Touring Complete - Time for Lunch

Posted July 16, 2023, 8:11 p.m. by Civilian Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Colonel Eleanor “Iron Lady” Carnegie (Commanding Officer, 1st Colonial Defense Wing) in Touring Complete - Time for Lunch

Posted by Civilian Malcolm “Astro” Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) in Touring Complete - Time for Lunch
It had been a terribly long day, one in which Malcolm had met dozens of managers and supervisors throughout his dirt side offices and on the platform. After an afternoon of his new assistant stumbling all over herself trying not to flirt with her new boss, Malcolm was ready for an evening with his wife to-be. Tapping his wrist comm, he said with a smile as he stepped out into the afternoon sunshine.

=A= Ellie… it’s Mal. Is the universe’s most beautiful pilot available for a dinner tonight and maybe afternoon coffee before? =A=


Eleanor had landed thirty minutes before, after an afternoon of heavy training exercises. Badger had ran out at first opportunity. Sloan had hung around for a little bit until he too headed out. Chuck had just came into the vessel as Carnegie’s comm sounded in the cabin.

Her crew chief raised an eyebrow. “It seems like someone is going to have a fun evening, huh?” He joked.

“Shut it, Chuck. As if you haven’t been having your fun ever since we moved here.” Eleanor winked. The man blushed, and Carnegie laughed. It had been a first.

Opening a channel back to Malcolm, Eleanor replied. =/\= I don’t know… what’s in it for me? =/\= She said jokingly, realizing too late that she might had set herself up for something that she might not want Charlie to hear.


=A= I don’t know Babe…=A= Mal’s playful tone would lead Ellie to know a second too late that she was right. =A=… how bout you, me, and a hot tub to burn dinner off before bed?=A= There was a soft chuckle on the line while Mal awaited her response.


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