USS Centurion- Putting Us Through Our Paces

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A distress call couldn’t be that bad. But then again, he’d thought kind of the same thing about a mysterious message from a distant contact in deep space. Please tell me that this is just a simple emergency, he begged silently to whatever deity might be listening. Meanwhile he reached down and tapped the armchair controls and tapped out a message to send with priority to Captain McBride.


Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

||This is a gen- … -tress call. … crash … five moons. We’re… los- life support. Archie not.... well. I repeat… this… a general… call.||

Woods frowned. “Baker, see if you can clean that up, and get us any carrier data on the source.”

“Aye, Sir,” Baker replied automatically. He was already working on it. Filtering static and trying to get the sensors to pick up details from the ship and hone in on the exact frequency of the signal and boost power to the comm relays.

NE Baker

A few moments later, McBride stepped out onto the bridge. “Report.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Mark stood to vacate the chair. “Distress call. The transmission is broken and garbled. Seeing if we can clean it up. From what I could hear, it sounds like they crashed somewhere nearby, potentially around a celestial body with five moons. I am having NE Baker try to clean it up, and see if they were transmitting transponder data.” He paused for half a second. “I can check star charts in the meantime,” he offered.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

McBride nodded. “Please do.”

Baker’s efforts seemed to help as the message replayed, though there was still a fair bit of interference and they would have to strain to hear the words clearly, though most were now audible. ||This is a general distress call. Our small research vessel crashed at a gas giant with five moons in the Yalk-… We’re stuck… losing life support. Archie has a head wound and is not well well. I repeat, this is the Research Vessel Sutaane and this is a general distress call.||

Of the systems nearest to them, two had a gas giant with multiple moons: The Iirroun System and the Yalkrin System.

Markus listened to the message even as he started pulling info from the latest survey data. The partial transmission narrowed it down fast, with the Yalkrin system seeming to be the winner from context clues. “Looks like Yalkrin is the system.” He frowned, pulling up what data was available on the gas giant. - Mass, gravity, orbital period, rotational period, atmospheric composition, atmospheric pressure, anything they had on it’s system of moons, and of course distance. He fed the star map onto the view screen to give them a God’s-Eye view of their potential destination while starting to crunch some numbers in his head.

Fingers dancing over the displays he focused the sensor arrays toward the system and widened the bandwidth to see if he could pick up anything beyond background cosmic radiation.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

McBride frowned. “Civilian ship?” he asked, looking over to Cattaneo.

Captain McBride, CO

Tiberius saw the glance from Captain McBride and went ahead and began the scan of the ship. He expected the result to return to be a civilian ship but you never knew. Sometimes, enemies were known to request help being a “civilian ship” but not actually being that. He continued to look at the display until the results of the scan confirmed or denied the ship being a civilian ship.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

Baker kept working at the signal even though they had a good deal more to work with now. “Captain, do you wish me to try and connect with them or send a reply?”

NE Baker, comms

“Yes, send a reply and tell them we’re on their way. If you can get a response, so much the better,” McBride said.

Baker wasted no time. =/\=Research Vessel Sutaane this is the Federation ship USS Centurion. Do you copy? We are enroute to your location. Respond Please.=/\=

NE Baker, Comms

There was no response to the call.

The Suutane came back registered as a civilian research ship that was more or less a kitted out runabout that was registered with the Federation Science Council and conducted small independent research projects. It was listed as being under the command of Leeann Drayman and usually had 2-4 people aboard in total. In addition to an advanced sensor suite, the ship had metaphasic shielding.

The Yalkrin System was a small, uninhabited system 2.6 ly from Oed with four planets orbiting a Class A star:

Planet Type Distance Other Notes
Yalkrin I Class B 0.8 AUs
Yalkrin II Class N 4 AUs
Yalkrin III Class J 6 AUs 5 satellites
Yalkrin IV Class C 11 AUs Planetoid

The current hypothesis for the large distance between Yalkrin I and II is that there was once another planet there that was knocked out of the system.

