Standards of Care (TAG Oshiro)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Standards of Care (TAG Oshiro)

Posted by Civilian Aiofemi T. Oshiro (Director of Medical and Social Services) in Standards of Care (TAG Oshiro)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Standards of Care (TAG Oshiro)
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“I’ve seen her once or twice here at the hospital, but only in passing. I know she is very busy trying to get settled,” Ano ran his hands over his bald head. “But these initiatives are important. 2 more weeks and we would have had them in place. “

Sharah nodded, “Yes, they would have, but they fall under her purview. We were only able to go ahead with them because there was no DMSS, and the work fell to us. She probably isn’t even aware of it, but now that she is here we need to bring her in, not just as a colleague but as the director. Make an appointment with her assistant…” Fayth paused to recall the name, “Samikah Jaxsyn.” She held up a hand. She knew what he was going to say. “I will go with you, but I am walking a fine line, Ano. Yes I am the chief of staff but I am also the Star Fleet Chief Medical Officer. This is a civilian, a colonial matter. We don’t want anyone to think Star Fleet is trying to over step boundaries.”

Ano, in a rare moment of frustration, cursed. “Sacred Heart is beyond that. We have worked too hard to let that seep back in. I hate politics, it lowers the care we give our patients.”

Sharah chuckled, “Not if we let it. Besides you only don’t want to do it because you are dreaming of retirement. And no, no one within Sacred Heart is going to think that. Outside of the hospital is a different thing. We are setting the example and we must continue to do so. So make the appointment, we will both go, and discuss it.”

Ano set his hands on the arms of the chair and stood. “Any day or time that works for you?” Sharah shook her head, “I will move things around accordingly.”

Back in his office Ano drafted a brief memo.
To: Director Aiofemi T. Oshiro, DMSS
Care of: Samikah Jaxsyn
From: Dr Ano Helaky, Assistant Chief of Staff, Sacred Heart Hospital

Subject: On Hold Initiatives

Before your arrival, Dr Oshiro, Sacred Heart Hospital drafted initiatives to help spread our level of care to the colony. Because there was no DMSS these were approved by the hospital board and finance committee. Work was scheduled to begin two weeks from now. With your arrival we have put this on hold.

Dr Fayth and myself would like to schedule a time to meet with you and go over them with you before moving forward.

Dr Ano Helaky
Assistan Chief of Staff
Sacred Heart Hospital

Fayth, SFCMO


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Sounds good.

The message came right to Ai’s computer. Usually, she would let Samikah deal with these types of communications but she saw it was from Ano and wanted to reply immediately. She had not been aware of any initiatives that needed her attention. It was Samikah’s job to bring any outstanding issues to her attention. She was going to have to follow up with her and see how these fell through the crack.
Dr. Helaky, I am available right now. How about I stop by in a few minutes? If this is too soon for you and Dr. Fayth, please let me know what works for both of you and I will have Samikah clear an opening. She remembered the last time she spoke with Dr. Helaky he had not been too pleased with her. Hopefully, time had healed his perspective on her.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

There was an immediate reply. Thank you. My office available. We will both be here. Ano hit the comm button to Sharah’s office, “She’s coming in a few minutes if you want to come to my office.” Ano got up from his desk and cleared the small rectangular table in the room. His office was decent sized and held his desk of course, but instead of a couch and arm chairs, Ano preferred the table so that when meeting with others they could work productively and comfortably. There was a large wardrobe type cabinet that actually contained a small closet space but also a murphy bed for those days he was on call or had to work several shifts in a row.

Sharah arrived a few minutes later carrying coffee and tea selections and a box of pastries from the cafeteria and set them on the table. She smiled at Ano, “Relax.”

Fayth and Helaky

On my way.
As Ai headed to Dr. Helaky’s office, she hoped she wasn’t walking into an ambush. She knew how close those two were and though Dr. Fayth tried to be neutral she knew that she bias preference toward Dr. Helaky rather than herself. When she walked into the office she presented a smile. “Dr. Helaky, Dr. Fayth. It seems like it’s been forever though I know it has not been that long since we last sat down and did this.” Her eyes went to the coffee Sharah had brought. “Oh…that coffee smells right on time.” She took a seat at the table and said, “So..what do you got for me?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Sharah handed her a cup and waved at the box. “I didn’t know what you liked, so I grabbed a variety of pastries from the cafe.” She sat and looked at Ano. He sipped his tea and then cleared is throat. “I guess I will begin with the circumstances and the problem. It’s a problem that Sacred Heart has been aware of for awhile. It is the only medical facility on Oed. And even though we now have the staff to meet the needs of the population we don’t have the room. There wasn’t much we could do with the dome up though. Now that the dome is down, we have options. The circumstances were that we had no Director of Medical and Social Services for awhile or if we did, one that wasn’t engaged, shall we say. So it fell to us,” Ano made a motion that encompassed the whole hospital, “to come up with options.”

