Deku's Grocer- Isn't Life Peachy?

Posted June 6, 2023, 5:07 p.m. by Civilian Lai Kitrian (Independent Operator) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?

Posted by Civilian Lai Kitrian (Independent Operator) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Deku’s Grocer- Isn’t Life Peachy?
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Lai paid for her items with her credits, making sure it wasn’t over the allotment she and Akem had determined to make sure the way could get by. Everything was different here, but she knew that they would still have to be mindful of their basic needs. It called her to be dependent on others but she had made a mental note to go see Captain Conrad soon. If he hadn’t just washed his hands of them. Truthfully, she wouldn’t have blamed him.

After finishing at the till, Lai stepped outside and have Ragna a tentative smile. “Thank you for the buns. And your kindness. It was unexpected and I’m grateful. Weirded out a little still, but grateful.”

~Lai Kitrian

Ragna nodded and offered a tentative smile. “We can all use a bit of kindness. I hope you ate able to make a home here, Lai, or another place of your choosing. Either way I hope you have found a stable harbor until you decide.”


She pressed her lips into a line smile. “Well, it might not be entirely up to us, but I suppose we don’t have much choice but to make the best of it.” Even if they could go back, Lai didn’t want to. It was a death sentence.

“Do you live nearby?” Lai asked. It was a big city, so she couldn’t imagine anyone would shop at this little place unless they lived or worked nearby.

~Lai Kitrian

Ragna shrugged and sighed. “We’re staying at the Seven Palms Hotel. My husband took a job with the terraforming department. We will actually be living on site of a conservation resource center. It’s not ready yet. I have no idea where it will be or when we’ll go there.” She pointed toward the more central area of the colony. “It’s too crowded in the center of the colony for me. I’m not used to so many people nearby. So I went walking.”


Lai didn’t mind the people. You could blend into a crowd and with her abilities she could convince people was wasn’t even there. It didn’t always work but sometimes it could be a life saver. Literally. “I didn’t know any such thing existed here, though to be honest I’m just still learning some of the basic history of the colony.” Standing there and gazing around, an unease swept through her body. “I don’t know much about anything here, but I’m trying to learn. My partner and I have a little apartment not too far from here.” Her instincts told her to go for it, make the offer to Ragna, but her sense of self-preservation was stronger and Lai hesitated.

~Lai Kitrian

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