Worrisome Complications

Posted June 1, 2023, 11:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Jason Reilly (Deputy Director - Colonial Intelligence) in Worrisome Complications

Jason held Hannah’s hand gently and he looked only at her even as he spoke. “This is a specific and classified, fully functioning medical suite somewhere in the Sacred Heart complex. It is shielded from all forms of access, monitoring, surveillance, or detection by design and construction. The only people who know it is here are the medical teams assigned to it and the Colonial Intelligence Agency… of which I am the Assistant Director. This is used to care medically for CIA operatives, staff, prisoners, or others deemed to be of importance to our operations and overall mission. You can’t even transport into the space. It is only accessible via a proprietary system that only we have access to.” He looked back at Sharah and said “You will, of course, maintain the classified nature of the facility.” as if it was a fact, not a request, before looking back at Hannah.

Reilly, DD-CIA

Sharah didn’t need to be telepathic to know that if Reilly thought she wouldn’t keep the secret she wouldn’t be here. She looked around. She didn’t like it, but organizations such as Colonial Intelligence needed secure places like this. Well needed was too strong a word in her opinion. “You know the tech in here could make a lot of difference to the people out there,” she mused out loud to herself. “I probably should be irritated with you for putting me in this position,” she didn’t sound too perturbed though. Sharah couldn’t be mad knowing he did it out of care and concern for Hannah. Of course that assumed he wasn’t tricking her telepathic senses at the apartment. She chose to see the good rather than be suspicious. “I am to assume, I suppose, that you had permission to aquire the crystal to form the telepathic barrier?”


Jason looked at her for a moment and then said “I do not know what you are referring to, Doctor.” and then looked back at Hannah. “You know… even with everything that has happened… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides right next to her.” He took a deep breath, and then looked at Fayth. “She can recover here, or at home, or in the hospital. Whichever you prefer.” At that moment the Tellerite came over and said to Sharah “Doctor, all scans show the patient is doing well. No erythema or edema, and no internal bleeding. Dermal regenerator has finished and the incision is gone as well. All of her vital signs are stable, and with the supplemental plasma during surgery her hormone levels are already leveling out. She should be awake in about thirty minutes, but I do not see any reason to keep her here.”

Jason and the Doctors

Sharah raised a brow, how nice of him to give his permission for her to cate for her patient in the way she saw best. She didn’t say it though, he was under considerable strain and the sass would be unkind. “Hannah loves you quite deeply. It’s very obvious. I am, truly, sorry for your loss.” She looked up at Tellerite and nodded. “I assume you have access to the hospital’s main frame? Assign her a room on the Women’s Critical Care Ward. I want to keep her a couple of hours for observation.”

The doctor shook his head and said “No, Doctor. We do not have access. I apologize. OpSec and all… I m sure you understand.”

Sharah sighed. She wouldn’t be able to access the system remotely from here either. “Well I suppose then wherever it is best to get us to that ward, and I’ll arrange the room and records after.”

She turned to Jason, “Do you have a specific request for final arrangements? Or would you like me to wait and ask Hannah?” That was the beautiful thing about Sharah, her ability to out the cate and well being above everything else. To put the care of Hannah and Jason and their baby above the super-spy shenanigans.

Jason took a breath and said “Cremation. But I want to wait for Hannah to wake up first.”

“What questions do you have about Hannah?”


He shook his head and said “None. I know enough to know what to look for with regards to health, and I know she will need help processing the loss. Or maybe she won’t. The whole thing has been very… taxing… to say the least. There is a part of me that thinks her most prominent response will be relief. But.. that is up to her.”


“Even if it is mostly relief, post-partum depression is still a risk. Her body has been through a tremendous hormonal upheaval and that will affect her mood. I know she is usually very active, but she will have to take it easy for the next few weeks. Modern medical technology mostly ensures no complications, but there is always risk. She will need a full physical and psych eval before returning to duty.” Given he brought Hannah to a super spy medical facility there were probably secrets. “If there is someone here you prefer to do that, for security sake, just tell me.”

She looked at the Tellerite, “Do you have a gurney we can move her onto? I would prefer for Hannah to wake up in CRU.” She helped to transfer Hannah, and then she carefully lifted the small bundle like the precious thing it was. If Jason wanted she would let him take the baby, but she didn’t know him well enough to guess what he might want. She thanked the staff again and then they were being transfered…


Jason took the bundle prior to them departing. “I’ll meet you there.” he said as they disappeared.

It took a few minutes and a bit of confusion as to how Fayth and Asimina arrived at the hospital, where they had been, and why the emergency was no longer one; but a quick blame of a broken communicator and some approvals by Fayth and Hannah was in a room and recovering well. Jason arrived a moment later and came in the room.

Jason looked at Sharah and said “What comes next? Medically, that is.”


Sharah was sitting beside Hannah holding her hand, almost as if in a meditative state. She looked up at Jason entered. “She should be awake in another 20 minutes, and then in about an hour she should be okay to go home. There is a risk of hemorrhaging from the proceedure, but menstrual like bleeding will be normal for the next couple of weeks. Lower abdominal and back pain is also expected. Anything a basic anti-inflammatory doesn’t help should be reported immediately. The biggest risk right now is her blood pressure. Gestational hypertension can occur up to six weeks after delivery. You will both need to be aware of highs and lows. I can give her hormonal stabilizers, but it’s best to let her body return to normal on its own.”


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