The Long Goodbye (Tag Dr. Asimina)

Posted June 5, 2023, 8:06 p.m. by Daniel "DaVinci" Colter (Visiting Star Fleet Officer) (Terry Sullivan)

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Cmdr. DaVinci Colter walked down the corridor of Oed’s medical complex with an eager smile on his face. His Starfleet uniform clean and crisp, his commander pips reflecting in the artificial light. In his left hand, he held a single long stemmed red rose.

He finally reached the door he was looking for in the complex’s administrative wing. He stood at the door and ran his fingers across the door placard that read “Asst. Chief Medical Officer”. The name below read, Dr. Hannah Asimina.

His had moved from the door to the chime. Pausing for a brief moment, he took a deep breath and rang the chime, then waited excitedly for the love of his life to answer. . . .

Cmdr. Colter (returning XO-USS Saracen)

There were looks and whispers as the man made his way toward the administrative hall. It was not unusual at Sacred Heart to not recognize an officer, there were 20-25k of them at any given time. Patients came in and out and had visitors. This however, was different. The staff knew each other, or someone on staff knew someone else, and so on and so forth. Which meant that family and close friends were known as well. This man was unknown, but apparently he knew someone up there. The rumors were already being formed and speculated about before he ever reached the door.

Hannah was only cleared for lite duty, and today she was leaving at lunch. The return to normalcy was welcome and uplifting. If the monitor on her arm alerted she could always go home. She had spent the entire morning in her office, catching up on files and reports and schedules and all the various administrative tasks. She was grabbing her things on her way out when the chime sounded. A slight smile played across of her face - of course. She wasn’t expecting anyone, but she wasn’t surprised. She pressed the control to open the door as she rummaged in a drawer. “Hey, I’m almost ready to go.” Having found the container she was looking for she looked up.

The smile slipped into shock, the color draining from her face, the container slipped from her fingers hitting the floor with a loud clatter, the monitor registering all kinds of varied bio signs. Luckily the chair was behind her because Hannah suddenly needed to sit down.

Asimina, AMO

He reached out to steady Hannah and helped ease her back into the chair. DaVinci knelt to her level. “I know, this is a surprise, but I did promise I’d ALWAYS come back for you. Always.”

The Saracen’s returning XO leaned forward to give her a kiss. As his lips brushed against hers, he whispered, “I’ve missed you so much, Hannah.”

Colter (Saacen XO)

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