Orbital Platform - They're Heeeerrrre (TAG ALL Cabinet and Star Fleet Officers)

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The Orbital Platform received the message it had been expecting with baited breath for weeks: Three ships inbound on approach. The first ship to come into view was the massive Klingon warship the IKS Kavaar’ton. The hulking ship didn’t send any communications to the Traffic Control Tower, but simply banked and moved to take up it’s normal stationary position outside of the normal platform traffic pattern. But it was the second ship that was the focus of everyone’s attention.

The type had never been seen before. It was long and sleek, and at first glance appeared to be some kind of water-borne vessel. Closer inspection revealed that to be an illusion due to detailed and intricate painting. The head on profile was thin, but wide; and from the top and bottom it was obvious that space was planned to go out, not up. There was a slight delay and then a wholly strange accented voice said [O] Oed V Platform. This is the Vren ship Promise. We request docking permission and instruction on arrival procedures. [O]

In the Control Tower, Major General Charles Tenkiller took a deep breath. “Ok, everybody… here we go. Let’s not f$@k this up, ok? And that was directed to me. I’m sure y’all got this.” The statement was meat with small laughter and then Tenkiller set his hand on the shoulder of the Antican sitting in the chair in front of where he stood. The Antican nodded and then keyed the comms. [O] Vessel Promise, this is Oed V Space Traffic Control. Request to dock is granted. Please make at slowest speed for Docking cradle Seventeen. You will see it lit up in three… two… one. [O] and he touched an icon and suddenly all the exterior lights on the platform went out save for the bright;y lit destination of the Vren vessel. Tenkiller then spoke into the comms. [O] Vren vessel Promise, this is Major General Charles Tenkiller of the Colonial Customs and Defense Agency. On behalf of the citizens of Oed V, Governor Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi, Lieutenant Governor Captain Eela Dasca, Ambassador Jeannette Mathis, and the entirety of the United Federation of Planets… we welcome you. Your welcome delegation is waiting for you at your docking point. Oed V Tower out. [C] Tenkiller knew it was a bit formal for the process of docking, but orders were orders.

Inside the Vren ship, a single figure unknowingly mirrored the human who just spoke. Standing behind the ship’s helm operator, Griget Kek- Ambassador of the Vren to the Federation- stood with a hand on the clothed shoulder of the pilot. “Steady as you go, Korhet. We don’t want to bump into anything right now.” Korhet shared the Ambassador’s trepidation. His long fingers played over the controls and the ship slowed to a crawl, slowly approaching the massive structure that was the Oed V Orbital Platform. Minutes passed in silence as both Traffic Control and the crew of the Promise held their proverbial breaths as the ship inched closer and closer. Finally… there was a loud CLANG inside the ship as the docking clamps engaged. Korhet exhaled a long breath and Kek nodded in satisfaction. “Well done.” he said as he turned and looked at the ship’s Captain. “I still invite you to come with us Captain.” The larger Vren, almost entirely green, shook their head in the universal sign of negativity. “No Kek, this is your fiasco. I will stay here so when it goes to rot, someone is capable of saving us.” Kek fixed the Captain with a hard glare and said “Unless you know something I do not, Captain, I suggest you keep a more positive attitude. They are our last hope at survival.” and he walked past him before the words could escape the Captain’s lips.

A half hour passed until the hatch between old foe and new potential friend opened. Ambassador Kek was the first one to step onto the deck of the platform, and the momentousness of the simple physical movement was not lost upon him as he paused, looking down at the four-toed foot encased in the Vren’s suit that pulled humidity from the surrounding air to keep their skin moist under the suit. Over the suit were colorful and loose-fitting robes. Kek looked at his foot for a long moment before moving forward and standing very tall before the assembled representatives. His bright red and bright blue skin, with symmetrical black markings of lines and hash-marks on either side of their exposed skin on their head seemed to glisten slightly under the lights, and his deep red with black pupils on either side of his head moved slightly as he took in the scene before him and he waited for the other side to speak as four more Vren exited their ship and stood slightly behind and to either side of Kek.