Aiofemi took a drink of her coffee as she listened to Ano speak. Then her head turned to Sharah as she began.

“Ano worked with the hospital board and the Finance Director, or the previous one, and we have the funds, found the space or materials, to open auxiliary locations.” Fayth explained. “We have modular units ready to be put up at the different mining facilities, the orbital platform, spaceport, the refugee camps, etc. We have doctor/nurse teams ready to staff them. We’ve opened an infirmary on the fleet complex to help ease some of the strain. We have people ready to work with CCDA and such as soon as we get the details worked out. Ano even found a location to house our emergency responders so we can open up more room in the hospital.”

Ai sat her coffee down and then said, “Wow. That is great. You two have been very busy. I want to apologize. This never came up on my radar. Honestly, I probably would have delegated the task to someone who was more experienced and familiar with the layout of the colony anyway. So everything is ready to go?”

Ano nodded, “It’s all ready to go. Like I said this all happened before you were appointed. But we thought we should put it on hold and bring it to you. We don’t want you to think we are going around you or leaving you out. It’s just odd timing.”

Helaky and Fayth

“The staff who are to staff these auxiliary locations will they be permanent placements at the locations or will we need to rotate them out? Also, I guess we will need a point of contact or a manager of some type at each of the facilities. I’d like to know who you would consider to be viable candidates. They would need to be responsible for ensuring each site has the supplies it needs and be responsible for communicating status to Sacred Heart.” She paused then said, “What about security at the locations? Did the budget cover that as well?”

Dr. Aiofemi Oshiro, DMSS

Sharah tipped her head back and forth. “Rotation depends on the location. The mining facilities need people but it is quiet until it is not. So we have grouped those together and they will rotate through the locations and back to the hospital. Same with the refugee clinics. Because that can be intense for the providers as well. Willing but we don’t want anyone strained. Locations that are basic clinics will have a standard staff. Services provided for House Duroc and the CCDA will depend on their regulations and needs. We are still working out those details.”

“We don’t provide security. As a government provided facility, that is handled through the police department or CCDA, depending on the location. If a private business or group has asked for a medical facility they would provide the security or pay extra for us to hire our own,” Ano explained.

Fayth and Helaky

“I see. The only thing that concerns me about not providing security is the safety of the medical staff who will be working at these locations. With the Vren looming or who knows what other species inhabit the planet that we are not aware of, we still should provide our personnel with some type of security. At least one security officer each to monitor the refugee camps. That is where I can forsee the most activity occurring. Every other location seems like it will be routine work. I can reach out to the police department or CCDA if I need to.” As she took a sip of her coffee she said, “I do need to make my way to some of these locations. I have not had an opportunity to see how they are set up. Have either of you?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano looked confused, “I’m sorry Director, I’m confused. Other species that inhabit the planet? There are no other species on the planet. Oed has been fully mapped, and it is consistently monitored and managed.”

It was annoying that Ano always looked or seemed confused when she said something. “Obviously I was not aware of this. Do you expect me to know everything about Oed?” She tried really hard not to show her annoyance with the man. “Anyway, I hope you are right. It seems odd, however not unlikely, that no other species would occupy a perfectly habitable Class M planet before we arrived here. Even so, there are multiple species on this planet. Unfortunately, when you group many species in one space, something is bound to happen. I’d rather be prepared.”

Honestly Ano found it annoying how Oshiro seemed to be looking for conflict and monsters where there weren’t any. He took a breath. “Of course I don’t expect you to know everything, Director. I would have thought that piece of information would have been provided in an information packet for you, since you are a member of the cabinet,” Ano qualified honestly. “The comet strike killed everything on the planet. Until a few months ago the planet was not inhabitable except under the dome. But the Colonial government and Star Fleet has kept a close eye on the planet to ensure we are safe.” He smiled gently, “I hope that information eases your concerns.”

