Plaza Exchange- Shenanigans

Posted Sept. 4, 2023, 6:17 p.m. by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Plaza Exchange- Shenanigans

Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in Plaza Exchange- Shenanigans

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Counselor) in Plaza Exchange- Shenanigans


Séan took a big bite of his burger and so was unable to answer Jon at first. He chewed his food and savored the flavor a bit before he took a sip of his drink to clear his throat. “I like to go for jogs. Mostly to familiarize myself with the new environment but also to keep active. Counseling tends to be a rather sedentary profession and I’d likely weigh four hundred pounds if I didn’t stay active.”

Counselor Iven

Jon grinned. “It’s fortunate that Starfleet requires us to maintain a certain fitness level, though I definitely have to force myself to get out of the office more. I could go for walkabouts more when I was on the D’hjty but now the sheer size of the contingent under my command makes morning rounds a little prohibitive.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Séan nodded in acknowledgement. “I was once new to a ship that had just been through a traumatic dimensional event and their return to our dimension had most if not all of the crew requiring counseling. I barely had time for sleep but everyone needed help. Luckily we were at a starbase and additional counselors were eventually provided to help, but it reminded me of an adage my mentor used to tell me. ‘The body is vital for your well-being. The mind follows the lead of the body. If the body is in disarray so then is the mind. Take the time to make sure the body is in order and it will benefit every aspect of your being.’ Even when I was running on fumes I would take an hour to workout before bed and I would sleep better and be more rested to start the next day more or less fresh. Coffee really helped too though.”

Counselor Iven

McBride laughed. “Ahh yes, the drink of the gods. I love a good drink after hours, but coffee is that strange necessary evil I can’t live without.” He ate a bit more of his fish.

“I’m still figuring out Oed’s recreational opportunities, but after things settle with the Vren I think I want to do some hiking. I prefer more intense sports, but the landscape does have its limitations. Though, I suppose there are the holodecks at the Complex.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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