Yalkrin III, the gas giant, was about the size of Saturn at 102 ,000 km in diameter. Its metallic core was surrounded by hydrogen (89%) and helium (11%) and with a density lower than water, a surface pressure of 140 kPa, and was 95 times the mass of Earth. It had a magnetosphere slightly less than Earth’s. It’s solar year was roughly 6989 Earth days and it’s rotational period was 16 hours.

It had 5 moons, none of which had an atmosphere and were basically all large rocks:
Moon A: 1.2 day orbit- 286 km in diameter
Moon B: 5.7 day orbit- 1,123 km in diameter
Moon C: 22 day orbit- 4,905 km in diameter
Moon D: 43 day orbit- 1756 km in diameter

“Helm, alter our course for the Yalkrin System. Warp 9.5 as long as we can sustain and then drop us to Warp 8,” McBride ordered. “What would our ETA be?”

The helm took a moment to work it out and looked over their shoulder. “Just over 10 hours, Captain. Changing course and speed.”

Jonathan nodded before opening a comm line. =/\=Bridge to Engineering. We’re responding to a distress call and we’re going to push the engines as long as we can, then drop to Warp 8. Helm says it’ll take us 10 hours. Let me know if that number can improve.=/\=

=/\=Bridge to Sickbay. We’re responding to a distress call. You’ve got about 10 hours before we reach the system. Crashed research vessel. More details to come.=/\=

OOC: Planet classifications can be found here, if you’re interested:

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

The voice of the Betazoid CMO came back over the comms, =/\=Acknowledged Captain. We’ll be ready. Please let us know when you have a crew manifest. Fayth out.=/\=

Fayth, CMO

Mark was running the calculations in his head when Sharah’s voice broke in, interrupting his thoughts. Memories flooded back with a stab of pain, and just for an instant he looked as if he had been run through. Then it was gone, replaced by a careful poker face, honed over years of play. Catching his breath, he shook it off, bracing himself with one arm against the panel in front of him.

He frowned, considering options. They might be able to push the Centurion’s limits, but the Avenger-class was something of an aging design, but could still get the job done. The question was, would they be in time? There was… one possible way to get aid to them faster, but it was crazy risky, and probably a one-way trip for now. And their cartographic data was somewhat out of date. Of course, they’d get more info on that when they were closer. But they were well within the high resolution scanning range of the Centurion.

Tapping on the displays he brought up the EM systems, specifically the Low-Level Thermal Imaging sensor and the Variable Band Optical Imaging Cluster. Correcting for the ship’s current Doppler shift and warp field lensing, he chewed the inside of his cheek. That wouldn’t get them data on the Suutane. It was still lightyears away, and as much info as was available at his finger tips, he couldn’t make light break the universal constant in that way. But it would give him a very detailed look at the system as it was a couple years ago. Which that could give a very updated map from the time, and then shifted forward to where things actually were this moment. The science lab was better equipped for the task, of course.

He brought up the Localized Subspace Field Stress Sensor. It was useful for studying subspace anomalies. That was it’s general purpose, in fact. But it could be used to track a ship’s warp signature. No, scratch that. If they had to put down on a rock somewhere their drive was likely shot until they could repair it. Otherwise they’d probably be running straight for the Centurion to hide behind it’s skirts. No. But if they were attacked… It was worth running anyway.

Turning the Centurion’s sensor suite toward the Yalkrin system, he went to scanning for any active or latent warp signatures. As he did he murmured in a pleasant sing-song tone, “Come out, come out, wherever you are…”

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

After having the scan data, it was nice to know what kind of ship they were going to go rescue. Tiberius is hoping it was not under attack because I do not believe it could take much based on what sort of ship it is. Tiberius went ahead and started tuning the sensors for weapons for potential cloaked ships in the vicinity. He wanted to make sure he was ready for anything when they arrived at the ship. He looked over at Commander Woods and said, “I see you are working over there. Have the sensors been adjusted to what is needed? I would love to have a readout of what you are seeing at tactical if you don’t mind?” He waited for a response from Commander Woods.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

“It’ll be on the main viewer when I start getting returns, but sure I can mirror it to your station,” Mark said, barely looking up. Consternation flickered through his tone, for just a moment. “I’ll keep an eye out for tachyon emissions and the like too. I really hope this is just straight forward, but never hurts to expect an ambush.” He was, of course, aware of what Cattaneo was doing with his sensor arrays. But… He frowned.

