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Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Oed High School- Picking Fights (Jessie)

Posted by Civilian Jeannette Mathis (Federation Ambassador) in Oed High School- Picking Fights (Jessie)
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Ch’zaahril suppressed a groan. It was no wonder that Jessie punched Josh. He was sure that Mrs Woods would be mortified to find out what Josh had said. They would have to discuss that later. “Your reaction is understandable, Jessie. When I was your age, I would have done the same.” He smiled gently, but there was no humor to it. “However, we do not condone fighting here. First let me say, we do not tolerate bullying. I know sometimes, it’s hard to go to an adult when you feel you can or should handle things yourself. Bullying and harassment are serious offenses. This may have been missed in your orientation, but we have a student led group that acts as a miniature Oed police force. They actually train and apprentice with investigators from OPF and learn how to diffuse situations, make inquiries, mediate, and etc. Kupi and Ghampeq are members of the group. They are always a resource.”

“There is a mandatory cooling off period. First offense is one day. So you will be required to attend classes virtually tomorrow and then return on Wednesday. You will also be required to meet with the school counselor when you return.”

Headmaster Ch’zaahril

Jessie nodded quietly and then sighed. “I know it was wrong to punch him. I don’t plan on repeating it.”

Ren studied their son for a moment before focusing on Ch’zaahril. “This is Jessie’s first time in public school. We’ve homeschooled him and he’s had tutors because the nature of his mother’s work made attending a local school difficult at times. We could then ensure he had uninterrupted studies. But it was his request that he try attending school here and it’s a big transition for all of us. Not the least of which given the delicate situation that brought us to Oed in the first place.” They shifted their gaze back to Jessie. “Which is not an excuse in any way, but a reminder that things were complicated to begin with.” Ren returned their gaze to the headmaster. “That being said, I believe I’m well within my right to question my son’s safety. Outside of school he has mandatory protection- we’re used to it. But this is the first time we’ve had to turn his safety over to others we don’t know well. I can guarantee his mother will want some assurances.”

~The Mathis Family

Ch’zaahril nodded, “I understand that. I have spoken to the boy, and I can say this was not a political attack aimed at hurting your mother through you, Jessie.” He looked at Ren, “I cannot divulge further information, but his mother did express her deepest apologies and regrets to you all.”

Ren nodded. They actually felt for the other parent. Whatever was going on with the other boy, it was obvious significant if this was not the first incident. “And we appreciate that.”

He paused to take a deep breath. “You are aware of our security policies and staff.” They had gone over them in detail when Jessie was enrolled, and Ch’zaahril had made sure they had met the entire security staff. “Our scans and entrance protocols are still in place. Everyone has been vetted. We implemented the transporter blockers that were requested.” He glanced at Jessie, sure he would not like this option, “You can have a personal guard accompany him.” The truth was, fist fights happened, even in this advanced age. Confrontation could not be avoided. Hopefully, physical contact could be, but Jessie needed to learn how to handle situations like this, not be sheltered from them. “I am open to suggestions.” He was curious exactly what would make Ren feel more comfortable.

Headmaster Ch’zaahril

Jessie’s expression sank. “Per… no, please. It’s bad enough having guards going to and from school. I mean, what am I going to do if someone wants me to hang out? It’ll be bad enough with the searches and stuff.”

Ren took a measured breath and nodded. “I know. And we’ll figure that out when the situation arises. We can talk it over with Mom and see what she thinks and we’ll make some decisions as a family.” They turned back to the headmaster. “A guard within school is definitely not necessary. Jessie wanted a high school experience, and it looks like he’s getting one. I’m just hoping going forward it results in less calls from the office,” they said with a significant look at their son and a tiny smirk.

Jessie gave a sheepish smile. “I’m sorry. I’ll do better.”

“I know you will.” Ren gave a gentle nudge with their elbow and focused on Ch’zaarhril. “I think we’ll continue with arrangements as they are. We’re all adapting and things will need more time before we’re all settled in.”

~The Mathis Family

“After the counselors meet with Jessie, they will contact you. After they meet with the other boy, they will discuss options for plans to move forward.” He looked at Jessie. “You will recieve your assignments and schedule for lectures by the end of the day. You may go get your things. Then we will see you the day after tomorrow.” Then he looked at Ren. “Is there anything else I can do?”

Headmaster Ch’zaahril

Jessie got up and headed out of the office to go grab his stuff from his locker.

Ren sat for a moment, considering whether there was anything else more to add to the situation. “We try very hard not to shield Jessie from reality. But Jessie has always been more mature, and he’s spent his whole life in and around embassies. To be honest, Headmaster, we sort of expected something like this to happen. Maybe not an actual fight, but a clash between him wanting to be treated just like any other kid at this school and the reality that he is not and never will be. He is not better than anyone here, but his life is different. The realities he faces are different. We’re hoping he has a chance to settle in and find his tribe here, and we’re also very aware that we can’t predict how these diplomatic events will go. My wife has said that because she has been instructed to establish the embassy that we are expected to be here for the long term and we are operating under that assumption. So, if there is anything you think we can do to ease Jessie’s transition, or perhaps force it a little, by all means reach out to us. Our lives might be very busy and often public, but Jessie and his well being is very, very important to us.”

~The Mathis Family

He nodded slowly. “So far I have heard nothing but good things about your son from his teachers. He’s respectful, works hard, participates.” Ch’zaahril let out a long sigh. “This is a situation where your son unfairly became the object of someone’s fear, anger, and resentment. The well being of everyone is our goal. We will do what we can to resolve this. I do hope that Jessie finds his tribe. I think he will, and we will do our best to make sure this incident does not over shadow that.”

Headmaster Ch’zaahril

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