Ai's First Social Services Case - The Mysterious File of Lai Kitrian

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Lai tensed and she looked at Akem. She doesn’t know. How was that possible? She was so used to everyone trading information like it was currency and their situation was worth plenty. Surely someone had said something already. She got up from the couch and moved to the door to their little balcony and stared out over the colony, trying to calm her heart rate.

“The Amagray, or Death-Bringers,” Lai said softly. “They will sell Akem to highest bidder, of whom there will be many options, and for me? They cannot control me, so I am worthless to them.” There was an edge to her voice, an anger that rarely surfaced.

~Lai Kitrian

Ai’s face turned to confusion as she listened. “The Amagray? They are the ones who are after you?”

Akem stayed in his seat as his mind remained close to Lai. He added, “I have been protecting her from these people since we met. Common enemies gave a closeness that led into the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced.” His eyes stayed on her as his mind raced through the plethora of memories they shared.


As Akem spoke Ai looked at him then nodded, “Lai, Akem. I’d like to know more about the Amagray…Death-Bringers. The more I know the better I can put things in place to protect you both while you here on Oed. Where are they from? Do you know if they know you are here?” There were so many questions and she needed so much information. “You will need to trust me and tell me everything.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Hand resting on the edge of the balcony door, her knuckles whitened and Lai turned to look at this woman who would determine so much about their lives here. Her gold-ringed hazel eyes were filled with nothing more than anguish. “I get it… people are keeping things quiet because it would not be good for this knowledge to be public. It’s potentially dangerous. I will tell you what you need to know, but understand Doctor Oshiro, these are our lives, our lived experiences. And we do not feel safe. Not yet. Not even here.”

Ai nodded, even though she was sure that both Lai and Akem were safe on Oed. With the police and Starfleet forces in place, they could surely counteract the beings that were hunting them.

She moved back to the couch and sat with Akem, reaching for his hand and lacing her fingers through his. “We were on the run, as we have been for months. We were on this station in the middle of nowhere and we thought we were safe there for a time, but they found us. The Amagray are a collective of bounty hunters. They are both collectors of rewards and a death squad, depending on what job their client has paid them very well for. We were seeking a place to hide, but they have special ways of tracking us and soon we found ourselves in trapped on a room. I thought it was supposed to be a cargo by but it was some sort of experiment space. The hunters started firing at us and we took refuge behind this large chamber. But the hunters want blood when they kill and the next thing I know I was hit with a projectile.” She pressed a hand to her chest and winced at the memory. “I knew I was dying and we were trapped. The next thing I know there was a flash and we’re in the same room, but the Hunters are gone and there is no chamber. I passed out.” She looked to Akem. You continue.

~Lai Kitrian

“A civilian freighter captain found us. Michael Conrad, I believe, of the Black Sparrow? He helped us get her to Oed to a hospital to get medical care. We’re obviously very thankful for their services, however we are not certain whether we should stay or keep going to be fair.” he finished on point.

“Do you know how they were tracking you?” Ai asked as she observed Lai’s hand. Obviously, it was where she’d been hit by the projectile. She hated to make them relive the trauma and the memories of running from the Amagray, but she needed to know just to what lengths they would go to find them. “Why are they hunting you, Lai?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

This time Akem spoke up. after Ai finished her question. “To them she is an anomaly best put down in a fight. It is my pheromones they are after. Many seek to perform experiments on what few deltans are left. Deltans are a rare lifeform after all. They either want to experiment on me in order to replicate my abilities in someone else, or they simply wish to keep us around for their own personal drugs. There are some who will go absolutely feral just to have a deltan. They are able to track my pheromones within close proximity. But anyone could be supplying the Amagray with information too. Snitches everywhere out for a better place in life. As for Lai, they likely don’t want her entirely for the same reasons. Toying with her if they can, but killing her outright.” Akem paused, allowing his words to sink in as wondered to himself how deltans were treated in this universe.


Lai breathed through the agitation even the discussion of the Amagray stirred within her. “The thing you must understand, Doctor, is that when we arrived at the hospital I was unconscious. When they scanned me, I showed up in their database and they were able to use blood in storage from that person. I match that person genetically. We’re identical. Except we are not.” Kitrian gestured between her and Akem. “After I woke up from my surgery and spoke to the sibling of the person whose blood saved my life, we’ve come to understand that we are not from this Universe. Whatever happened in that room on that station brought us here and we have no way to go back. We are struggling to understand that the Amagray likely do not exist here, and that Akem likely does not have to worry about being Deltan here, but you can understand why we are suspicious over everyone, can’t you? We want to believe that this could be a new start, that no one is out to get us, but we are anomalies in your universe and that will draw certain attention to us as well. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve traded one set of difficulties for another.”

~Lai Kitrian

Ai nodded, “I can empathize with the challenges you and Kitrian are facing. It’s a lot to process, finding yourselves forced into a different universe by, these hunters.... I cant even begin to pretend I understand. However, the revelation that you are genetic matches to beings in this universe is promising and it means that you can potentially build a life here and be quite comfortable. It’s understandable that this eniresituation has left you both feeling suspicious and apprehensive about your new reality. There are things to consider maybe even challenges, such as the fact that you are not completely accustomed to the ways of this universe can indeed draw some attention. But on the same note, luckily Oed is quite diverse so I dont think you will draw too much attention.
This new universe could offer opportunities for growth and connections that you never anticipated. Despite the challenges, there may be people who genuinely want to assist you in acclimating to your new circumstances.” Ai paused. Building trust and understanding would be key in this situation and she didnt know how to do it. Then a light bulb went off in her head, “What will it take for me to earn your trust?” What better way to find out than to just ask.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

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