Then tentatively expanded his awareness, questering down a few decks, trying to ignore the general ‘texture’ of the crew, looking for one very specific, well-known node or contact. A familiar, if .. painful presence, but tentative in his efforts.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

The familiar presence was there, it was always there whether it wanted to be or not. But it was greatly changed, crumbling, weakened. As if it was an old earthenware vase with thousands of cracks that were slowly and steadily allowing the liquid inside to seep out. Then it quickly turned into a bare trickle, but with effort. There was a pause, mentally held breath and a barely caught desperate flash of need for home and family - the images unfamiliar to him.

It wasn’t in Sharah to turn anyone away no matter what happened. She couldn’t despise anyone, hate them. She had an enormous capacity for compassion and caring even when it hurt her. There was another pause and then, ‘Markus, is something wrong?

Fayth, SFCMO

Through the connection came layers of emotion and pain. For a moment it seemed to intensify, but then it seemed to reduce in volume. There was no way it would disappear, not with her condition. But those pieces separated from the more rational, logical side of his mind almost immediately. And then compartmentalized further. Not necessarily a great sign. A survival mechanism.

A nebulous cloud of things followed, concern. For the crew. The mission. The people ahead. Possible dangers. Less environmental and more about hidden threats. Ethical concerns. Worry about how she might react. A dozen conversations, both aloud and from past connections just like this one. Conflict about how to put it all together. Whether he even should bother. It all swirled like a beehive, but in a second or two sorted itself into something neat and orderly. ~I don’t want to ask you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but we’re concerned about an ambush. I’m pushing our sensors to the max, but they’re decades old. I know as we get away from the colony the noise will die down. If you’re up for it.. Just keep an ear out for some significant hostility directed our way? I’m not asking to go searching or prying. Just… if you hear something that seems significant?~ it wasn’t much different than the role some other Betazoids fulfilled in the fleet.

~And only if you wish, feel comfortable with it. I remember… all our talks about this sort of situation in the past. And I really don’t even want to ask. I just…~ He visibly shook his head as the order began to descend into warring factions in his head and heart again. Mixed with the expectation she was going to be mad or yell at him about the request, and already feeling wrong for even asking. ~Forget I said anything. I’m… an idiot.~

Lt Cmdr Woods, SFCSO

The only response was a withdrawal and silence.

“There is no response, Cpt.,” Baker reported but continued to send the message. He ran a check to make sure the message was being received.

They were just within the range of the high-resolution sensors and a map of the system displayed, showing Yalkrin III and its five moons. They couldn’t detect the Suutane, though there was a trace of a Federation warp signature that was very faint, but the rate of dispersal set the time showed that it was before the distress call was likely initiated. There was enough interference from Kelbonite deposits in the moons to make it hard to pinpoint which of them the Suutane might have been heading for, though the largest one, Moon C, was currently the closest to the gas giant.

There were also no obvious signs of cloaking devices.

McBride himself ran the ship name through the flight logs. “The Suutane was supposed to be stopping in the system on their way out to the Aibask system to conduct other research projects. We have a crew manifest of 4.” He turned in his seat and took in the bridge crew. “Thoughts?” she said, clearly inviting discussion.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

A few minutes later the turbolift doors opened admitting two female medical officers to the bridge. One raven haired and curls with a life of their own, onyx eyed, petite with Lt Cmdr pips, and the other a long layered blonde with dazzling blue eyes and a perpetual smile that said ‘girl next door’. Fayth waved Asimina onto the bridge before her, taking the time to check her emotional reactions. She was a professional first and foremost. She walked toward the center chairs and took a seat. “Cpt McBride. I brought Lt Asimina with me. She’s our search and rescue expert; I thought it would be a good idea for her to meet Lt Cmdr Cattaneo.”

