Dasca's Apartment- Truths Laid Bare

Posted May 31, 2023, 1:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Chief Mental Health Officer) (Lucas Foxley)

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Posted by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Chief Mental Health Officer) in Dasca’s Apartment- Truths Laid Bare

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Dasca’s Apartment- Truths Laid Bare
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Eela hummed to herself as she gathered the pitcher of water and brought it out onto the patio, setting it beside the glasses on the coffee table she had brought out already. She paused and looked around her patio, smiling to herself. It really was lovely out here and she was glad she had the foresight to get working on it soon after her arrival. Sharah’s help and inspiration had helped greatly too.

The large rectangular space was loosely divided into three ‘rooms’ that acted as extensions of the apartment spaces they flowed from. The dining room was where the doors to the patio were and flowed out into the dining and cooking area in the middle closer to the apartment. The wooden dining table had six chairs and was underneath the pergola, over which an evergreen vine had quickly grown over top and was now starting to bloom with lightly fragrant white and purple blossoms.

The space to the left was a lounge area that you could see from the casual sitting area off her kitchen and had an outdoor couch and chairs around a coffee table plus lounge chairs farther out where one could bask in the sun. To the right was a nook surrounded by containers full of flowering plants that sheltered a space that Eela used for meditation. The rest of the patio had containers and raised beds full of flowers, vegetables and herbs, though at the far end was a storage shed.

It was a lovely day (as it almost always was on a colony that really didn’t have ‘weather’ yet) and as she waited for Mika to arrive for her appointment (and bracing herself for the difficulty that would likely be), Eela was happy to putter and set up a soothing space for them to converse.


It was yet another busy day for Mika. She blocked out two one-hour long slots for Eela’s session days, to cover the hour she would spend there, and to cover enough time to get there and back comfortably. It was easier for Eela to meet at her apartment, so Mika was willing to make the time to make it happen.

So, at 1400, Mika arrived at the building, spoke briefly with the doorman, and after being cleared, was let in. She went to the same place as last time: back lift, floor twelve. Once the door opened, Mika smiled and stepped out. “Good afternoon, Eela, how have you been?” She asked politely.

~ Mika, CNS

She greeted Tandra with a weary smile. “Oh, you know, one foot in front of the other. But on the whole I’m okay.” And she was. As hard as some things had been recently and how intense work could be, Eela was not only still standing, she was thriving in many areas of her life.

“Come on in. I’ve got us set up on the patio today,” Eela said.

“Good!” Mika replied, smiling as she followed Eela through the apartment. “It’s nice today.... I have to say, I miss rain though.” She commented idly as she stepped outside.

“Me too!” Eela said with a laugh. “Who would have thought all those years in space and I’d actually miss precipitation but I think it’s that whole, you enjoy nice things more when you experience less nice stuff.”

She closed the door behind Mika and moved through the foyer, straight through the dining and out the open doors onto the patio, leading the counsellor to the lounge space of the thriving garden. She sat down in one of the arm chairs and gave Tandra an appraising look. “So, I did my homework and called Roger.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Mika took a seat and made herself at home in another chair. Starting up her PaDD and opening her notes, she brightened at the news and smiled. “That’s great! And what did he say?”

~ Mika, CNS

Eela inhaled deeply and blew out the breath, trying to school her features and failing. “He said a lot and I agreed to hear his honest perspective and he was very honest wth me, and… ouch,” she said. “A lot of it was much like I had been exploring with you, and those events certainly seemed to be key ones. But what I didn’t realize was just how concerned he’d been at times, and that he felt deeply that if he tried to intervene that Cory would find a way to push Roger out of my life and cut me off from a potential support system. And that it wasn’t just him who saw it. Our Captain, Ano Hoda, he… he was the one that called Cory when I was stuck dealing with our premature baby and five year old, and postpartum depression and grief to tell him to come home and take care of his family. His ruse was momentarily exposed.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Mika nodded. “As hard as it might have been to hear, it sounds like you got a lot of helpful information from it.” She sat forward slightly and looked at Eela. “Now that you have heard your friends’ thoughts about the relationship and everything… I want to emphasize that not having seen it for what it was, isn’t your fault, doesn’t make you blind or obtuse or gullible. It’s always harder to see these situations from the inside than it is from the outside. That’s why I asked you last time to ask Roger for his perspective, so you could have a more complete picture of it.”

~ Mika, CNS

Her inclination was to look away as her mind wanted to reject what Tandra was saying, even if she knew she was correct. This pattern of thinking was not something she would be able to navigate away from quickly, and instead it was going to take careful and systematic rebuttals, just like Mika was offering here. “Betrayal blindness,” she whispered. “Intellectually I know what you are saying is true, but it’s taking a lot to get the rest of my brain on board. I think especially after my accident, when my brain was at its most chaotic, it was easy to take the negative feedback I was getting and believe it. I’m still struggling to comprehend the magnitude of the damage he has caused but Roger made it very clear when he pointed out that that Cory would have had to hide himself so deeply from me that he was able to fool an empath and touch telepath.” Eela leaned forward, her eyes flashing with anger. “It’s a betrayal that is unfathomable to a Haliian. It’s against everything our society believes in. Deception is a concept that is hard to understand for us. Yes, I have lived more of my life off Halii, but the core precepts of my upbringing are still very strong. And at the same time I’m trying to forgive myself for brushing off my concerns when I did have them, because we were so young when we married and it was a very fast courtship. And when times were tough between us, I could just say ‘oh, all couples have rough spots. Because that is true, even if this all went far deeper than that.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“And it will take a while, and that’s okay. Internalizing all that negativity didn’t happen over night and it takes work and time to break those thought patterns once they’ve formed.” Mika paused for a minute, both to let that thought sit, and to phrase her next thoughts.

Everyone kept telling her it wasn’t her fault and her brain understood that. Rationally, of course it wasn’t. But the rest of her kept flip-flopping. It was annoying, but she also knew that this was a part of the process.

“These kinds of people… They’re usually very good at making big problems look like smaller problems, ‘rug sweeping’ things that actually are important. Oftentimes they delude themselves into thinking they are right to do things the way they do.”

~ Mika, CNS

Eela inhaled deeply. “Sometimes it’s the hard part of having a therapeutic background. I can look at people’s behaviour and understand it a bit better than others might, but it’s also easy to ignore or excuse parts of it had how it impacted me. The thing is that I know Cory wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. He might be now, he might have been shocked into some sort of realization but I’ll never know and I don’t want to.” She could feel a tightness in her chest that she had to pause and breath through. “And I also know that he will have some version of the story that makes him look like the victim, and me the evil b!tch seeking to ruin his reputation.” She laughed bitterly. “And the thing is there will always be people willing to listen and believe him.” It shouldn’t bother her, but it did. Greatly.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“Understanding it from a counselor’s perspective is different from processing it for yourself, yes. Personally, I don’t think a background in mental health work really helps us process the events of our own lives. We still need someone else to guide us through the process, we still need time to process our emotions the same as anyone else.” Mika said thoughtfully. She waited patiently for Eela to breathe until she was ready to go on.

“In time it may not matter as much to you who believes him and who doesn’t. Right now I understand that’s hard, but as you know, it’s not something you can control. Let’s focus instead on something more positive, something we can control.” Mika paused for a second and then asked, “Now that you’ve been able to acknowledge all this a little more openly, how do you see things changing for the better?”

~ Mika, CNS

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