Ambassador Kek

Ambassador Jeanette Mathis was standing in the front of the assembled group along with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Dressed in a white blouse and trousers, she wore a sleeveless teal coat that was open at the front. Her pale blond hair was up in a series of braids, and attached to her coat were pins indicating the formal awards and honours that had been bestowed upon her over the years y the Federation and other governments.

Behind the trio, Dashiel Jones stood with confidence in a fine dark blue suit, his hands clasped before him as he looked on.

She smiled warmly at the Vren and took a step forward, offering him a gracious bow of her head. “Ku rok, Ambassador Kek. It is good to finally meet in person. Welcome to Oed. I’d like to formally introduce you to Governor Kenzo B’tren Hyrushi and Lieutenant Governor Eela Dasca.” It was notable that she had spoken the greeting words, if not exactly as a Vren would say them, exceedingly close to their pronunciation.

~Ambassador Mathis

Hyrushi stepped forward and gave Kek a formal bow. “Ambassador Kek. I share Ambassador Mathis’s joy to finally meet you without a screen between us. Welcome to Oed V. We are very excited to have you here… although we wish it was not under such dire circumstances.”

Hyrushi, Governor

She watched the arrival and exchanges with curiosity and awareness, her posture erect, her head held high. No matter what else had gone on this last week, the Eela Dasca that was here was sure of her role today. She cut a typically elegant figure in a rich purple sheath dress with a half collar and batwing cape that covered just her shoulders and upper arms.

Eela stepped forward, pressed her hands to her chest, and bowed her head. “Ambassador, I hope our peoples can find common ground upon which we can build a new relationship and thus we can find a way together to help your world.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Karina was dressed impeccably in a pale pink browser and heather grey trousers. She watched the procession with complete attention. She was paying particular attention to how the Vren greeted them and their reactions to their own. That way she could make any needed adjustments to the performance later. She found the Vren, on just a visual observation to be unique and colorful.

Enger, DoE

Jonathan stood in his impeccable dress uniform, complete with his awards on his chest and he watched this historic moment, knowing how deeply important it was, not only for the Vren themselves, but for Oed and the Federation as a whole. Her blue eyes shone with pride for the team of senior officers assembled with him.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Sharah stood to one side and slightly behind McBride in her dress uniform along with the her Star Cross pinned in place. It was a heavy reminder. She smiled slightly as the Ambassador appeared. Her eyes scanned the suit he was wearing, knowing it was vital for their health while they were on Oed. She felt a surge of anticipation at getting to be part of another first contact. Sharah didn’t probe but she did listen to the noise and emotions around her, trying to get a feel for their presence without being invasive.

Fayth, SFCMO

Tabris stood in his dress uniform, the crisp lines and sharp angles a stark contrast to his usually casual attire. His awards were neatly pinned on his chest, each a testament to his years of service in Starfleet. As he stood beside the other senior officers, his dark eyes were alight with anticipation and curiosity. It was not every day one got to witness a historic moment like this; the arrival of the Vren Ambassador marked a new chapter in the story of Oed V and the Federation.

His gaze was focused on the Ambassador as he made his appearance. As an engineer, Tabris was particularly interested in the technological aspects of the encounter. He made a mental note to find an opportunity to learn more about the Vren’s advanced suit tech in the future.

While he was usually more hands-on with the mechanics of a situation, today he stood back, understanding his role in this diplomatic encounter. His mind, however, was active, anticipating the outcomes of this historic interaction.


The Vren Ambassador’s head never moved, but the eyes flicked from speaker to speaker. Finally, he bowed deeply and then stood tall and let forth a series of chirps, whistles, and screeches. He then bowed again and said “On behalf of the Vrens, we thanks the Federations people for allowing us to comes. We too hope this will be a first steps to reconciliation and mutual benefits.”

Griget Kek, Vren Ambassador

Harris in the Service Dress uniform of the CCDA, along side Admiral Halloway of the ACS and General Hudson of the CDF, as well as his Aide… Master Sergeant Brianna Reyes, stood with warm smiles as the Government’s official party greeted the Ambassador. The CCDA Commandant was astounded at the progress and looked forward to a brighter future for all involved. Turning to Devri, Harris said softly. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.” To which Hudson replied equally softly. “Me either Raven, me either”


Mika stood in her place, in a dress uniform she looked rather relaxed in. They weren’t so bad, really, not worse than the regular uniforms to her. And, it was the same as a diplomatic mission on a ship, and Mika had been a Diplomatic Officer. So she was really quite excited and happy to be here. She was smiling and watching the Vren Ambassador with interest.