Hannah moved onto the bridge, looking around curiously at the people there. She recognized faces, but oher than McBride not many names. She walked over to the tactical station. “Cmdr Cattaneo, I’m Dr Asimina. I guess if we can’t do a transporter beam out, we’re likely to be going in together.”

Asimina, AMO

Tiberius looked up at the doctor who addressed him and was somewhat surprised by her looks. He was also surprised by the CMO by her looks as well but knew that needed not be in the way. He then responded, “Nice to meet you Dr Asimina. I agree with you, we might have to go in together depending on the results of the transporter. We need to head down to transporter room in case they are able to receive the person or if need be, we can then quickly transport over potentially.” he then waited to see with the doctor responded with.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

“Nice to meet you as well, Cmdr.” Hannah smiled, and her voice seemed muffled, though she enunciated clearly and was one of those that liked ro talk with her hands. “I agree. I prefer to go in and assess the crew before transport. Just to make sure they are stable enough, but I know that isn’t always an option. What about EVA suits? I know we are probably too far away to know what kind of damage their ship has taken, but we should consider it might be necessary.”

Asimina, AMO

Tiberius thought for just a second about the suits and then responded to the doctor, “Dr Asimina, the EVA suits would be a good idea, depending on the time we have when we get to the location in the ship and if we have time to asses things or not. It might be best to have them on just in case and we can always take them off when we arrive to the station. I am assuming we are going to want to meet in the transporter room prepped and ready to go wearing the suits with enough time to spare as the ship arrives at location/ If so, I want to go ahead and get started getting prepared. What do you think? ” He then nodded at the doctor with a smile on his face. This could be exciting or this could be very typical. He wanted to grab some items from security bay and grab a few of the NEs in order to assist if needed, either medically or for additional support if something security/tactical related occurs on the station once the team arrived there. He then awaited the response from the doctor.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

Hannah nodded and glanced at the ship profile, “It’s a runabout, so not a lot of room for a big team. I’ll go with your team and leave the rest of the medical team on stand-by in the transporter room. We should be able to get readings on the power and environmental stability the closer we get to their location. I recommend using Transporter Room 1 or 2 on deck 5. That will put us returning on the same deck as sickbay. Not just for them, but for us too, just in case.”

“If we could try and get a crew manifest for the ship, medical can start pulling supplies and prepping for the individuals. Blood types, known allergies and medical conditions, and the like. Did they report any injuries?”

Baker spoke up, “They said someone named Archie had a head wound and wasn’t doing well.” Fayth turned to the comm officer and smiled her thanks. Then she looked at McBride. It was clear to the CO there was something else on her mind and was trying to decide what to do. She was clearly uneasy about whatever it was. She blew out a breath and leaned toward him slightly, dropping her voice. “When you have time Captain, I need to speak with you.”

Fayth, CMO

McBride gave Fayth a nod and rose to his feet. “Now’s a good a time as any, Doctor.” He gestured to his ready room, before giving Woods a nod for the CSO to take the conn. As he moved off the bridge, he took in how everyone was interacting, making mental notes as he left.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Sharah stood and followed McBride into his Ready Room, giving Hannah a nod as she did so.

Fayth, CMO

McBride stepped back onto the bridge a few minutes later. “Well?” he said to everyone in general. “What do we have so far?” He was looking to see how people collaborate, who offered ideas and opinions, and in general get a sense of how everyone operated.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Asimina was never afraid to speak up. This was her area after all, and that was why Fayth brought her up here. “Cmdr Cattaneo and I were discussing options for going down to retrieve the crew. We’ll have emergency medical teams standing by in the transporter room and prep the EVA suits just in case there is a loss of environmental integrity on the,” she glanced at the readouts again, “Sutaane.”

Asimina, AMO

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