The Care and Keeping of Love

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Posted by Civilian Yavia Crockett (Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital) in The Care and Keeping of Love

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice Commandant, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in The Care and Keeping of Love
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It was the first day that Sharah was gone. The green house was built and only the statuw of Hope was left to be assembled. TK had arrived home roughly 20 minutes earlier when their was a knock on the door. Yavia looked at the back door, perplexed, from where she was cutting vegetables at the counter. She set the knife down and wiped her hands on a kitchen towel before making her way over to open the door.


The Cardassian driver grinned at her and handed her a hand written note. “Ms Crockett. I was instructed to leave this vehicle for you and the General and deliver this letter. Have a good evening.” He gave her the letter and then turned walking toward a slider waiting at the top of the drive. Left behind was a ground car…well not a car, a truck.

She closed the door looking at the letter. It was from Sharah. “TK! Sharah is up to something!” She called out heading in his direction.


TK walked up the stairs separating the living areas from the sleeping areas. He had changed out of his uniform and was in jeans and a faded reddish t-shirt with big, white, interlocked ‘O’ and ‘U’ on the front. “What’s up? She didn’t get a pet, did she? I don’t wanna dog or cat or… whatever-the-hell she found.” he said with a grin.


Yavia chuckled, “Well I don’t think it’s a pet, but we both know she’s gonna come home with something, eventually. No, Py’thik just dropped off a pick-up and this letter.” She waved the envelope and opened it, unfolding the hand written letter with a flourish. She began to read out loud.

Hello Luvs,

You do so much for me, and I’m afraid that sometimes I don’t tell you both how very much I love you, and how important you are to me. I don’t know how or why it happened, but I am thankful every day.

Since I’m gone, I want you to enjoy being your own brilliant, magnificent couple. All on your own to just be V and TK. So, I have arranged a date night for you. Very casual and easy. You have to be there by 1900. Dinner is provided. Directions have already been programmed into the vehicle. Enjoy each other.


P.S. Charles, this is my treat, and I mean it, so it’s already been paid for. They won’t take your credits, not even for a tip.

Yavia looked up and grinned. “I guess we’re going out tonight.”


TK stood behind her and put his arms around her waist. “Out? Dammit. I had so many ideas for what we could do here alone.” and he chuckled. He looked out the window at the truck and said “Ok… let’s go see what clues she left us.” and he ushered her out to the truck.


Yavia leaned back against his chest, her hand resting on his arms and laughed. “Well, she said to enjoy each other. If we have different ideas I don’t think she would mind.” Yavia laughed, “But I am very curious.”

She followed him out to the truck and looked into the truck bed. There were two boxes. One was a larger rectangular cardboard like box, roughly a foot shorter than the truck bed was wide, but lighter than expected. The other was shorter but taller. Both were closed with twine and written across the tops was ‘No Peeking! -Until you get there.’

Sharah had raided their closets because inside the cab was a jacket for each of them. Also setting in the middle seat was a small portable camp heater.

“Ummm....she’s sending us into the wilderness?” Yavia looked dubiously at the heater and the then through the rear windshield at the boxes.


“Fat chance of that. Not like we have ‘wilderness’ to send us into.” Tenkiller said with a chuckle. “But… it does look like we need to dress for roughing it a bit. C’mon. Let’s go change and see what she did.” It was obvious he was excited.

A few minutes later, TK emerged into the kitchen wearing jeans, dark brown square-toed boots, and a long sleeved button down western shirt over his t-shirt. He also had on a cowboy hat he wore when he worked outside: old and slightly battered with sweat stains around the brim, it still looked like it was the perfect fit to him.


V came up the stairs wearing faded black jeans and a long sleeve light-weigh sweeter. She had a ball cap on with the logo for the Phenomenal Fireflies. Her baseball team. “Mmmm…you look good enough to go get lost with.” She kissed him, wrapping her arms around for a moment. “Ready?” Her eyes danced as she grabbed his hand and dragged him out to the truck.

When the truck started directions were displayed, but any attempt to find the name of destination was suspiciously not listed. Though they could see that they were going out past the edge of the old dome. There was very little traffic until suddenly there was. A line of ground and hover vehicles were lined up along the edge of a large wooden fence. The fence was white washed and 8’ tall. All around the outside were trees, still young, planted. The navigation took them past the line and around to the far side of the fence where there was a gate. Yavia was turned in the seat trying to figure out what it was. They turned in at the gate, “What in the world is this?”