~ Mika, CNS

Standing at the back, slightly off to one side, Alston tried not to let his internal grumbling show on his face. As much as he disliked the pomp and circumstance, and this was definitely not on the list of things Reilly had gone over when accepting the contract, the last thing he needed to do was end up accidentally scowling at the delegation and starting another interspecies incident.

He tugged at the sleeves of his black blazer. It, along with the black slacks and black button down shirt, were freshly replicated. Not as comfortable as his normal everyday attire, but it sure beat having to be wearing a full dress uniform. For now he’d take the small wins.

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

When the Ambassador spoke, there seemed to be a understandable excitement to his words. “On behalf of the the Vrens, I thank you for the welcoming. We are pleased that wes are a part of the future built on cooperations and friendship, and that the missteps of the past can be confined to history. We thank yous for allowing us to your sovereign soil, and we hope that we are able to carry honor to it.” He stepped to the side and several more Vren exited into the space. They were a variety of color and sizes, and it was apparent that Kek, while much larger than the Human standard, was on the average size of Vren… at least from the small sample pool present.

Kek, Vren Ambassador

Governor Hyrushi bowed and said “We have no doubt that this auspicious meeting will be a solid first step in mending past injuries and a firm foundation on which to build a partnership of mutual trust and cooperation. Please allow me to introduce our representatives.” and he began to introduce each attendee not only by name, but with a brief description of their role within the colonial government or Star Fleet; except for Mace, who he simply introduced by name.

Hyrushi, Governor

Mathis was taking in everything with her keen eyes, experience and intuitive sense. Much of these initial moments were not just about setting the right tone for things to unfold later at gala and then the negotiating table, but about vetting her own impressions from those first calls with what she was experiencing now. It was all in the subtleties, the observations.

Right now it was very much one group facing another and while everyone was mostly excited, it was time to create a gesture that was less confrontational, even a little bit. She smiled warmly at Kek and allowed her gaze to encompass the whole Vren contingent before she took another step closer and turned her body on an angle. “As we have discussed, thing are in place for the gala tomorrow, but if there is anything you need, just let us know,” she said to Kek, engaging him in more relaxed conversation. The formalities of the greetings were over, now was the time to show these people that they were willing to truly welcome them here. Cautiously, of course, but with intention.

~Ambassador Mathis

Joseph Karlson took a position in the Rear, he was in his Dress Uniform not a suit like he was usually. The stiff uniform didn’t allow him to wear his usual shoulder strap and his concealed weapon so it was not attached to a closed leather holster on his waist. Today he had a dark brown wooden cane made from Andorian Oak, a sturdy tool that could double as a weapon far better than most Earth woods. He had his spectacles on and his usual grandfatherly smile. He’d been a member of a good number of diplomatic occasions but this was his first as a Civilian Police officer.

Commissioner Karlson

Zerbo came in wearing a fancy and elegant suit with a black obsidian cane and hat. Bowing to everyone and smiling showing his rows of razor sharp teeth to everyone present and took a seat in his spot reserved for him.

Zerbo, Finance Minister

Hyrushi moved forward and said “Ambassador, we have quarters readied for you and your team if you care to enjoy our hospitality. We will also not take offense if you choose to stay on your ship. Regardless, know that you are welcome here and we look forward to the coming days.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Kek bowed slightly and said “We thank you for your hospitality, and we would bes honored to stay in your city. Thank you. Please- lead on. We look forward to seeing your home.”

Kek, Vren Ambassador

Eela was taking in the whole delegation with curiosity. Even with her background, these were people new to her, with different ways of being and nonverbal communication. Understanding that would take time. So for now they could only take things at face value and trust they were getting an accurate picture, and double-check with their guests from time to time. “We thought it might be a good idea for you to stay on the platform for today and then come down to the surface tomorrow for the gala. Then in the following days we can give you a full tour of colony, if that appeals to you,” she said simply.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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