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All the guests would enter into the Oed Museum through multiple doors at the front into a large open tiled space in the middle, and were directly across from a matching flank of doors at the back that led to outdoor gathering spaces. The two left and right were exhibit areas (North and South Wings) with various rooms surrounding a larger exhibit space. There were a second and third floor with more exhibit spaces and a kids learning centre, but the middle space was open on the main floor, and this openness was copied in each central exhibit in the wings. This central main floor space was where the gala was being held and round tables were staggered through the space, leaving lots of space for people to move about and mingle. Light filtered through from the skylights high above them. Event staff had prepped a podium area where speeches and what not would happen (flanked by the Oed Five and Federation flags) and to the corner were buffet tables with a small set of them set perpendicular for the Vren’s specific food.


Dorma nodded and then gestured them all forward to the Green Room. They went to the room reserved for the VIPs and Dorma looked at the caterers doing last minute touch ups and said “Everyone out. Now, please. You can finish in a few minutes. Thank you.” and they made themselves scarce. Dorma shut the door and turned and looked at Watts. “Ok. What happened and how bad is it?”


Sherri took a deep breath and blew it out slowly to steady herself. She was normally unflappable, which is why even her frowning had probably set off Cort’s internal alarms. “So, I’ve dealt with many a perturbed member of the brass before. They don’t scare me, especially the ones with a lot of bluster. But Keldeck takes the cake. First off, keep in mind that Captain Dasca already told him that going behind her back was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. But he was insistent that he speak to Dasca, saying it was imperative. I reminded him that she was busy preparing for the gala and did not want to be disturbed. For us, that means nothing outside of a list of emergencies, but for him? No access. He ordered me to, and I respectfully told him that despite his rank I was given very explicit instructions from the person I do take orders from and unless she said otherwise, he would have to wait until after the gala and make an appointment like everyone else. He then muttered something about going to talk to Captain McBride, and I made the mistake of reminding him that Dasca was his boss and he’d support her instructions.” Watts paused and her eyes actually welled with tears. “Words were exchanged. He threatened to have me brought before a disciplinary committee, which I laughed at, because it was so ridiculous and that’s when my husband asked him to leave before he called security.” She started laughing, but there was little humour in it. “And I was standing there partially dressed without my dress jacket or shoes on!”

Sherri held up a hand. “But I will deal with it later. I will tell her when it’s a better time, but that’s not right now. You have to promise you won’t tell Dasca. If she finds out tonight, the incident that follows will make what happened at the Klingon embassy look like a spat over blends of rakatajino.” She was dead serious about this too. Only a few people around here knew the true wrath that could be provoked in Eela Dasca and none of them wanted to see it flare tonight.

~Lt. Watts, Aide-De-Camp

The ire that rose in Dorma Fen’s eyes was positively palpable. “Oh… oh hell no. This is not going any further.” and she held up a finger that silenced any response as she put her comm link in her ear. She tapped it and looked at both Cort and Watts with a smile on her face… an evil smile. =/\= Dorma Fen, aid to Governor Hyrushi for Major General Charles Tenkiller please.” she said, keeping the finger up.

=/\= General? It’s Dorma. … Fine, sir. … Yes, sir. … No, I am actually calling to ask a favor. … Mhmmm… Not for me, no. For the Lieutenant Governor and Lt. Watts. … Yes. … No no, Admiral Keldeck. … Yes, that Admiral Keldeck. … Yes, sir. .. No, General. He apparently went to the Lt. Watts home and was belligerent and threatening to her. … Yes, sir. In front of her husband. …” the smile became one of humor and she started laughing silently, putting a hand to her mouth as she squeezed her eyes closed and tried to stay professional on the comm. “I agree, General. That is very much unacceptable. … No, sir, I also feel that the Lieutenant Governor has other things on her plate right now. … Yes, sir. … No, sir. I believe the Lieutenant is already at the gala site. … No, sir. … Absolutely, General. … Thank you. … I will pass that along. … Goodbye, General.” and she tapped the comms and took the earpiece off, dropping it in her clutch with a grin. She looked at Lt. Watts and smiled a dazzling smile of satisfaction. “Major General Tenkiller wanted me to tell you that you do not need to worry about the Admiral as of now. he also is of the opinion that there are other, more important matters, going on at the moment so instead of burdening Captain Dasca with the Admiral; he will address the matter personally.”

Dorma Fen

Sherri’s mouth dropped open and she slapped a hand over her mouth. Going to the CCDA had not been her first guess, but it certainly solved their problem.

Cort tried really hard not to smirk, but ti slipped through anyway. He gave Dorma a cheeky little salute. “Kudos. The Major General is certainly high on the list of people I wouldn’t want to deal with angry.” Well after Dasca, but still…

He turned to Sherri. “Take a deep breath and let’s get you a drink. I think under the circumstances, they won’t mind.” He wasn’t planning on having much at all tonight, but he could use a little bit right now. He spun on the ball of his foot and took a step backwards. “Dorma, did you want one?”

