them get away with it… They don’t stop doing it, they blur more lines. Getting in front of it now prevents future issues, so you and him can both perform your duties smoothly.”

~ Mika, CNS

Sharah really didn’t like this at all. She felt backed into a corner - by Markus and by them. She knew she wasn’t going to get out of having the conversation. It needed to be done, no matter how much she didn’t want to. As Korczak was fond of asking, what would she tell her own patient to do? However, being able to choose the time and place for that conversation was a small measure of control when she felt she had very little of it in her life. “Fine.” She sounded defeated. Why couldn’t the universe leave her alone. “Should have brought the d@mn head band,” she muttered as she walked out of the lounge.

Fayth, CMO

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