Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted May 31, 2023, 11:30 a.m. by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!
A tall and broad man was making his way back from the Sandwich Shack while he munched on a gargantuan steak and cheese with several peppers and vegetables on it. Séan had finished his checking-in with the CNS and then his hunger compelled him to get the sandwich. Since he wasn’t actually expected and the weather was nice, he didn’t think anyone would mind if he arrived just a little later than he already was.

A decent walk later and a happy stomach, Séan arrived at McBride’s office and pushed the chime.

Counselor Iven


Inside the modest office, McBride was leaning back in his chair at his desk, which was set into the corner, with one side facing out so he could have guests. Two chairs sat on the other side. Behind him was a stretch of windows along the exterior that wrapped around the other corner and led the eye to a sitting area with a replicator. There was a door just next to the that that led to a small washroom. Other than the basic furniture (including a bookcase with few photos and mementos), McBride hadn’t gotten to much decorating, but at least there were no more crates hanging about.

Jonathan himself was a tall and lean man with pale blue eyes and a mop of brown hair just tamed into submission enough to meet regulations. He offered a warm smile at the newcomer. “Good day,” he said lightly.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Séan entered the office and gave a brief glance to the decor and bookcase before he turned his attention to the man behind the desk. He moved to the front of the desk and gave a smile in return. “Good day to you as well Captain. I am Lieutenant Séan Iven and I just arrived to Oed V, though my shuttle was delayed by a couple of days.” He said in a deep voice with an Irish inflection. “I was directed to check in with you since you’re the Commanding Officer of the Starfleet element here. How exactly does that work between duties on the Centurion and Oed V?”

Counselor Iven

“Ahh, simpler than it looks,” he said with a gleam in his eye. McBride gestured to the chairs in front of his desk. “Have a seat, Lieutenant.”

Jonathan folded his arms on the desk and leaned forward slightly. “Basically, the Centurion is a patrol ship. It’s here for the defence of Oed and the system. It’s tiny, and when we’re not on active patrol or a mission, it has a skeleton crew. We have a rotating jump crew that is on call to staff the ship if we need to respond to something. To be honest, it’s a rare time when we’ll need anyone from the counselling department on board, so that’s why all of you have your own department here in the Complex. We have a large contingent on personnel stationed on Oed and your job and that of your colleagues is to support their mental health, much like you would on any other posting.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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