~Cort Belanger

“Big. Big one.” she said.

“On it,” Cort said, moving over to the table where the drinks had been laid out.

“Make mine a double,” Watts said and shook her head. “I know I shouldn’t let him get under my skin, and I’ve dealt with worse, but to come to my home! I am actually tempted later to make a formal complaint, but maybe I should see what the fallout is first?”

Lt. Watts, Aide-de-Camp

Dorma smiled and said “I know the Major General well enough to know that whatever happens… it’s going to make for a hell of a story.” and then she looked thoughtful. “I wonder if he’ll make a song out of it?”

Dorma Fen

“I feel we should request it at the next staff party,” Cort said as he poured all three of them a much needed glass of one of the nicer whiskeys present.

He carefully balanced two on his left palm and grabbed the third with his right hand. “Here’s to dealing with jackass Admiral’s and hoping we all make it through tonight relatively unscathed. And when we see Elema, we owe her a drink too. She dealt with Keldeck the first time and I thought she might stab something through the reception desk.”

~Cort Belanger

Just then, the door to the room opened Dashiel Jones entered, looking even more his usual stylish self in a midnight blue and black tuxedo with a black shirt and bowtie. He smiled at them and there was definitely no judgement in his gaze. He’d have joined them if it weren’t for the fact that he had to attend to something else in a moment. “Good evening. And excellent idea. Have one for me, will you?” he said, lifting his brows. They had all been working really long hours and tonight was hopefully going to be worth it. But the reality was that his job hardly ended this evening, neither did theirs. “Just a heads up that Mathis will be here in five. She likes to wander the place when it’s still fairly quiet before most other people get here. But she won’t interfere, do whatever you need to.”

~Dashiel Jones, Attaché

“A word with all of you, if I may.” came a voice from behind Jones. It was the Governor. He stood in the doorway dressed in a deep blue tuxedo. He looked at the assembled personnel and said “I want to thank each and every one of you personally. The hours and amount of work you have done to make this a success is not only impressive… it is appreciated. I know I speak for Captain Dasca as well when I say that we could not have done this without all of you. Thank you. And know that your efforts were not unnoticed.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Sherri immediately tamped down on her upset feelings at the Governor’s appearance. It wasn’t that she didn’t think he’d care, but quite the opposite. For the moment it was best their executive focus on the gala and not jerks causes scenes elsewhere. She gave Hyrushi a sincere bow of her head in response before discreetly downing a significant amount of the whiskey. She wasn’t planning on drinking at all but a little right now was welcome.

~Lt. Sherri Watts

Hyrushi looked at her directly and his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. He then gave her a small nod, but turned his attention back to the group.

Cort bowed his head to the Governor, set his drink down and then approached with a smile. “The good Captain said she’d be here soon, but not as early as she had hoped, what with four people to wrangle to this event including herself. But last I heard from her she was running on time.” On time always seemed to feel late for Eela so he often built in a few extra minutes where he could for her, but tonight was out of his hands and she was entirely at the mercy of her family, or probably more specifically, her granddaughter.

~Cort Belanger

“On time will not please our dear Lieutenant Governor.” Hyrushi said with a slight smile. “But I am certain that we can maintain until her arrival.” He looked around at the group, stepped inside, went to the table and poured a half glass of Japanese whiskey. He lifted the glass, raised it to the assembled, and downed it. He then turned and walked to the door. “I will be by the front doors to wait for Captain Dasca so we can greet the dignitaries. Please do a final walkthrough of all spaces and make sure we are ready. Thank you all.” and he was out the door and gone.

Hyrushi, Governor

“You heard the man,” Dashiel said and went to go check on a few details himself.

Past the media out front, Mathis arrived through the main entrance on the arm of her spouse. Jeanette glided into the museum in a long navy blue sheath dress to the floor, an attached cape and beaded flowers on the shoulders. Her long blond hair was pulled up into a elegant braided bun, and she wore navy gloves to the elbow. Ren had donned a navy blue suit with purple flowers, and a white blouse with a large bow at the neck. They seemed utterly at ease with Jeannette as they entered the formal event. Mathis spied Kenzo as he was headed for the entrance and gave him a bow of her head. “Good evening, Governor. I’m just about to do a quick check and then I’ll join you as planned. But I’d like introduce my spouse, Ren.”

Ren smiled, exuding calm. “Governor Hyrushi, it’s a honour to meet you,” they said, offering their hand.

~The Mathises

Hyrushi approached and bowed. “Ambassador. Good Evening. Ren, it is an honor to meet you.” He took their hand and shook it once before letting go. “The staff is doing a final walkthrough, Ambassador. Captain Dasca is on her way. I will be at the front doors waiting for her to arrive. We can do a small appearance for the media before the Vren arrive.” He inclined his head to them both and said “I wish us all luck.” and he made his way to the front doors.

Hyrushi, Gov.

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