Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted June 5, 2023, 7:14 p.m. by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Check-in with McBride - Psychology in Space!
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Séan grabbed his cup off the desk and stood. “Mind if I get myself another?”

“By all means, help yourself,” McBride said.

On his way to the replicator he talked over his shoulder. “This will be my sixth posting. My last two were as the CNS and Chief of Psychology on ships in Pioneer fleet. I’ve learned to coordinate well with my subordinates during stressful and traumatic emergencies. The last posting I was on before I went on medical leave we were directed to provide aid to a group of Romulan refugees.” He finished getting his coffee refilled and returned to sit in front of the desk.

He took a sip before he continued the story. “A Starfleet media crew was accompanying us, though thankfully my team had little interaction with them, but still the crew were on edge because of that. So we had to intervene with the refugees as they were not doing well mental health wise or physically for that matter. It’s a good thing it was a medical cruiser to accommodate all of the need. The hardest part of that humanitarian mission were the orphans. A bunch of kids in varying stages of shock and understanding. It didn’t help that the supplies were being unevenly distributed between them and the adults, so I made sure to have enough hygiene products, food, and toys in our tent for when the children visited.”

Counselor Iven

He smiled before he took a sip from his cup. “We do have a number of displaced persons here on the colony, so that experience could come in handy. Many people end up on Oed by chance, accident, or by happenstance, and not all have a plan in place for what comes next. Especially as the city grows, it’s an issue we all have to be mindful of.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

“I’ve heard that there is a bit of a criminal element present as well. Does that have any effect on Starfleet’s ability to assist?” Séan asked before he took another drink from his cup.

Counselor Iven

Jonathan drank from his cup and wrapped his hands around it, soaking up the warmth. “Not really. It’s not our purview and strictly that of local law enforcement. But if we were asked to intervene within the system, we absolutely will. Between us and the CCDA though, we can prevent most people causing issues from hightailing it. Or… as we’ve seen more recently, encourage people to leave Oed. That happens too.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Séan nodded then shrugged. He supposed at the end of the day that the policing efforts on Oed weren’t related to his job. “Are there any safety briefings I should be aware? Where not to go, who not to bother, things of that nature?”

Counselor Iven

“Yes. Once you get to your welcome dossier you’ll see areas to be cautious of. The Plaza Exchange is best avoided alone at night. It appears as a simple market but shady stuff happens there. Best to go with others but I will say there are some great shops and venues to explore,” the captain said with a smile. The night at the Speakeasy felt ages ago but had been quite the fun evening. The. He frowned. “You know, just realized that I’ve not actually had an evening out in ages. I’m going to have to change that after the Vren arrive.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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