A sign above the gate read, Pre-Paid Ticket Entrance. The man at the gate walked up holding a PaDD and waited for TK to lower the window. “Name?”


“Tenkiller and Crockett?” he said more like a question than an answer. “And what is this? What’s going on?” he asked.


The man grinned, “I have you right here. And this,” he waved toward the fenced drive that lead further in, “is Oed’s very own New Starlight Drive-in Theatre. Tonight is our grand opening. Good thing you reserved your tickets in advance. Follow the drive down and then follow the ushers and they will find you a place to park. Please be sure to turn off your engines and vehicle lights. Enjoy the show.” He waved them past the gate and moved on to the next car.

The drive was lined by the fence, to keep headlights from disrupting the show most likely. An usher stood at the end and waved them to the right, and it opened up into a huge paved parking lot, edged around by scraggly grass that would eventually be lush, a gigantic screen occupied one end and there were rows of cars already forming between the upright poles that held speaker boxes. The smell of fresh popcorn and short order cooking and deep fry oil filled the air.

Yavia looked around and grinned. “This…is fantastic.”



TK looked around and smiled. “There is an old drive-in my hometown. Been there as long as anyone can remember. It was closed for… hell, decades. But a few of the folks got together, bought it, and rebuilt it and upgraded the projection equipment. Folks came from miles.” and he chuckled. “We used to sneak in hiding in the trunk of cars and trucks.” As the truck approached a spot, it turned and backed into the spot. TK grinned. “I’m guessing that we get in back and watch from there. You usually saved the truck cab for… non-cinematic activities.” and he laughed.


Yavia chuckled, “Now that sounds like fun.” The truck stopped and she hopped out, reaching for one of the boxes. “Alright I’m done waiting. I wanna know what’s in the boxes.” She lifted the lid off the first box, her elegant brows rising and a grin crossed her face. The first thing she pulled out was a small cooler filled with their favorite beer and cocktails. The only other thing in her box was a large foam pad that would fit the length of the truck bed. Yavia laughed as it rolled out and she out the empty box in the cab. “Whatcha got, TK?”

The second box had pillows and a large blanket. A small insulated container with a note, ‘Incase Yavia wanders off’ filled with paw-paw slices.


TK laughed and said “Looks like she thought of everything.” as he rummaged through the box and then came up with two pairs of oddly tinted glasses. He looked around and saw everyone had them, and then it dawned on him. “Oh wow… old 3D glasses! Back on Earth in the mid twentieth century, they had a way of filming that made the movie look like it was three dimensional. Gimmicky, but fun as hell.” and he tossed a pair to V.


V snatched them out of the air and slipped them on. She tipped her chin down and slid the glasses down her nose to look over the top at him. “How do I look, daaarling?” She over exaggerated comically. Then she set her hands on the side of the bed and hoisted herself up and over. “Well now we know what the jackets and space heater are for.”

A young woman, a teen by the looks, came up, high pony tail, jeans and a purple t-shirt that read “New Starlight Drive-in,” and roller-skates. “Evening folks. I’m Gemna your server. General Tenkiller, Ms Crockett welcome to New Starlight.” She handed them a PaDD. “Our full menu, you can order from there and we will bring it out to you. There is also a comm button on there as well.” She turned behind her and pulled a 5x3 box off a pole. “Here is your speaker box for the movie.”

Yavia grinned, “Thank you Gemna. I know I am going to want popcorn, pretzles and oh…too many choices. Could I start with a Barzian Citrus?”

Gemna nodded, “Of course.” She looked at Tenkiller, “For you, sir?”


“Three Terran hotdogs with mustard and relish. Pretzel with cheese sauce. Nachos. Annnnd… oh holy crap. Y’all got Big Red?! Hell yes. Biggest one ya got, and one for the lady, too.” TK said with a grin and handed the PaDD back. “Thanks, Gemna. Oh, do you sell those shirts?” he asked and pointed at her t-shirt.


“We do. Sell cups and movie posters too.” Gemna input his order, then pulled up the various souvenir items and handed the PaDD back.

Yavia purused some more, “Hickory bacon burger, all the way, a Terran hotdogs with chili and onions, popcorn, cinnamon sugar pretzel bites with icing, and Nestle Crunch.” Yavia passed her PaDD back as well.

“Would you like me to hold the snacks until the movie starts or go ahead and bring them?”

V glanced at TK and back, “Go ahead and bring it.”


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