“Well unfortunately the information was not shared with me. Apparently, even cabinet members do not get all the information they should know.” she simply said with slightly squinted eyes. “And yes this new information eases my concern. You obviously know more than I do.” Every time she met with the man she liked him less and less. She was prepared for the fact he was not going to make her time here easier. However, she was grateful that Dr. Fayth seemed to speak to both of their respective personalities and did a very good job smoothing over their differences.

“Dr Helaky has been here a long time. He has lived and been a part of the dome going up to it coming down. Much of his knowledge is because he has lived through it. I found his wealth of experience useful as I am still settling in and learning about Oed myself,” Fayth commented and then turned to Oshiro’s other questions and concerns.

“Which location set ups?” Fayth asked for clarity. “The new ones? We have seen the locations but no facilities have been put up yet. We put that on hold so we could speak first. The refugee camp? Yes, we’ve both been there. And there is security there. Police and CCDA. Much of it is plain clothed. These people need help not to feel they escaped to be put in prison.” Fayth sipped her hot chocolate a moment. “I think I should clarify. I did not mean to imply there was no security. We do have security, we just don’t manage it. As I said that falls to Police and CCDA. That is their expertise so we are happy to let them.” She tipped her head back and forth, “As for Security Officers, if you mean Star Fleet, a request for them would have to come directly from the Governor or Lt Governor’s office. Given the recent Oed statement to the Federation Council, I imagine Cpt McBride won’t be sending anyone unless directly asked or within the terms and agreements already established. I am sure Lt Gov Dasca knows more the particulars about it.”

Fayth and Helaky

“I understand. Plain clothes officers make sense. No, I meant security in general. If we already have some in place then that clears my concern. There are many people in the colony and with the absence of a DMSS, I want to let you know how great it is that you both got the ball rolling on this. The locations with no facilities, those should go up as soon as possible. Also, we should get demographics for the locations, just to be sure we place the right equipment, medical supplies, and medicine in the right locations based on the needs of the citizens that populate that area.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Fayth nodded, “They can start today. They were just waiting for us to give the go ahead.” She looked through her stack of PaDDs and handed one to Oshiro. “Demographics for all those locations as well as what type of facility. For instance the ones at the mines are focused on providing basic care and injury first aid. Patients would be transfered here to the hospital for anything severe.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“Great! We can give them the go-ahead.” she said as she took the PaDD and reviewed the information. “I like that there are specializations for each location. Whose idea was that?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Helaky looked chagrined as he tapped at his PaDD sending the go ahead for the teams to get started, and Sharah laughed softly. “That was actually the recommendation of our two top nurses. Alice Shrine, our chief of nursing, and Yavia Crockett, Nurse of special cases. They heard us discussing in the Cafe one day and came over to correct us,” Fayth chuckled again.

“They were quite right.” Ano snapped his fingers like he remembered something, “Actually you should meet with Nurse Shrine when you have time, Director. She heads up Sacred Heart’s charitable foundation. This year’s fundraiser was quite successful and all the proceeds went to the refugees.”

Fayth and Helaky

“It’s a wonder I have not already met her.” she hoped she had Shara’s even-natured personality and not Dr. Helaky’s critical one. “Do we not have a budget to care for the refugees?” Ai asked curious about all the proceeds going to the refugees and not being distributed evenly among the population. She clarified, “Is there something I am not aware of as far as the refugee population?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano nodded, “Medically yes, we are able to meet their needs, take care of their physical health. The psychiatric department is working over time. I don’t know about the social services side, but they have their basic needs met. My understanding, and you would have to check with Shrine for specifics, is the donations are for things like new clothings, toys, job training, there were some substantial funds given for scholarships to the university. The way Nurse Shrine puts it, it’s the difference between getting by and making a new home.”


Ai nodded as she said, “It’s reassuring to hear that the medical team is capable of meeting the physical health needs of the population. It is harder to do than anyone knows. The fact that the psychiatric department is working overtime indicates that efforts are being made to address their mental health as well. While you’re unsure about the specifics of the social services side, you mentioned that their basic needs are being taken care of. Nurse Shrine seems to be the superstar of the medical department or Sacred Heart in general. Where does she get the time to coordinate donations, not to mention the types of donations being utilized for various purposes? These contributions seem to make a significant difference in improving the lives of our citizens, going beyond mere survival and creating a sense of a new home for them. I wonder why I never have had the opportunity to meet her?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

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