Deku's Grocer- Isn't Life Peachy?

Posted June 3, 2023, 8:49 p.m. by Civilian Lai Kitrian (Independent Operator) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?

Posted by Civilian Lai Kitrian (Independent Operator) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?


Ragna seemed to relax slightly. “Where I come from, we share everything we have with our clan. I know what a blessing that is, but sometimes I forget how strange or uncomfortable that can be to others. I am still trying to adjust to everything.” Ragna berrated herself for forgetting she had already noticed Lai was uneasy. She needed to be more careful. She took the box from her basket and handed it to her. Ragna gave her a warm smile, “Yes, of course it is. I do hope you enjoy them, but if not it should be an interesting experience.”


As her fingers slipped around the side of the box, Lai felt something shift. It was tiny, but it was there. What it was, was hard to define though. “Thank you,” she said as she set the box in her basket. As she wandered, she let herself be open. It was hard, but something about this place told her she could be who she was here. The Amagray had no power. “You spoke of a clan. That is a group of people, yes?” Tyrellians once had tribes, a long time ago, but those were back in the ages before they found themselves truly as a people and claimed their birthright.

~Lai Kitrian

Ragna spotted some kind of fruit turnover looking thing. She didn’t recognize the fruit, but took two for her and Seamus to try. “It is. We are made up of hundreds of families, linked by shared ancestry, location, beliefs, and community.” She paused, “Well probably near a thousand different families now. I need to do a census. My sister married the head of another clan and we’ve grown exponentially. It’s really wonderful to see everyone come together.”


A thousand different families! Lai’s mind staggered at the thought of such a large group of people, and yet, was it so different than a village on Tyrellia? Perhaps not. Sadness seeped into her gold-ringed eyes for a moment before she smiled. “I think I understand. It’s bene a long time since I’ve felt kinship with others in that way. But it is a good feeling, that much I do know. My mother’s people-” Lai froze for a moment as she realized her mistake. But it wasn’t a mistake, not in this Universe. The war waged inside her and she forced herself to breathe, knowing full well Ragna was standing there. “I’m sorry,” Lai breathed. How to explain. Should she even? She she just keep her identity a secret to be on the safe side? She knew Akem felt overly cautious and the both had good reason to be so, but at what point did they just stop and breathe and remember they had a chance here? As she stood in this food shop, Lai suddenly burst into laughter. “It’s all so ridiculous!” she exclaimed, feeling like everything had just turned around and flipped upside down. Flee. Run! That was the instinct. But her feet felt stuck to the floor.

~Lai Kitrian

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