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Posted June 5, 2023, 6:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Chief Mental Health Officer) in Everyday Work
A few days after Séan’s first day, Mika arrived at the hospital at 0700. She liked starring that early, it gave her time to review her schedule and work on paperwork and other tasks. She liked to start her appointments with patients in the later morning and afternoon, that gave her time to wake up a little and be really ready to listen and think.

Opening her office with a thermos of herbal tea in one hand and a PaDD in the other, she sat at her desk, set up the PaDD and set to work. There were requests to review, cases to review and assign, Starfleet paperwork to do and a few other tasks she wouldn’t have time for between appointments later in the day.

~ Mika, CNS

A half hour later Séan arrived at his own office after he had finished his morning routine. He sat at his desk after replicating a hot cup of coffee and began reading through reports and the other minutia related to the job. He was about ten minutes in when he read something that gave him a question.

With coffee and PaDD in hand he made his way to Mika’s office, knocked to announce his presence, then entered. “Hey, do you have a second?”

Counselor Iven

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